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falcon movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as falcon: Ladyhawke (1985), Kes (1969), Tomas and the Falcon King (2000), Run Wild, Run Free (1969), Zambezia (2012), Stuart Little 2 (2002), Wolfwalkers (2020), Beast Wars: Transformers (1996), Prey (2021), The Falcon and the Snowman (1985).

List of falcon movies

Ladyhawke (1985)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Country: USA, Italy
Duration: 121 min.
Story: Captain Etienne Navarre is a man on whose shoulders lies a cruel curse. Punished for loving each other, Navarre must become a wolf by night whilst his lover, Lady Isabeau, takes the form of a hawk by day. Together, with the thief Philippe Gaston, ...
Style: sentimental, touching, fairy tale, captivating, atmospheric ...
Audience: date night, family outing, kids, pre-teens
Plot: bishop, adventure, knight, good versus evil, rescue, magic, romance, chase, curse, true love, solar eclipse, transformation ...
Time: middle ages, 80s
Place: france, europe
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Kes (1969)
Genre: Drama, Family
Country: UK
Duration: 111 min.
Story: A young, English working-class boy spends his free time caring for and training his pet falcon.
Style: bleak, realistic, serious, touching, sentimental ...
Plot: childhood, neglected child, working class, coming of age, bird, school, boy, falcon, friendship, soccer, nudity (full frontal - brief), small town ...
Time: 60s, 20th century, 70s
Place: england, northern england, britain, united kingdom, europe ...
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Tomas and the Falcon King (2000)
Genre: Family, Fantasy
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France
Duration: 96 min.
Story: "Thomas the Falconer" is a nice family movie about a boy (Brano Holicek), a falcon, a prince, a princess and a nasty man who gets his come-uppance. It's gloriously filmed in the mountains of Slovakia. The DVD mastering is not quite up ...
Style: fairy tale, sincere, entertaining, captivating, psychotronic
Audience: family outing
Plot: animal human communication, human animal relationship, teenage protagonist, teenage boy, falcon, supernatural power, castle, child protagonist, nobleman, teenager, teenage love, kingdom ...
Time: middle ages
Place: central europe
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Run Wild, Run Free (1969)
Genre: Drama, Family
Country: UK
Duration: 100 min.
Story: Directed by Richard C. Sarafian, this 1969 British children's film stars Mark Lester as a young boy, unable to speak, who befriends both a wild colt with blue eyes and a falcon named "Lady". The cast also includes John Mills, Gordon ...
Plot: falcon, horse, boy girl friendship, boy horse relationship, family relations, disturbed child, baby boy, missing child, girl, pony, farm, intergenerational friendship ...
Place: england
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Zambezia (2012)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Country: South Africa, USA
Duration: 83 min.
Story: Set in a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls, "Zambezia" is the story of Kai - a naïve, but high-spirited young falcon who travels to the bird city of "Zambezia" where he discovers the truth about his ...
Style: exciting, humorous, feel good, sincere, semi serious
Audience: preschoolers, family outing, kids
Plot: adventure, animal life, bird, teaching the ways of the world, escapades, heroes, friends, wilderness, family, save the day, falcon, adolescence vs adulthood ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: africa
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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Thriller
Country: USA, UK, Belgium, Canada
Duration: 127 min.
Story: A teenager finds himself transported to an island where he must help protect a group of orphans with special powers from creatures intent on destroying them.
Style: dark fantasy, exciting, gothic, atmospheric, stylized ...
Audience: pre-teens, kids, teens
Plot: fantasy world, time travel, magic, supernatural power, orphan, boarding school, time loop, children, adventure, beautiful scenery, monster, children's home ...
Time: year 1943, 1940s, year 2016
Place: england, wales, florida, europe
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Stuart Little 2 (2002)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 77 min.
Story: Stuart, an adorable white mouse, still lives happily with his adoptive family, the Littles, on the east side of Manhattan's Central Park. More crazy mouse adventures are in store as Stuart, his human brother, George, and their mischievous cat, ...
Style: humorous, feel good, semi serious, sweet, entertaining ...
Audience: kids, family outing, pre-teens, preschoolers, girls' night ...
Plot: mouse, friendship, talking animals, adventure, family, rescue, disorder, heroic mission, escapades, friends, bird, skyscraper ...
