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The list contains the best, new and most relevant pity movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out realistic, serious, suspense, captivating, interesting and emotional films and TV shows about / with pity, husband wife relationship, death, family relations, cigarette smoking, storytelling, redemption, crying, friendship and photograph plots mostly in Drama, Thriller and Romance genres shot in USA, UK, Canada and other countries.
pity movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as pity: God on Trial (2008), Metamorphosis (2019), The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016), Vibrations (1996), Mr. Church (2016), Suspiria (2018), The Land of Rain Trees (2015), I, Tonya (2017), War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), Corpse Bride (2005).

List of pity movies

God on Trial (2008)
Genre: Drama, War
Country: UK
Duration: 86 min.
Story: In the Jewish tradition of arguing with God, Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz decide to put God on Trial.
Style: serious, disturbing, thought provoking, tense, realistic ...
Plot: holocaust, concentration camp, atrocity, legal, world war two, debate, life is a bitch, confined, genocide, human nature, human spirit, anti semitism ...
Time: 20th century, 40s, 1940s
Place: europe, poland, germany, israel
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Metamorphosis (2019)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: South Korea
Duration: 113 min.
Story: An evil spirit that changes faces infiltrates one family placing one brother in danger while the other tries to save him.
Style: suspenseful, tense, disturbing, complex, suspense
Plot: exorcism, brother, family, exorcist, rite, possessed woman, death, priest, teenager, pity, catholic priest, death of daughter ...
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The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Country: Canada
Duration: 108 min.
Story: A psychologist who begins working with a young boy who has suffered a near-fatal fall finds himself drawn into a mystery that tests the boundaries of fantasy and reality.
Style: psychological, enigmatic, surprise ending, suspenseful
Plot: father son relationship, picnic, falling off a cliff, family relations, injured child, doctor, coma, parents and children, father-son relationship, mother son relationship, psychologist, pity ...
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Vibrations (1996)
Genre: Drama, Musical, Sci-Fi
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Rising rock star, TJ Cray, gets the shot of a lifetime, an audition with a A & R man. On the way into the city, a carload of drunks smash into his car, severing his hands. He drops out of the business and becomes a homeless drunk. Cray wakes ...
Style: semi serious, realistic, psychotronic
Plot: alcohol abuse, new age, social misfits, musician's life, love and romance, artists and showbiz, misfit, rescue, life is a bitch, friendship, fall in love, prodigy ...
Time: 90s
Place: new york
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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
Genre: Drama, Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 123 min.
Story: A vampire relates his epic life story of love, betrayal, loneliness, and dark hunger to an over-curious reporter.
Style: gothic, captivating, suspenseful, gloomy, serious ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: vampire, immortality, loneliness, supernatural, vampire human love, haunted by the past, human nature, manipulations, goth, dark hero, victim, bonding ...
Time: 18th century, 19th century, victorian era, 1990s, georgian era ...
Place: paris france, san francisco, new orleans, louisiana, usa ...
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Mr. Church (2016)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A unique friendship develops when a little girl and her dying mother inherit a cook - Mr. Church. What begins as an arrangement that should only last six months, instead spans fifteen years.
Style: sentimental, compassionate, emotional, melancholic, sad ...
Plot: cooking, friendship, family, life philosophy, storytelling, relationships, book, family bonds, terminal illness, destiny, cook, idealism ...
Time: contemporary, 70s, 60s, 80s, 1960s ...
Place: usa, boston, los angeles
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Suspiria (2018)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Italy, USA
Duration: 152 min.
Story: A young ballet dancer travels to a prestigious dance academy in Europe, only to discover it is a front for something far more sinister and supernatural amidst a series of increasingly grisly murders.
Style: surprise ending, suspense, touching, rough, suspenseful ...
Plot: ritual sacrifice, dead woman, ballet, corporal punishment, paranormal phenomena, mysterious event, good versus evil, dance performance, psychotherapist, witchcraft, choreography, mysterious death ...
