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little red riding hood
little red riding hood movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as little red riding hood: Red Riding Hood (2006), The Company of Wolves (1984), Freeway (1996), Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011), Little Red Riding Hood (2016), Hoodwinked (2005), Fairy Tales (1978), Red Riding Hood (2003), The Magic Riddle (1991), Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1999).

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Red Riding Hood (2006)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 82 min.
Story: Teenage Claire (Morgan Thompson) would rather hang out with her friends at the mall than to stay home with her brother Matt while Grandma babysits. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, Grandma isn't about to let Claire out of the house. Worse, she ...
Style: fairy tale, humorous, feel good, semi serious, captivating ...
Audience: family outing, kids, teens
Plot: little red riding hood, missing person, fish out of water, love and romance, good versus evil, adventurer, woman in danger, family relations, young heroes, rescue, dangerous animal, escapades ...
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The Company of Wolves (1984)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Country: UK
Duration: 95 min.
Story: An adaptation of Angela Carter's fairy tales. Young Rosaleen dreams of a village in the dark woods, where Granny tells her cautionary tales in which innocent maidens are tempted by wolves who are hairy on the inside. As Rosaleen grows into ...
Style: fairy tale, gothic, surreal, sexy, atmospheric ...
Plot: werewolf, surrealism, woman in danger, supernatural, grandmother, legends and myths, beast, wolf, dangerous attraction, dream, girl, little red riding hood ...
Time: 18th century, 20th century, 80s
Place: europe, england
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Freeway (1996)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA, France
Duration: 102 min.
Story: Following the arrest of her mother, Ramona, young Vanessa Lutz decides to go in search of her estranged grandmother. On the way, she is given a ride by school counselor Bob Wolverton. During the journey, Lutz begins to realize that Bob is the ...
Style: disturbing, cynical, suspenseful, bloody, road movie ...
Audience: teens, chick flick, girls' night, teen drama
Plot: serial killer, life is a bitch, sexual abuse, drug addiction, little red riding hood, psychopath, teenager, brutality, prison, dysfunctional family, hitchhiker, murder ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: los angeles, california, san diego california
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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Fantasy, Mystery
Country: USA
Duration: 87 min.
Story: Red Riding Hood is training in the group of Sister Hoods, when she and the Wolf are called to examine the sudden mysterious disappearance of Hansel and Gretel.
Style: feel good, parody, humorous, not serious, witty ...
Audience: kids, family outing, pre-teens
Plot: little red riding hood, investigation, heroic mission, young heroes, partners against crime, partners, who done it, imaginary kingdom, youth, goat, heroes, witch ...
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Little Red Riding Hood (2016)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 81 min.
Story: A Brother Grimm's Horror Version of the Classic Fairytale.
Plot: beast, creature, warrior, magic, castle, honor, female nudity, dungeon, knight, forest, little red riding hood, selfie ...
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About the Little Red Riding Hood (1977)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Musical
Country: Soviet Union
Duration: 135 min.
Story: A sequel to the well-known story about a Little Red Riding Hood (Krasnaya Shapochka). This time, a family of a slain wolf decides to avenge his death. So they falsely inform Little Red Riding Hood that her grandma is sick and prepare to eat her on ...
Style: fairy tale, humorous, light
Audience: kids, family outing
Plot: little red riding hood, friendship, family relations, parents and children, young love, stargazing, disguise, beach, little boy, female protagonist, children, girl ...
Place: russia
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Hoodwinked (2005)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Musical, Mystery
Country: USA, Serbia and Montenegro
Duration: 80 min.
Story: The recipes of candies of the goody shops have been stolen by the Goody Bandit, and many animals are out of business. While the police are chasing the criminal, there is a mess at Granny's house evolving Little Red Hiding Hood, The Wolf, The ...
Style: parody, funny, feel good, humorous, fairy tale ...