Time: contemporary
Place: new york, usa, new york yankees, manhattan new york city, san francisco
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Wolfwalkers (2020)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Country: Ireland, Luxembourg, France
Duration: 103 min.
Story: In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and nature an evil to be tamed, a young apprentice hunter comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack. But when she saves a wild native girl, their friendship leads ...
Style: touching, atmospheric, sentimental, emotional, stylized ...
Plot: wolf, friendship, celtic, father daughter relationship, folklore, family relations, hunter, lone wolves, courage, legends and myths, happy ending, human animal relationship ...
Time: 17th century
Place: ireland
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Beast Wars: Transformers (1996)
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Country: Canada
Duration: 30 min.
TV show
Story: Beast Wars: Transformers, titled Beasties: Transformers in Canada, is a Canadian CG animated television series that debuted in 1996, serving as the flagship of the Transformers: Beast Wars franchise. The series was set in the future of the ...
Style: epic, suspenseful, stylized, exciting, serious
Audience: pre-teens, family outing, teens, kids
Plot: space wars, androids and robots, heroes, dinosaur, good versus evil, battles, space travel, beast, leadership, future dystopia, hi-tech, rivalry ...
Time: future, prehistory, 24th century, prehistoric times
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Prey (2021)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Country: Germany
Duration: 87 min.
Story: A hiking trip into the wild turns into a desperate bid for survival for five friends on the run from a mysterious shooter.
Style: mysterious, wild
Plot: wilderness, cave, most dangerous game, slumber party, hunting, murder, imagination, accident, revenge, affair, suicide, survival ...
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The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: UK, USA, Mexico
Duration: 131 min.
Story: The true story of a disillusioned military contractor employee and his drug pusher childhood friend who became walk-in spies for the Soviet Union.
Style: tense, realistic, captivating, serious, psychological ...
Plot: espionage, treason, undercover, double agent, dishonesty, society, buddies, political conspiracy, cold war, spy, smuggling, satellite ...
Time: 20th century, 70s, 80s
Place: usa, california, mexico city, ussr, mexico ...
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Flesh+Blood (1985)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: Netherlands, Spain
Duration: 126 min.
Story: A band of medieval mercenaries take revenge on a noble lord who decides not to pay them by kidnapping the betrothed of the noble's son. As the plague and warfare cut a swathe of destruction throughout the land, the mercenaries hole up in a ...
Style: atmospheric, realistic, intense, captivating, stylized ...
Plot: betrayal, life is a bitch, adventure, soldier, rape, vengeance, kidnapping, knight, plague, siege, escapades, love triangle ...
Time: 16th century, middle ages, 18th century, 80s
Place: italy, europe
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The Estate (1984)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Country: India
Duration: 135 min.
Story: The compassionate widower Raja of Anjangadh, Shoorveer Singh, who knows the location of immense wealth belonging to his kingdom, is betrayed by his brother, Digambar Singh, and killed. His young son is separated from him, while his loyal employee, ...
Plot: attempted rape, damsel in distress, snake, loyalty, theft, torture, bandit, treasure map, king, murder, horse, woman in danger ...
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Captive Hearts (1987)
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Country: Canada
Duration: 97 min.
Story: December 1944. As their bomber is shot down during a mission over Japan, Sergeant McManus and Robert, a young lieutenant, have no other choice but make a parachute jump. They are captured by local villagers and are saved from execution by Fukushima, ...
Style: uplifting, emotional, touching, realistic, serious
Plot: world war two, mountain, graphic violence, wartime life, love and romance, against the odds, prison life, love affair, concentration camp, forbidden love, war, opposites attract ...
Place: japan, asia
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Arabesque (1966)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 105 min.
Story: Story of international intrigue involving a university professor, an Arab prime minister, a ruthless businessman, a beautiful spy, and hieroglyphics.
Style: suspenseful, realistic, serious, talky, twists and turns ...
Plot: espionage, murder, gangsters, spy, political intrigue, professor, politics, intrigue, dishonesty, investigation, justice, assassination ...
Time: 60s, 20th century, 70s
Place: england, london, europe, oxford university, middle east
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The Last Witness (1999)
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Country: Canada
Duration: 95 min.
