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The list contains the best, new and most relevant record movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out realistic, humorous, serious, semi serious, suspense and sentimental films and TV shows about / with record, friendship, death, friends, dancing, nudity (full frontal - brief), kiss, dialogue, love and romance and brutality plots mostly in Drama, Comedy and Romance genres shot in USA, Canada, UK and other countries.
record movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as record: Brighton Rock (2010), One-Trick Pony (1980), Prey for Rock & Roll (2003), Disco 9000 (1977), Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987), PT 109 (1963), The Pad and How to Use It (1966), I Recorded a Murder! (2016), Aquarius (2016), The Gracefield Incident (2017).

List of record movies

Brighton Rock (2010)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: UK, France
Duration: 111 min.
Story: Charts the headlong fall of Pinkie, a razor-wielding disadvantaged teenager with a religious death wish.
Style: tense, psychological, serious, realistic, rough ...
Plot: gang war, revenge, waitress, dishonesty, witnessing a crime, woman in danger, murder, couples, danger, deadly, gangsters, criminal heroes ...
Time: 20th century, 60s, 1960s
Place: england, europe, brighton
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One-Trick Pony (1980)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Jonah (Paul Simon) is an aging rock star trying to put together a new album in the face of an indifferent record label and a talentless producer. At the same time, he's struggling to save his failing marriage.
Style: gloomy, sincere, touching, emotional, serious ...
Plot: rock music, failed marriage, record, hopes, performer's life, rising to stardom, aging, ambition, music, crumbling marriage, artists and showbiz, life is a bitch ...
Time: 70s
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Prey for Rock & Roll (2003)
Genre: Drama, Music
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Prey for Rock & Roll is set in the Los Angeles club scene of the late 1980s and follows the story of Jacki (Gershon) and her all-girl punk rock band, Clam Dandy. On the verge of turning 40, Jacki decides that if the band's one last shot ...
Style: realistic, serious, captivating, cynical, sexy ...
Plot: revenge, rape, concert, rise and fall, ambition, musician's life, music band, life is a bitch, lifestyle, friendship, showbiz, inspiration ...
Time: 80s, 90s, 20th century, 1990s
Place: los angeles, usa, california
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Disco 9000 (1977)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Music
Country: USA
Duration: 101 min.
Story: Disco 9000, a neon-lit penthouse dance club that's one of the top nightspots in Los Angeles. He also owns Disco 9000 Records, a successful label that provides the music for this venue. A rival mogul ascertains that his company can't get a ...
Style: cult film
Plot: dj, dance contest, record, disc jockey, death, funeral, prostitute, d.j., junkie, music business, wealth, security ...
Time: 70s
Place: california, los angeles
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Clubhouse Detectives in Search of a Lost Princess (2002)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Mystery
Country: USA
Duration: 77 min.
Story: In this Clubhouse Detectives flick four kids stumble upon a plot to kidnap a lost princess hidden in their very town. They start investigating all of the girls in school to find out which girl is the lost princess so they can protect her from the ...
Style: captivating, humorous, feel good, entertaining, light
Plot: family relations, princess, mistaken identity, school, private detective, mischievous children, children, private investigation, uncover truth, investigation, teamwork, escapades ...
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Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987)
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Music
Country: Canada
Duration: 83 min.
Story: At an old farmhouse, a family mysteriously dissapears at the hands of evil. Years later, hair metal band The Tritons comes to the farmhouse, whose barn now features a 24-track recording studio. Lead singer John Triton gets the band to perform their ...
Style: gloomy, suspenseful, serious, tense, scary ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: heavy metal, supernatural, good versus evil, friends, farm, imaginary, music band, musician's life, music, master villain, danger, escapades ...
Time: 80s
Place: canada, ontario canada
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PT 109 (1963)
Genre: Biography, Drama, War
Country: USA
Duration: 140 min.
Story: Dramatization of President John F. Kennedy's war time experiences during which he captained a PT boat, took it to battle and had it sunk by a Japanese destroyer. He and the survivors had to make their way to an island, find food and shelter and ...