Audience: kids, family outing, girls' night, pre-teens
Plot: grandmother, imaginary kingdom, forest, anthropomorphic animal, grandparent and grandchild, chase, pig, suspicion, dishonesty, little red riding hood, satire, rabbit ...
Time: 2000s, 21st century
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Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb vs. the Monsters (1962)
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Musical
Country: Mexico
Duration: 82 min.
Story: The film follows adventures of Little Red Riding Hood (Maria Gracia) and Tom Thumb (Cesaro Quezadas) and their friends, fighting against the wicked Witch Queen (Ofelia Guilmáin) and her band of monsters. The film starts at the meeting of the evil ...
Style: psychotronic, fairy tale, cult film
Plot: vampire, little red riding hood, farce, magic, fairy, dracula, torture, frankenstein's monster, spell, wolf, water, monkey ...
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Fairy Tales (1978)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
Country: USA
Duration: 76 min.
Story: On his twenty-first birthday, the Prince goes on a quest that takes him across the land searching for the one woman that gets him sexually excited, Princess Sleeping Beauty.
Style: sex comedy, fairy tale, erotic, sexy, parody ...
Audience: adult
Plot: erotica, erotic fantasy, fetish, porn, exploitation, voyeurism, voyeur, lust, female nudity, coitus, prostitute, group sex ...
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Red Riding Hood (2003)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: Italy
Duration: 92 min.
Story: A retelling of the classic tale, with Red as a psychotic vigilante.
Style: psychological, serious, suspenseful, slasher, scary ...
Plot: serial killer, murder, family problems, friendship, vigilante, precocious child, grandmother granddaughter relationship, suspense, psychopath, werewolf, little red riding hood, injustice ...
Time: 21st century
Place: rome italy, europe
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The Magic Riddle (1991)
Genre: Animation, Fantasy
Country: Australia
Duration: 93 min.
Story: The Magic Riddle is a 1991 Australian animated feature film directed and written by Yoram Gross. The film's plot features elements of famous fairytales including Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio. ...
Style: anime, fairy tale, 2d animation
Plot: cinderella, snow white, girl, ugly duckling, little red riding hood, pinocchio, wolf, salesman, magic, widow, castle, grandmother ...
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Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1999)
Genre: Animation, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: Japan
Duration: 102 min.
Story: A member of an elite paramilitary counter-terrorism unit becomes traumatized after witnessing the suicide bombing of a young girl and is forced to undergo retraining. However, unbeknownst to him, he becomes a key player in a dispute between rival ...
Style: anime, bleak, gloomy, heartbreaking, rough ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: conspiracy, distopia, resistance fighter, swat team, resistance, political unrest, politics, world war two, double agent, cyberpunk, suicide, gunfight ...
Place: japan, tokyo, germany, poland
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Into the Woods (2014)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical
Country: USA
Duration: 125 min.
Story: In a woods filled with magic and fairy tale characters, a baker and his wife set out to end the curse put on them by their neighbor, a spiteful witch.
Style: fairy tale, stylized, melancholic, talky, lyrical ...
Audience: family outing, kids, chick flick, teens, girls' night ...
Plot: witch, imaginary kingdom, curses spells and rituals, wizards and magicians, good versus evil, cinderella, moral ambiguity, redemption, vengeance, magic, dancing, fantasy world ...
Time: 1930s, 20th century
Place: new jersey
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Bye Bye, Red Riding Hood (1989)
Genre: Family, Fantasy
Country: Canada, Hungary
Duration: 94 min.
Story: Fanny lives in the forest with her meteorologist mother. One day on her way across the forest to visit her grandmother and great grandmother, she has three encounters that will change her life forever: an apparently kind and gentle wolf, a city boy ...
Style: serious, thought provoking, fairy tale, psycho sexual
Audience: family outing
Plot: woman, forest, woman in danger, feminism, youth, dangerous animal, fighting the system, legends and myths, social differences, village, mother daughter relationship, innocence ...