Time: 70s, year 1948, year 1977, year 1943
Place: berlin germany, ohio, east berlin east germany, west berlin west germany, east berlin
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The Land of Rain Trees (2015)
Genre: Drama
Country: Japan
Story: Nobuyuki Sakisaka (Yuta Tamamori) is a salaryman. When he was in middle school student, he read light novel "Fairy Game”. He still has that light novel, because he was so shocked by the ending. One day, Nobuyuki Sakisaka browses the internet ...
Plot: father son relationship, backpack, camping, manager, traffic light, brother brother relationship, holding hands, traffic, correspondence, fishing, awkwardness, packing ...
Place: tokyo, mount fuji, osaka japan
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I, Tonya (2017)
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Sport
Country: USA, UK, Australia, Canada
Duration: 119 min.
Story: Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U. S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the sport is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.
Style: humorous, suspense, rough, absurd, ironic ...
Plot: figure skating, abusive mother, ice rink, emotional abuse, mother daughter relationship, fondling, rivalry, skating, female protagonist, olympics, domestic violence, competition ...
Time: 1990s, 90s, 80s, year 2003, 2000s ...
Place: detroit, oregon, minneapolis minnesota, portland oregon
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War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA, Canada, New Zealand
Duration: 140 min.
Story: Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the ...
Style: suspense, psychotronic, intense, compassionate, tense ...
Plot: gorilla, future war, post apocalypse, monkey, militant, animal attack, obsession, survival, vengeance, virus, tragedy, anthropomorphism ...
Time: contemporary, near future
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Corpse Bride (2005)
Genre: Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 77 min.
Story: Set in a 19th-century european village, this stop-motion animation feature follows the story of Victor, a young man whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious corpse bride, while his real bride Victoria waits bereft in the land of the ...
Style: gothic, captivating, melancholic, offbeat, stylized ...
Audience: horror for children, date night, preschoolers
Plot: dark fantasy, corpse, afterlife, romance, supernatural, marriage, supernatural romance, shyness, loneliness, wedding, fall in love, disagreement ...
Time: 19th century, victorian, victorian era
Place: europe, england
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The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music (2015)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Family, Music, Romance, War
Country: USA, Germany, Austria
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Agathe von Trapp, the eldest daughter of a well-known musical family, overcomes many obstacles to pursue her musical career and move to the United States.
Style: psychological, unusual plot structure, touching, contemplative, tense
Plot: family, husband wife relationship, father daughter relationship, family relations, father son relationship, teenage girl, sister sister relationship, marriage, brother brother relationship, baby, photographer, funeral ...
Time: year 1937, year 1938, year 1965
Place: austria, america
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Touching Home (2008)
Genre: Drama, Sport
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: The true story about a father struggling to make amends with his twin sons as they pursue their dreams of professional baseball.
Style: realistic, emotional, psychological, captivating, gloomy ...
Plot: redemption, parents and children, introspection, family problems, estrangement, small town, addiction, dream, baseball, twins, sport, going straight ...
Time: contemporary, quarry
Place: usa, colorado, phoenix arizona, arizona
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Indiscretion (2016)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 99 min.
Story: A married woman's affair comes back to haunt her when her obsessed lover infiltrates every part of her life.
Style: tense, captivating, psychological, suspense
Plot: manipulation, obsession, married woman, governor, betrayal, infidelity, marriage, deception, delusion, husband wife relationship, lover, mental illness ...
Place: louisiana, new orleans
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A Quiet Passion (2016)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: UK, Belgium, USA, Canada
Duration: 125 min.
Story: The story of American poet Emily Dickinson from her early days as a young schoolgirl to her later years as a reclusive, unrecognized artist.
Plot: poet, recluse, heaven, ecstasy, sadness, religion, bullying, reading, church, eyeglasses, bench, brother sister relationship ...
Time: 19th century
Place: massachusetts, boston
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The Boat Is Full (1981)
Genre: Drama, War
Country: Switzerland, West Germany, Austria
Duration: 101 min.
Story: During World War II, Switzerland severely limited refugees: "Our boat is full." A train from Germany halts briefly in an isolated corner of Switzerland. Six people jump off seeking asylum: four Jews, a French child, and a German soldier. ...