Style: rough, suspenseful, exciting, captivating, serious ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: island, heroes, military, leadership, world war two, john f. kennedy, enemy, anti war, adventure, war, state affairs, daring rescue ...
Time: 1940s, 40s
Place: pacific ocean
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The Pad and How to Use It (1966)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 86 min.
Story: A man, who lives alone in his apartment, finds his ideal woman while going to the symphony. He dates her and brings her to his pad, only to find out she came to the symphony on a ticket she got from a co-worker.
Plot: shy man, frustration, drunkenness, sad ending, first date, apartment, cooking, misunderstanding, introvert, symphony, crying man, record ...
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I Recorded a Murder! (2016)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: A filmmaker who is trying to finish his short film records a murder by accident that everyone believes was a suicide. He and the witness of the crime will seek the truth but the murderer is on to their plan and is one step ahead of them.
Style: suspense, dark, macabre, unusual plot structure, contemplative ...
Plot: student, murder, police officer, filmmaker, murder investigation, investigation, cult, gore, knife, videotaping, thrill ride, death ...
Place: chicago illinois, illinois
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28 Hours Later: The Zombie Movie (2010)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 56 min.
Story: A film crew is in the midst of making a zombie movie, when suddenly everything becomes very, very real.
Style: parody, suspense, humorous, captivating, light ...
Plot: security, confusion, destruction, zombie, panic, escape, zombie attack, zombie outbreak, satire, living dead, struggle for survival, filmmaking ...
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Aquarius (2016)
Genre: Drama
Country: Brazil, France
Duration: 146 min.
Story: Clara, a 65-year-old widow and retired music critic, was born into a wealthy and traditional family in Recife, Brazil. She is the last resident of the Aquarius, an original two-story building, built in the 1940s, in the upper-class, seaside Boa ...
Style: melancholic, realistic, talky, stylized, allegory ...
Plot: real estate, female protagonist, sex orgy, fighting the system, family, life is a bitch, character study, older woman younger man sex, manipulation, family drama, large penis, real estate agent ...
Time: year 1980, 2010s
Place: northeast brazil
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The Gracefield Incident (2017)
Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 89 min.
Story: On August 16, 2013, the Supreme Court mandated the CIA to declassify files that had been kept secret for the past 75 years. Visual records of documented paranormal events were released to the public. The following incident took place in Gracefield, ...
Style: disturbing, dark, suspense, enigmatic, suspenseful ...
Plot: alien abduction, love, paranormal, nightmare, alien, fear, meteorite, group of friends, ufo, husband wife relationship, night vision, forest ...
Place: quebec
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Dona Herlinda and Her Son (1985)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Mexico
Duration: 90 min.
Story: In this sly Mexican sex comedy, a manipulative mama deftly manages the life of her homosexual son so that he can have his cake and eat it too. A woman of means, she does this by allowing her son, a doctor, to tryst in her home with his lover. ...
Style: humorous, clever, sexual, witty, sexy ...
Audience: date night
Plot: gay, family relations, doctor, parents and children, young lovers, youth, gender, lifestyle, love and romance, romance, gays and lesbians, manipulations ...
Time: 80s
Place: mexico, latin america, hawaii, new orleans, germany
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FM (1978)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Q-SKY is the #1 radio station in Los Angeles mainly because of the music they play; running the station the way they want to, it has made them a ratings success.
Style: offbeat, humorous, witty, suspense, semi serious ...
Plot: satire, radio, radio station, late for work, radio show, rock, workplace situations, workplace romance, rebellion, love and romance, media satire, siblings relations ...
Time: 70s
Place: los angeles, usa, california
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Egon & Dönci (2007)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Country: Hungary
Duration: 75 min.
Story: Egon lebt mit seinem Kater Dönci in einer fernen Galaxie und bastelt an einem Raumschiff. Plötzlich schlägt die Raumsonde Voyager 3 auf dem Planeten ein und Egon findet eine Nachricht von der Erde. Wenig später machen sich "Egon & ...