Time: 20th century, 80s
Place: hungary
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Red Riding Hood (1988)
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Country: USA, Israel
Duration: 81 min.
Story: The high spirited daughter of the village lord and her mother have been living in the forest for seven years near her wise grandmother. They wait for her father to come home, meanwhile, her literally heartless uncle rules. He sells his soul for the ...
Style: fairy tale, semi serious, stylized, humorous, atmospheric
Audience: kids, pre-teens, family outing
Plot: imaginary kingdom, woman in danger, twins, self discovery, family relations, friends, legends and myths, parallel world, teaching the ways of the world, friendship, siblings relations, rescue ...
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Into the Woods (2011)
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Country: UK, Canada
Duration: 153 min.
Story: Into the Woods takes the stories of the Brothers Grimm and gives them a dark and humorous twist. The popular tales of Red Ridinghood, Jack (of Beanstalk fame), Cinderella and Rapunzel are interwoven with that of the Baker and his Wife and their ...
Plot: theater, live performance, sleeping beauty, based on broadway musical, little red riding hood, prince, cinderella, broadway musical
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The Sex and Violence Family Hour (1983)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
Story: A jumble of sexual skits such as The Big Salami, The Brady Bang, And Leather And Chains.
Style: sex comedy
Audience: adult
Plot: jailbait, gay slur, female nudity, nude, cocaine, orgy, swinger, little red riding hood, nun, biker, dominatrix, gay stereotype ...
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Who's Afraid of the Wolf (2008)
Genre: Family
Country: Czech Republic
Duration: 90 min.
Story: A 6 year-old girl is transfixed by the Little Red Riding Hood story, which her mother dutifully recounts every night. The tale’s themes of identity confusion and betrayal mirror her own story - who her real mother is and a potential love triangle ...
Plot: family relations, movie theatre, baby, mother daughter relationship, imagination, singer, boy, girl, little girl, flashback, female protagonist, divorce ...
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Once Upon a Brothers Grimm (1977)
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Musical
Country: USA
Duration: 120 min.
Story: The Brothers Grimm collected German folk and fairy tales in Germany during the early 19th century; eight of their best known stories are presented in this anthology.
Style: fairy tale, anthology
Plot: king, queen, prince, cinderella, prime minister, fairy godmother, rooster, cat, little red riding hood, donkey, ballerina, hound dog ...
Time: 19th century
Place: germany
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Three Brothers (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Country: Czech Republic, Denmark
Duration: 90 min.
Story: Three brothers leave their home to see the world. During their journey, young men as by miracle enter into famous fairy tales (Little Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Twelve Months) and face traps, unexpected moments and even love in a story full of ...
Style: fairy tale, semi serious, humorous, feel good, metafiction ...
Audience: family outing, preschoolers, pre-teens
Plot: witch, princess, stepmother, young heroes, heroes, good versus evil, heroic mission, sibling relationship, youth, escapades, family relations, imaginary kingdom ...
Place: central europe
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Jin (2013)
Genre: Drama
Country: Turkey, Germany
Duration: 122 min.
Story: A bitter conflict has raged between guerrillas and the army in Turkey's Kurdish regions for over 30 years. Large expanses have now become war zones. Countless young people have lost their lives to the conflict. This dangerous but incredibly ...
Style: psychological, disturbing, captivating
Plot: kurd, suspense, social relations, social issues, life is a bitch, social problems, partisan, society, girl, female terrorist, little red riding hood, propaganda ...
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The Wolves of Kromer (1998)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Romance
Country: UK
Duration: 82 min.
Story: Once upon a time in the village of Kromer lived two beautiful young wolves. Cocksure Gabriel takes newcomer Seth under his paw and helps reconcile him to the vilification associated with being a wolf. They fall head-over-heels in puppy love, playing ...
Style: fairy tale, dark, allegory, serious, thought provoking ...
Plot: gay, wolf, werewolf, old woman, lgbt, murder, lgbtq, village, gay stereotype, poisoning, teenage boy, sexuality ...
