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photographer movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as photographer: Pretty Baby (1978), Blow-Up (1966), The Midnight Meat Train (2008), The Bridges of Madison County (1995), City of God (2002), Hard Candy (2005), Spider-Man (1994), Lost in Translation (2003), Closer (2004), 2 Days in Paris (2007).
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City of God (2002)
Crime, Drama
Brazil, France
130 min.
Spider-Man (1994)
Animation, Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
23 min.
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Mapplethorpe (2018)
Biography, Drama
102 min.
Adam & Evelyn (2018)
Drama, Romance
100 min.

List of photographer movies

Pretty Baby (1978)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 110 min.
Story: Hattie (Susan Sarandon), a New Orleans hooker, meets a photographer named Bellocq (Keith Carradine) at her brothel one night and, after he photographs her, he befriends her 12-year-old daughter, Violet (Brooke Shields). When Violet is brought on as ...
Style: thought provoking, sentimental, erotic, melancholic, atmospheric ...
Audience: teens
Plot: virginity, innocence lost, photographer, brothel, loss of virginity, prostitute, prostitution, sexuality, girl man relationship, love and romance, child prostitution, family relations ...
Time: 1910s, 20th century, year 1917
Place: new orleans, usa
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Blow-Up (1966)
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: UK, Italy, USA
Duration: 111 min.
Story: A successful mod photographer in London whose world is bounded by fashion, pop music, marijuana, and easy sex, feels his life is boring and despairing. But in the course of a single day he accidentally captures on film the commission of a murder. ...
Style: surreal, atmospheric, stylized, serious, twists and turns ...
Plot: photographer, tennis, amateur detective, murder, singleness, corpse, photo shoot, fashion model, darkroom, mystery, fashion, investigation ...
Time: 20th century, 60s, 1960s
Place: london, england, europe, paris france
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The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 98 min.
Story: The photographer Leon lives with his girlfriend and waitress Maya waiting for a chance to get in the photo business. When Maya contacts their friend Jurgis, he schedules a meeting for Leon with the successful owner of arts gallery Susan Hoff; she ...
Style: suspenseful, stylized, serious, psychological, realistic ...
Plot: serial killer, photographer, gore, blood, violence, butcher, blood splatter, vegetarian, decapitation, subway train, stalking, gory ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
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The Bridges of Madison County (1995)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 135 min.
Story: Photographer Robert Kincaid wanders into the life of housewife Francesca Johnson for four days in the 1960s.
Style: atmospheric, emotional, sentimental, touching, serious ...
Audience: chick flick
Plot: impossible love, love affair, photographer, housewife, lovers, adultery, fall in love, dishonesty, middle aged, bridge, love letter, midlife crisis ...
Time: 20th century, 60s, 1960s, year 1965, year 1987
Place: iowa, usa
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City of God (2002)
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: Brazil, France
Duration: 130 min.
Story: Cidade de Deus is a shantytown that started during the 1960s and became one of Rio de Janeiro’s most dangerous places in the beginning of the 1980s. To tell the story of this place, the movie describes the life of various characters, all seen by ...
Style: rough, disturbing, bleak, realistic, stylized ...
Plot: gang, drug dealing, coming of age, juvenile delinquency, crimes, journalism, urban ghetto life, social decay, society, rape, poverty, crime ...
Time: 20th century, 60s, 70s, 1960s
Place: brazil, rio de janeiro, latin america
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Hard Candy (2005)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A mature 14-year old girl meets a charming 32-year old photographer on the Internet. Suspecting that he is a pedophile, she goes to his home in an attempt to expose him.
Style: disturbing, psychological, tense, suspenseful, twist ending ...
Plot: age difference, vengeance, sexual abuse, torture, mind game, seduction, adolescence, child abuse, deception, dangerous attraction, manipulation, justice ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: usa
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Spider-Man (1994)
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 23 min.
Story: Spider-Man, also known as Spider-Man: The Animated Series, was an American animated television series based on the Marvel Comics superhero, Spider-Man. The show ran on Fox Kids from November 19, 1994, to January 31, 1998. The producer/story editor ...
Style: exciting, serious, suspenseful, captivating, tense
Audience: pre-teens, family outing, kids, boys' night, teens
Plot: superhero, imaginary, superhuman powers, secret identity, master villain, fighting crime, radiation, good versus evil, photographer, newspaper, friendship, heroic mission ...
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 171 min.
Story: Successful surgeon Tomas leaves Prague for an operation, meets a young photographer named Tereza, and brings her back with him. Tereza is surprised to learn that Tomas is already having an affair with the bohemian Sabina, but when the Soviet ...
Style: sexy, sexual, erotic, serious, clever ...
Plot: infidelity, waitress, photographer, fondling, fall in love, surgeon, love triangle, friendship, womanizer, mistress, invasion, romance ...
Time: 1960s, 20th century, 60s, year 1968
Place: switzerland, europe, soviet union, prague, usa ...
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Lost in Translation (2003)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA, Japan
Duration: 102 min.
Story: Two lost souls visiting Tokyo -- the young, neglected wife of a photographer and a washed-up movie star shooting a TV commercial -- find an odd solace and pensive freedom to be real in each other's company, away from their lives in America.