Story: A woman becomes entangled in the conspiracy of two world governments to assassinate an international leader in New York.
Style: realistic, serious, exciting, suspenseful, rough
Plot: intrigue, assassination, conspiracy, state affairs, law enforcement, crimes, special agents, dishonesty, pets, undercover, rivalry, hitman ...
Time: 90s
Place: new york, usa, south africa, manhattan new york city, connecticut ...
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Blood Glacier (2013)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: Austria
Duration: 98 min.
Story: At a climate research station in the Alps, the scientists are stunned as the nearby melting glacier is leaking a red liquid. It quickly turns to be very special juice — with unexpected genetic effects on the local wildlife.
Style: serious, suspenseful, exciting, scary, slasher
Plot: iceberg, monster, scientist, glacier, survival, isolation, deadly creature, dangerous animal, mutant, dog, research facility, violence ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: alps, europe, germany, austria
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The Wrong Box (1966)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Country: UK
Duration: 105 min.
Story: In Victorian England, a fortune now depends on which of two brothers outlives the other... or can be made to have seemed to do so!
Style: realistic, humorous, semi serious, surprise ending, offbeat
Plot: murder, queen of england, insurance, nothing goes right, farce, siblings relations, comedy of errors, disorder, lottery, unfulfillment, cons and scams, dark humor ...
Time: 19th century, victorian era
Place: england, europe, london
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Jungle Holocaust (1977)
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Country: Italy
Duration: 88 min.
Story: An oil prospector escapes from capture by a primitive cannibal tribe in the Philippine rain forest and heads out to locate his missing companion and their plane to return home.
Style: scary, serious, rough, suspenseful, psychotronic
Plot: cannibal, crocodile, survival, jungle, snake, rescue, adventure, escapades, stranded, male camaraderie, falcon, leech ...
Time: 70s, 20th century
Place: asia, the philippines
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The Scorpion King (2002)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA, Germany, Belgium
Duration: 92 min.
Story: In ancient Egypt, peasant Mathayus is hired to exact revenge on the powerful Memnon and the sorceress Cassandra, who are ready to overtake Balthazar's village. Amid betrayals, thieves, abductions and more, Mathayus strives to bring justice to ...
Style: exciting, entertaining, tense, humorous, serious ...
Audience: teens, boys' night, girls' night
Plot: ancient egypt, adventure, ancient history, sword fight, desert, master warrior, good versus evil, heroic mission, uninhibited rivalry, leadership, woman in danger, destiny ...
Place: egypt, africa, middle east
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Camera Buff (1979)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Poland
Duration: 112 min.
Story: Filip buys an 8mm movie camera when his first child is born. Because it's the first camera in town, he's named official photographer by the local Party boss. His horizons widen when he is sent to regional film festivals with his first ...
Style: biting, suspense, semi serious, realistic, humorous ...
Plot: factory worker, factory, polish, bus, politics, friendship, family relations, friends, couples, parents and children, couple relations, artists and showbiz ...
Time: 70s, 20th century
Place: poland, europe, warsaw poland, new jersey, california
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Hancock (2008)
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 92 min.
Story: Hancock is a down-and-out superhero who's forced to employ a PR expert to help repair his image when the public grows weary of all the damage he's inflicted during his lifesaving heroics. The agent's idea of imprisoning the antihero ...
Style: humorous, semi serious, exciting, entertaining, twists and turns ...
Audience: teens, boys' night
Plot: immortality, superhuman powers, supernatural ability, superhero, invulnerability, heroes, villain, soul mate, impossible love, superhuman, memory loss, alcohol abuse ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: los angeles, usa, brooklyn new york city, new york
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The Golden Compass (2007)
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 113 min.
Story: After overhearing a shocking secret, precocious orphan Lyra Belacqua trades her carefree existence roaming the halls of Jordan College for an otherworldly adventure in the far North, unaware that it's part of her destiny.
Style: epic, stylized, suspenseful, serious, exciting ...
Audience: family outing, kids, pre-teens
Plot: fantasy world, journey, adventure, magical, orphan, parallel world, adventurer, wizards, witch, chosen one, alternate reality, experiment ...
Place: england, oxford university, london
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DragonHeart (1996)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 103 min.