Style: stylized, humorous, semi serious, exciting, offbeat
Audience: family outing, kids, preschoolers, pre-teens
Plot: outer space, spacecraft, space travel, obsessive quest, adventurer, partners, disorder, odd couple, escapades, nothing goes right, friendship, space and aliens ...
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The L-Shaped Room (1962)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: UK
Duration: 126 min.
Story: Leslie Caron plays a young, pregnant, unmarried Frenchwoman who takes a room in a seedy boarding house in London. She soon makes friends with Toby, a struggling writer who lives downstairs, and eventually gets to accept her room and the strange ...
Plot: boarding house, landlady, record player, 27 year old, morning sickness, 28 year old, christmas card, cradle, pregnant, baby girl, christmas party, party ...
Place: england, london
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Felix and Meira (2014)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Canada
Duration: 105 min.
Story: A young married woman from Montreal's Orthodox Jewish community finds freedom from the strictures of her faith through her relationship with a young man who is mourning the death of his estranged father.
Style: realistic, sentimental, atmospheric, captivating, serious ...
Plot: fall in love, unlikely couple, society, religions or cults, infidelity, love story, romance, social differences, friendship, love and romance, forbidden love, innocence lost ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: canada, venice, montreal quebec, montreal, brooklyn new york city
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Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Country: Canada
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It is the third film in the Trailer Park Boys franchise, and a sequel to Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day (2009). In the film, Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (John Paul Tremblay) and Bubbles (Mike Smith) ...
Style: humorous, captivating, tense, light, realistic ...
Plot: stoners, drug dealing, crimes, legislation, friends, society, buddies, disorder, road trip, white trash, misfit, crime ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: canada
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Deadpool (2016)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: Deadpool tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new ...
Style: exciting, comic, stylized, parody, absurd ...
Audience: boys' night, teens
Plot: superhero, anti hero, anti heroes, superhuman powers, dark hero, immortality, revenge, dark humor, mutant, escapades, fight scenes, supernatural ability ...
Time: 21st century, 2010s
Place: usa, new york
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Trash (2014)
Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: UK, Brazil, Germany
Duration: 114 min.
Story: Set in Brazil, three kids who make a discovery in a garbage dump soon find themselves running from the cops and trying to right a terrible wrong.
Style: captivating, emotional, intense, road movie, touching ...
Audience: kids
Plot: adventure, poverty, slum, police corruption, friends, young heroes, life turned upside down, on the run, mischievous children, garbage, chases and races, children ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: rio de janeiro, latin america, brazil
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Warm Bodies (2013)
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 98 min.
Story: After a zombie becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world.
Style: offbeat, sentimental, humorous, light, romantic ...
Audience: teens, chick flick, girls' night
Plot: zombie, supernatural romance, love and romance, fall in love, zombie apocalypse, forbidden love, supernatural, young man, danger, post apocalypse, young woman, romance ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: usa
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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Duration: 101 min.
Story: As an asteroid nears Earth, a man finds himself alone after his wife leaves in a panic. He decides to take a road trip to reunite with his high school sweetheart. Accompanying him is a neighbor who inadvertently puts a wrench in his plan.
Style: touching, humorous, road movie, melancholic, romantic ...
Audience: date night, chick flick
Plot: road trip, apocalypse, end of the world, bittersweet, loneliness, profanity, romance, friendship, dark humor, catastrophe, disorder, human existence ...
Time: future, 21st century
Place: usa, new jersey, england
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Story of Women (1988)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 108 min.
Story: During World War II, in occupied France, a woman of limited schooling raises two children in a ratty flat.
Style: serious, realistic, bleak, sincere, disturbing ...
Plot: abortion, world war two, pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, ends with death, prostitution, life is a bitch, crimes, love and romance, society, love affair, wartime life ...