Style: atmospheric, psychological, touching, captivating, realistic ...
Audience: date night, girls' night
Plot: age difference, loneliness, culture clash, midlife crisis, unlikely couple, friendship, fish out of water, couple relations, dull life, photographer, actor, human nature ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: tokyo, japan, asia, yale university
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Closer (2004)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A witty, romantic, and very dangerous love story about chance meetings, instant attractions, and casual betrayals. Two couples disintegrate when they begin destructive adulterous affairs with each other.
Style: sexy, intellectual, melancholic, psychological, cynical ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: infidelity, love triangle, love affair, passionate interest, divorce, marriage, obsession, love at first sight, depression, romance, photographer, adultery ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: london, england, europe, manhattan new york city
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2 Days in Paris (2007)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: France, Germany
Duration: 96 min.
Story: Adam Goldberg delivers "an uproarious study in transatlantic culture panic" as Jack, an anxious, hypochondriac-prone New Yorker vacationing throughout Europe with his breezy, free-spirited Parisian girlfriend, Marion. But when they make a ...
Style: talky, realistic, semi serious, humorous, sincere ...
Audience: date night, girls' night
Plot: culture clash, photographer, french, taxi driver, taxi, romance, vacation, love and romance, couples, restaurant owner, relationship problems, urban ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: france, europe, paris france, new york
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Wait Until Dark (1967)
Genre: Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: After a flight back home, Sam Hendrix returns with a doll he innocently acquired along the way. As it turns out, the doll is actually stuffed with heroin, and a group of criminals led by the ruthless Roat has followed Hendrix back to his place to ...
Style: tense, talky, suspenseful, atmospheric, clever ...
Plot: heroin, photographer, blindness, murder, disability, blind woman, neighbor, police, search, apartment, doll, crime ...
Time: 20th century, 60s, 1960s
Place: new york, usa, montreal quebec
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The Killing Fields (1984)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History, War
Country: UK
Duration: 141 min.
Story: The Killing Fields tells the real-life story of a friendship between two journalists, an American and a Cambodian, during the bloody Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia in 1975, which led to the death of 2-3 million Cambodians during the next four ...
Style: rough, bleak, realistic, disturbing, serious ...
Plot: journalism, genocide, photographer, vietnam war, embassy, civil war, war, escape attempt, post war, communism, friendship, moral dilemma ...
Time: 20th century, 70s, 80s
Place: vietnam, cambodia, asia, iraq
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The House of Eliott (1991)
Genre: Drama
Country: UK
Duration: 50 min.
Story: The House of Eliott is a British television series produced and broadcast by the BBC in three series between 1991 and 1994. The series starred Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard as two sisters in 1920s London who establish a dressmaking business and ...
Style: serious, realistic
Plot: fashion, family relations, lifestyle, workplace situations, society, workplace, rise to the top, photographer, siblings relations, ambition, social relations, media sensation ...
Time: 1920s, 20s, 20th century
Place: england, london
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Guinevere (1999)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A young girl from an affluent family rebels and becomes involved with a much older photographer.
Style: touching, semi serious, realistic, clever, feel good ...
Plot: photographer, dysfunctional family, bohemian, protege, older man younger woman relationship, romance, coming of age, young lovers, parents and children, fall in love, hopes, love and romance ...
Time: 90s
Place: california, san francisco, usa, ireland
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Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A famous fashion photographer develops a disturbing ability to see through the eyes of a killer.
Style: suspenseful, stylized, disturbing, serious, atmospheric ...
Plot: serial killer, photographer, fashion photographer, stalking, gory, mystery, police investigation, disco, supernatural, supernatural ability, witnessing a crime, who done it ...
Time: 20th century, 70s
Place: california
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Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 122 min.
Story: In 1958 New York Diane Arbus is a housewife and mother who works as an assistant to her husband, a photographer employed by her wealthy parents. Respectable though her life is, she cannot help but feel uncomfortable in her privileged world. One ...
Style: stylized, serious, gloomy, realistic, atmospheric ...
Plot: freak, photographer, werewolf, hair, infidelity, dwarf, fall in love, artists and showbiz, crumbling marriage, self discovery, couple relations, life turned upside down ...
Time: 20th century, 50s, 1950s
Place: new york, usa
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High Art (1998)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 101 min.
Story: A young female intern at a small magazine company becomes involved with a drug-addicted lesbian photographer, both of whom seek to exploit each other for their respective careers, while slowly falling in love with each other.
Style: sexual, serious, realistic, gloomy, sincere ...
Plot: lesbian, couples, photographer, magazine, addiction, love, romance, drugs/alcohol, fall in love, drug abuse, gays and lesbians, exploitation ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: new york, usa
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Pecker (1998)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 87 min.
Story: A Baltimore sandwich shop employee becomes an overnight sensation when photographs he's taken of his weird family become the latest rage in the art world. The young man is called "Pecker" because he pecks at his food like a bird.
Style: not serious, humorous, biting, realistic, offbeat ...