Story: In an ancient time when majestic fire-breathers soared through the skies, a knight named Bowen comes face to face and heart to heart with the last dragon on Earth, Draco. Taking up arms to suppress a tyrant king, Bowen soon realizes his task will be ...
Style: humorous, fairy tale, entertaining, scenic, touching ...
Audience: family outing, kids
Plot: dragon, knight, immortality, good versus evil, adventure, medieval, friendship, heroes, betrayal, battles, magic, society ...
Time: middle ages, 10th century
Place: england, europe
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Secret Things (2002)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 115 min.
Story: Two young women find themselves struggling to survive in Paris, street-wise Nathalie, a stripper, and naïve Sandrine, a barmaid. Together, they discover that sex can be used to their advantage, and pleasure.
Style: erotic, psychological, sexual, harsh, stylized ...
Plot: perversion, orgy, seduction, sex, lesbian cunnilingus, friendship, office, brother sister sex, sexual relations, older man younger woman relationship, manipulation, obsession ...
Time: contemporary
Place: paris france, france, europe, tokyo
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Bluebeard (1972)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: France, Italy, West Germany
Duration: 125 min.
Story: Baron von Sepper is an Austrian aristocrat noted for his blue-toned beard, and his appetite for beautiful wives. His latest spouse, an American beauty named Anne, discovers a vault in his castle that's filled with the frozen bodies of several ...
Style: realistic, serious, rough, suspenseful, witty ...
Plot: murder, castle, serial killer, psychopath, electric chair, dangerous attraction, crimes, womanizer, storage unit, woman in danger, couple relations, sexual dysfunction ...
Time: 1920s
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Honey (2010)
Genre: Drama
Country: Turkey, Germany, France
Duration: 103 min.
Story: In the remote and undeveloped eastern Black Sea region, a six-year-old boy (Yusuf) wanders through the woods searching for his lost father, trying to make sense of his life.His father is a beekeeper whose bees have disappeared unexpectedly, ...
Style: psychological, captivating, sentimental, serious, suspense ...
Plot: forest, village, parents and children, family relations, hopes, introspection, father son relationship, betrayal, only child, honey, nature, everyday life ...
Time: year 2009
Place: turkey
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The Adventures of Tintin (2011)
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Mystery
Country: USA, New Zealand, UK, France, Australia
Duration: 107 min.
Story: Intrepid young reporter, Tintin, and his loyal dog, Snowy, are thrust into a world of high adventure when they discover a ship carrying an explosive secret. As Tintin is drawn into a centuries-old mystery, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine suspects him of ...
Style: exciting, stylized, colourful, semi serious, realistic ...
Audience: teens, pre-teens, family outing, kids
Plot: treasure hunt, treasure, adventure, adventurer, riddles and clues, young heroes, amateur detective, escapades, journey, reporter, captain, treasure map ...
Time: 20th century, 50s, year 1949, 1940s, 1930s
Place: morocco, europe, north africa
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The 4 Musketeers (2005)
Genre: Adventure
Country: France, Canada, UK, Czech Republic
Duration: 210 min.
TV show
Story: Exile and possibly death are in the cards for the Queen of France in this edgy cloak-and-dagger adventure based on Alexandre Dumas' unrivaled tale of THE THREE MUSKETEERS and their reckless romantic friend D'Artagnan. Supernatural powers ...
Style: exciting, captivating, tense, entertaining, semi serious ...
Plot: musketeer, adventure, friends, rivalry, heroic mission, escapades, curses spells and rituals, friendship, courage, duel, political intrigue, femme fatale ...
Time: 17th century
Place: europe, france, paris france
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Black Gold (2011)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, War
Country: France, Italy, Qatar
Duration: 130 min.
Story: On the Arabian Peninsula in the 1930s, two warring leaders come face to face. The victorious Nesib, Emir of Hobeika, lays down his peace terms to rival Amar, Sultan of Salmaah. The two men agree that neither can lay claim to the area of no man’s ...
Style: realistic, serious, suspenseful, exciting, epic ...
Plot: muslim, desert, tribe, sheik, state affairs, political intrigue, parents and children, family relations, conservative, political unrest, royal family, manipulation ...
Time: 1930s, 20th century
Place: middle east, arabia
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