Style: bleak, disturbing, serious, realistic, captivating
Plot: holocaust, anti semitism, world war two, politics, refugee, train, political unrest, survival, wartime life, anti war, village, genocide ...
Time: 1940s, 40s
Place: switzerland, europe, germany, zurich switzerland
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Office Killer (1997)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 82 min.
Story: When Dorine Douglas' job as proofreader for Constant Consumer magazine is turned into an at-home position during a downsizing, she doesn't know how to cope. But after accidentally killing one of her co-workers, she discovers that murder ...
Style: psychological, cynical, semi serious, humorous, realistic ...
Plot: asthma, workplace, female psychopath, psychopath, evil woman, office, workplace romance, inhaler, obsession, slasher, vengeance, crime ...
Time: 90s
Place: new york, virginia, usa
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The Odd Couple (1968)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 105 min.
Story: Felix Ungar has just broken up with his wife. Despondent, he goes to kill himself but is saved by his friend Oscar Madison. With nowhere else to go, Felix is urged by Oscar to move in with him, at least for a while. The only problem is that Felix is ...
Style: witty, clever, humorous, not serious, semi serious ...
Audience: date night
Plot: friendship, suicide attempt, odd couple, poker game, cards, separated, disorder, couples, screwball, fish out of water, couple relations, urban ...
Time: 60s, 1960s, 20th century
Place: new york, usa, tokyo
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Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 132 min.
Story: The Charles Dickens story of Nicholas Nickleby, a young boy in search of a better life for his recently torn-apart family. A young compassionate man struggles to save his family and friends from the abusive exploitation of his coldheartedly grasping ...
Style: touching, semi serious, realistic, captivating, humorous ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: exploitation, haunted by the past, rescue, boarding school, arranged marriage, fall in love, vengeance, siblings relations, youth, love and romance, danger, family reunited ...
Time: victorian era, 19th century, 1830s, victorian england, 1850s ...
Place: london, europe, yorkshire, liverpool, england
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Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: USA, Japan
Duration: 120 min.
Story: A fictional account of the life of Japanese author Yukio Mishima told in four parts. The first three parts relate events in three of his novels: The temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoko's House, and Runaway Horses. The last part depicts the ...
Style: atmospheric, serious, surreal, contemplative, stylized ...
Plot: friendship, rebellion, emperor, radical, suicide, nationalism, state affairs, writer's life, tragic hero, political unrest, love affair, couple relations ...
Time: 20th century, 60s
Place: japan, mount fuji, tokyo, kyoto japan
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The Last Detail (1973)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Two Navy men are ordered to bring a young offender to prison but decide to show him one last good time along the way.
Style: realistic, witty, semi serious, sincere, humorous ...
Plot: military, taxi, road trip, sailor, fighting the system, adventurer, society, rebellion, partners, juvenile delinquency, youth, buddies ...
Time: 70s, 20th century
Place: virginia, new york, boston, usa, maine ...
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Killer: A Journal of Murder (1995)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 91 min.
Story: Carl Panzram is sent to Leavenworth Prison for burglary. While there, he is brutally beaten by a guard. Neophyte guard Henry Lesser feels sympathy for Panzram, befriends him, and gets him to write his life story. Lesser learns that Panzram's ...
Style: disturbing, rough, bleak, suspenseful, serious ...
Plot: serial killer, death row, murder, prison, empathy, redemption, crime, crimes, prison life, human nature, introspection, deadly ...
Time: 1920s, 20th century, 20s, 1930s
Place: minnesota, new jersey, california, israel, africa
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Kwaidan (1964)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Country: Japan
Duration: 183 min.
Story: Taking its title from an archaic Japanese word meaning "ghost story," this anthology adapts four folk tales. A penniless samurai marries for money with tragic results. A man stranded in a blizzard is saved by Yuki the Snow Maiden, but his ...
Style: anthology, atmospheric, bleak, scary, serious ...
Plot: samurai, ghost, monk, spirit, supernatural, escapades, secret identity, heroes, materialism, betrayal, husband wife relationship, painting ...