Plot: art, photographer, gallery, art gallery, fish out of water, working class, perversion, stripper, drugs/alcohol, media satire, eroticism, sex party ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: baltimore, maryland, new york, usa
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Shutter (2008)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 85 min.
Story: A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.
Style: atmospheric, scary, serious, suspenseful, surprise ending ...
Audience: date night, teens
Plot: honeymoon, ghost, supernatural, death, revenge, photographer, suicide, nightmare, hit by a car, road accident, fashion model, magazine editor ...
Time: contemporary
Place: japan, tokyo, asia, mount fuji
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 114 min.
Story: A timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams embarks on a true-life adventure when a negative goes missing.
Style: feel good, realistic, scenic, inspirational, motivational ...
Plot: self discovery, obsessive quest, adventure, life changing experience, adventurer, escape from reality, lifestyle change, loneliness, disorder, journal, coworker, social awkwardness ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary, 2010s
Place: himalaya, iceland, usa, greenland
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Neon Demon (2016)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: Denmark, France, USA, UK
Duration: 117 min.
Story: When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.
Style: avant garde, necrophiliac, surprise ending, suspense, stylized ...
Plot: fashion, lesbian, model, cannibalism, eyeball, necrophilia, obsession, neon light, lust, jealousy, teenage girl, party ...
Time: 2010s
Place: los angeles, pasadena california, california
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All the Sins of Sodom (1968)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 88 min.
Story: Henning is a fashion photographer driven by visions of artistic glory. He is encouraged by a literary agent to produce a volume of erotic nudes and works to create the perfect layout with his favorite model, Leslie. All seems to be going well until ...
Plot: photographer, model, revenge, seduction, ego, mystery, erotica, vibrator, casual sex, sex, no panties, lesbian sex ...
Place: manhattan new york city
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Black Emanuelle (1975)
Genre: Drama
Country: Italy, Spain
Duration: 91 min.
Story: In her first onscreen adventure, journalist/photographer Mae Jordan (known to her readers as "Emanuelle") travels to Africa on assignment. Questions of her own racial and sexual identity come to a head as she observes the troubled marriage ...
Plot: voyeur, photographer, lesbian cunnilingus, sex, exhibitionism, multiple lovers, bisexuality, unsimulated sex, vulva, erotic fantasy, orgy, labia ...
Place: africa
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The Saint of Fort Washington (1993)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 103 min.
Story: Matthew, a young schizophrenic, finds himself out on the street when a slumlord tears down his apartment building. Soon, he finds himself in even more dire straits, when he is threatened by Little Leroy, a thug who is one of the tough denizens of ...
Style: bleak, serious, realistic, gloomy, psychological ...
Plot: mental illness, homelessness, photographer, schizophrenia, friendship, city life, urban, social misfits, urban ghetto, teaching the ways of the world, urban ghetto life, injustice ...
Time: 90s
Place: new york, usa, boston, new jersey
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Proof (1991)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Australia
Duration: 86 min.
Story: The life of a blind photographer who is looked after by a housekeeper is disrupted by the arrival of an agreeable restaurant worker.
Style: clever, witty, psychological, realistic, serious ...
Plot: betrayal, friendship, blind man, photographer, obsession, love triangle, romance, dishonesty, love and romance, rivalry, society, couples ...
Time: 90s
Place: australia, new york, california
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Frivolous Lola (1998)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Italy
Duration: 105 min.
Story: The story takes place in northern Italy in the 1950's. Lola and Masetto are about to get married. Masetto wants to keep Lola as a virgin until they are married. But Lola is impatient to remain in chastity until the wedding night. She wants to ...
Style: humorous, semi serious, realistic, sexual, sexy ...
Audience: date night
Plot: skinny dipping, desire, exhibitionism, sexual attraction, prostitute, bicycle, photographer, jealousy, sexploitation, exhibitionist, wedding, teasing ...
Time: 50s
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Kika (1993)
Genre: Comedy
Country: Spain, France
Duration: 114 min.
Story: Kika, a young cosmetologist, is called to the mansion of Nicolas, an American writer to make-up the corpse of his stepson, Ramon. Ramon, who is not dead, is revived by Kika's attentions and she then moves in with him. They might live happily ...
Style: dark humor, humorous, semi serious, realistic, offbeat ...
Plot: photographer, murder, postmodernism, gays and lesbians, dangerous attraction, marriage proposal, funeral, suicide, infidelity, sexual relations, couples, journalism ...
Time: 90s
Place: europe, spain
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Killer Image (1992)
Genre: Thriller
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 94 min.
Story: When Max Oliver learns his photographer brother has been killed, he suspects it was no random murder. And when he finds his brothers' last photos of a powerful senator and a prostitute, Max gets a clear picture of a deadly political cover-up. ...
Plot: roller coaster, senator, photographer, murder, erotica, brother brother relationship, political cover up, main character dies
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Damien (2016)
Genre: Drama, Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
Story: After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope with life as the Anti-Christ.
Style: suspenseful, scary, serious, bleak, suspense
Plot: supernatural, devil, destiny, deadly, based on movie, antichrist, evil, religion, catholicism, bible prophecy, investigation, mysticism ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: usa
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