Time: 1940s, 20th century, 40s, year 1943
Place: france, europe, paris france, normandy
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Sun Alley (1999)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Germany
Duration: 101 min.
Story: A group of kids grow up on the short, wrong (east) side of the Sonnenallee in Berlin, right next to one of the few border crossings between East and West reserved for German citizens. The antics of these kids, their families, of the "West ...
Style: clever, sentimental, humorous, controversial, realistic ...
Audience: teens
Plot: youth, friendship, defloration, politics, rock, innocence lost, social differences, teenage life, teenage love, political unrest, friends, love and romance ...
Time: 70s, 20th century
Place: gdr, german democratic republic, germany, europe, east germany ...
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A Simple Twist of Fate (1994)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 106 min.
Story: When Michael McCann is thrown over by the woman he loves, he becomes something of a misanthrope and a miser, spending all of his spare money on collectible gold coins. Living in the same town is an affluent family with two sons: John and Tanny. ...
Style: touching, sentimental, feel good, realistic, semi serious ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: adoption, custody, hopes, redemption, legal, legal action, family relations, family problems, friends, friendship, small town, parents and children ...
Time: 80s, 60s, 70s, 20th century, 1960s ...
Place: virginia, usa, washington d.c.
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Two Night Stand (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 86 min.
Story: After an extremely regrettable one night stand, two strangers wake up to find themselves snowed in after sleeping through a blizzard that put all of Manhattan on ice. They're now trapped together in a tiny apartment, forced to get to know each ...
Style: not serious, feel good, sexy, talky, light ...
Audience: teens, date night, chick flick, girls' night
Plot: romance, looking for sex, fall in love, relationships, profanity, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, new year's eve, one night stand, nothing goes right, online dating, one-night stand, sexual relations ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: new york, usa, manhattan, new york city, manhattan new york city, brooklyn new york city ...
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Never on Tuesday (1988)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 90 min.
Story: Matt and Eddie are two young men from the mid-west travelling to California to see the sights - primarily semi-clad women on beaches. They hop into their car and head off through the desert...
Style: offbeat, humorous, sexy, semi serious, realistic ...
Audience: teens
Plot: nudity (full frontal - brief), desert, escapades, on the road, adolescence vs adulthood, looking for sex, sexual content, profanity, gender, partners, youth, adventure ...
Time: 80s, 20th century
Place: california, usa, ohio
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Martha (1974)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: West Germany
Duration: 116 min.
Story: A single woman in her early thirties, Martha (Margit Carstensen) is on vacation with her father in Europe when he has a heart attack and falls down dead...
Style: psychological, disturbing, suspenseful, realistic, serious ...
Plot: domination, manipulation, honeymoon, couples, marriage, marital abuse, violence against women, obsession, infidelity, dysfunctional family, couple relations, woman in danger ...
Time: 70s
Place: germany, rome italy
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I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978)
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: If they missed Beatles' first appearance in the U.S.A. they would hate themselves for the rest of their lives! So six young girls from New Jersey set off even though they don't have tickets for the show! The journey is full of surprises ...
Style: humorous, feel good, realistic, semi serious, sentimental ...
Audience: date night, teens, kids
Plot: friends, fainting, friendship, music band, obsessed fan, the beatles, music, youth, teenage life, high school life, unfulfilled love, lifestyle ...
Time: 60s, 1960s, 20th century, 50s, 1950s
Place: usa, new york, new jersey
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The Harder They Come (1972)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Music
Country: Jamaica
Duration: 120 min.
Story: Ivanhoe Martin arrives in Kingston, Jamaica, looking for work and, after some initial struggles, lands a recording contract as a reggae singer. He records his first song, "The Harder They Come," but after a bitter dispute with a ...
Style: exciting, rough, road movie, tense, serious ...
Plot: reggae, marijuana, folk hero, music, crime, crimes, culture clash, disorder, fish out of water, life is a bitch, drug dealing, down on your luck ...
Time: 20th century, 70s, 80s
Place: jamaica, west indies, new jersey
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