Time: 19th century, 17th century, middle ages, year 1900, 1900s ...
Place: japan, asia, kyoto japan, feudal japan, tokyo
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 150 min.
Story: Quasimodo, the hunchback bellringer of Notre Dame's cathedral meets a beautiful gypsy dancer, Esmeralda, and falls in love with her. So does Quasimodo's guardian, the archdeacon of the cathedral, and a poor street poet. But ...
Style: emotional, gloomy, psychological, serious, realistic ...
Plot: false accusation, tragic love, soldier, love affair, custody, destructive relationship, unfulfilled love, self discovery, curses spells and rituals, mental illness, obsession, fall in love ...
Time: 15th century, middle ages, 1400s
Place: paris france, france, europe
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The Official Story (1985)
Genre: Drama, History, War
Country: Argentina
Duration: 112 min.
Story: After the end of the Dirty War, a high school teacher sets out to find out who the mother of her adopted daughter is.
Style: captivating, suspenseful, sincere, disturbing, emotional ...
Plot: adoption, politics, family relations, uncover truth, society, parents and children, political unrest, haunted by the past, state affairs, missing person, secret, history teacher ...
Time: 80s, 20th century
Place: argentina, latin america, buenos aires argentina, bolivia, spain
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Heights (2005)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 98 min.
Story: 'Heights' follows five characters over 24 hours on a fall day in New York City. Isabel, a photographer, is having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage to Jonathan, a lawyer. On the same day, Isabel's mother Diana learns that ...
Style: realistic, serious, non-linear, emotional, stylized ...
Audience: girls' night, date night
Plot: infidelity, introspection, city life, lifestyle, actor's life, artists and showbiz, love and romance, gay, family relations, wedding, existentialism, life ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: new york, usa, wales, poland, israel ...
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The Girl Next Door (2007)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 91 min.
Story: In a quiet suburban town in the summer of 1958, two recently orphaned sisters are placed in the care of their mentally unstable Aunt Ruth. But Ruth's depraved sense of discipline will soon lead to unspeakable acts of abuse and torture that ...
Style: scary, rough, bleak, suspenseful, disturbing ...
Audience: teens, girls' night
Plot: sexual abuse, rape, torture, child abuse, sadist, child molestation, cruelty, nudity (full frontal - brief), torment, sister, suffering, suburbs ...
Time: 1950s, 50s, contemporary, year 1958
Place: new york, america
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Erin Brockovich (2000)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 131 min.
Story: A twice-divorced mother of three who sees an injustice, takes on the bad guy and wins -- with a little help from her push-up bra. Erin goes to work for an attorney and comes across medical records describing illnesses clustered in one nearby town. ...
Style: captivating, factual, uplifting, inspirational, touching ...
Audience: chick flick, girls' night
Plot: lawyer, against the odds, contamination, justice, relationship vs career, single mother, court, family relations, righting the wronged, ambition, society, uncover truth ...
Time: 90s, 20th century, 1990s, year 1993
Place: los angeles, usa, california, new jersey
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Death of a Salesman (1985)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 136 min.
Story: Salesman Willy Loman is in a crisis. He's about to lose his job, he can't pay his bills, and his sons Biff and Happy don't respect him and can't seem to live up to their potential. He wonders what went wrong and how he can make ...
Style: emotional, psychological, sincere, atmospheric, gloomy ...
Plot: dysfunctional family, elderly, mental illness, family relations, american dream, estrangement, parents and children, down on your luck, family in crisis, life is a bitch, family problems, siblings relations ...
Time: 20th century, 80s
Place: new england, usa
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Real Time (2008)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: Canada
Duration: 80 min.
Story: Real Time is a comedic drama about a compulsive gambler given one hour to live by the man hired to kill him.
Style: semi serious, humorous, clever, suspenseful, realistic
Plot: gambling, hitman, resentment, regret, disorder, unlikely partners, race against time, dealing with death, partners, chases and races, vengeance, introspection ...
Time: contemporary
Place: ontario canada
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