Place: england, europe
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Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 88 min.
Story: The modern-day descendant of Little Red Riding Hood brings her fiancé home to meet her family and reveal their occupation as werewolf hunters, but after he is bitten by a werewolf, she must protect him from her own family.
Style: fairy tale, suspenseful, serious, scary, tense ...
Plot: werewolf, supernatural, female warrior, kidnapping, deadly creature, curses spells and rituals, siblings relations, rivalry, dangerous animal, human becoming an animal, female protagonist, grandmother granddaughter relationship ...
Time: 21st century
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The Woodsman (2004)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 87 min.
Story: A paedophile returns to his hometown after 12 years in prison and attempts to start a new life.
Style: disturbing, harsh, sincere, rough, psychological ...
Plot: pedophilia, friendship, sexual perversion, starting over, ex convict, police officer, psychology, factory worker, suspicion, warden, anger, haunted by the past ...
Time: 21st century
Place: california, philadelphia
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Happily N'Ever After (2006)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Country: USA, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan
Duration: 87 min.
Story: An alliance of evil-doers, led by Frieda, looks to take over Fairy Tale Land. But when Ella realizes her stepmother is out to ruin her storybook existence, she takes a dramatic turn and blossoms into the leader of the resistance effort.
Style: fairy tale, not serious, entertaining, funny, humorous ...
Audience: kids, family outing, teens, pre-teens
Plot: imaginary kingdom, friendship, good versus evil, friends, love and romance, heroes, cinderella story, talking animals, cinderella, wizards, nude, creativity ...
Place: germany
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Ferozz: The Wild Red Riding Hood (2010)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Country: Cuba, Costa Rica
Duration: 70 min.
Story: A young, attractive widow is protected from her vicious mother-in-law, by a male relative who practices Satanism, and lusts after the old woman's sexy adolescent granddaughter.
Style: rough, brutal, fairy tale, banned film
Plot: taboo sex, incestuous sex, mother son incest, rape, zoophilia, exploring sexuality, seduction, incest, controversy, life is a bitch, suspense, farmer ...
Place: cuba
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Trick 'r Treat (2007)
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 82 min.
Story: Four interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: an everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the one guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a bitter old recluse receives ...
Style: scary, slasher, psychological, suspenseful, twist ending ...
Audience: teens
Plot: halloween, werewolf, monster, serial killer, masked killer, suspense, psychopath, halloween party, ghost, supernatural, prank, scarecrow ...
Time: 21st century
Place: ohio, usa
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Little Erin Merryweather (2003)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 84 min.
Story: Once upon a time, death preyed upon a New England college campus. Rumors swirl that "if you see a flash of red, you're dead!" Local golden boy, Peter Bloom (David Morwick) investigates the grisly killings until the stakes grow higher ...
Style: slasher, serious, suspenseful, scary, fairy tale ...
Plot: serial killer, suspense, college, mind game, amateur detective, investigation, psychopath, survival, stalking, youth, rivalry, journalism ...
Place: new england, usa, massachusetts
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Hidden (2009)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: Norway
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Painful memories arise when Kai Koss inherits his dead mother's house and goes back to his childhood home after 19 years.
Style: psychological, scary, serious, mind bending, suspenseful ...
Plot: house, dead mother, life is a bitch, homecoming, mental illness, haunted by the past, parents and children, death in the family, family problems, family relations, forest, suspense ...
Time: 21st century
Place: europe, norway
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Ever After High (2013)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Music, Romance
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 25 min.
TV show
Story: The students of all the fairytale characters attend Ever After High, where they are either Royals (students who want to follow in their parent's footsteps) or Rebels (students who wish to write their own destiny).
Style: fairy tale, funny, captivating, unusual plot structure, eros
Audience: kids, teen fantasy
Plot: princess, bravery, truth, teenager, heroine, teenage girl, high school, true love, boarding school, girl, frustration, morality ...
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