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TOP 10 movies tagged as apostle: Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018), The Apocalypse (2000), Risen (2016), St. Paul (2000), The Best Two Years (2004), The Passion of the Christ (2004), Mary Magdalene (2018), The Miracle Maker (2000), Jesus of Nazareth (1977), A.D. (1985).

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Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)
Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: Risking his life, Luke ventures to Rome to visit Paul -- the apostle who's bound in chains and held captive in Nero's darkest and bleakest prison cell. Haunted by the shadows of his past misdeeds, Paul wonders if he's been forgotten ...
Style: based on the bible, psychological, biblical, tense, captivating ...
Plot: apostle, roman empire, bible, christianity, imprisonment, friendship, trust, prayer, faith, false accusation, christian, adventure ...
Time: 1st century, 60s
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Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (2012)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 88 min.
Story: The film portrays Saint Peter reflecting on his time with Jesus and his fellow Apostles during his final imprisonment in Rome. In particular, Peter attempts to convert one of his jailers, Martinian, by relating the life, teachings, and sacrifice of ...
Style: uplifting, captivating, serious, epic, realistic
Plot: apostle, miraculous event, redemption, religions or cults, clergy, rise to the top, heroes, hopes, partners, faith, prayer, religious conversion ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: rome italy
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The Apocalypse (2000)
Genre: Drama
Country: Italy, France, Germany, UK
Duration: 96 min.
Story: It is 90 AD, and the Roman Empire is being run by the Emperor Domitian, who has declared himself to be God and ruler over heaven and earth. The Christians, who do not recognize his divinity, are a thorn in his side and he is having them cruelly ...
Style: serious, sincere, epic, futuristic, christian film
Plot: apostle, apocalypse, christianity, bible, ancient rome, heroic mission, society, religions or cults, danger, hopes, end of the world, redemption ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: rome italy
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Risen (2016)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Mystery
Country: USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: Clavius, a powerful Roman military tribune, and his aide, Lucius, are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in ...
Style: enigmatic, atmospheric, tense, thought provoking, captivating ...
Audience: kids
Plot: christianity, apostle, messiah, resurrection, investigation, religious, interrogation, betrayal, race against time, faith, desert, church ...
Time: 1st century
Place: jerusalem, latin america, egypt, spain, antarctica ...
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St. Paul (2000)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic
Duration: 170 min.
Story: Director Roger Young (JOSEPH AND JESUS) presents this dramatic television miniseries that recounts the life of Paul (Johannes Brandrup) the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Originally known as Paul of Tarsus, Paul tortured and persecuted Christians until he ...
Style: realistic, serious, based on the bible, captivating, exciting ...
Plot: roman empire, folk hero, christianity, bible, apostle, legends and myths, state affairs, heroes, bible story, ancient rome, christian, father son relationship ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: holy land, rome italy, jerusalem
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The Best Two Years (2004)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 112 min.
Story: Two pairs of Mormon missionaries from America live in a beaten-up apartment in the Dutch city of Haarlem. Their personalities are distinctly different. Elder Johnson is the District Leader and oversees their efforts. His companion, the vain Elder ...
Style: humorous, realistic, semi serious, touching
Plot: mormon, missionary, religions or cults, clergy, society, apostle, hopes, misfit, unlikely partners, partners, bible, mission ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: holland, europe, netherlands
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The Passion of the Christ (2004)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 127 min.
Story: "The Passion of the Christ" is a film about the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus. Director Mel Gibson received much criticism from critics and audiences for his explicit depiction of and focus on violence and on christs suffering, ...
Style: biblical, bleak, epic, factual, rough ...
Plot: christianity, jesus christ, betrayal, torture, religion, sacrifice, bible, jesus, religions or cults, suffering, roman empire, death ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: holy land, middle east, jerusalem
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Mary Magdalene (2018)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: UK, Australia, USA
Duration: 120 min.
Story: Set in the Holy Land in the first century C.E., a young woman leaves her small fishing village and traditional family behind to join a radical new social movement. At its head is a charismatic leader, Jesus of Nazareth, who promises that the world ...
Style: biblical, captivating, disturbing, sincere
Plot: rebellion, belief, love, faith, apostle, equality, religion, marriage proposal, female protagonist, bible, roman empire, feminism ...
Place: jerusalem
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The Miracle Maker (2000)
Genre: Animation, Biography, Drama
Country: Russia, UK
Duration: 90 min.
Story: A mother and father in search of help for their sick daughter cross paths with an extraordinary carpenter named Jesus, who has devoted his life to spreading God's word. An amazing miracle brings to light the true meaning of Christ, and the ...
Style: uplifting, captivating, touching, epic, biblical ...
Audience: pre-teens, family outing
Plot: betrayal, miraculous event, jesus christ, human spirit, leadership, reincarnation, supernatural, tragic hero, supernatural ability, ambition, society, religions or cults ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: middle east, asia, jerusalem
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Jesus of Nazareth (1977)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Country: Italy, UK
Duration: 382 min.
Story: Passion, beauty, and brilliant storytelling are all on display in this six-hour-plus epic from Italian director Franco Zeffirelli. Robert Powell is superb in the title role, and with the overwhelming success of this TV movie throughout the world, ...
Style: epic, serious, atmospheric, based on the bible, biblical ...
Plot: christianity, self sacrifice, roman empire, resurrection, jesus christ, faith, back from the dead, jesus, miraculous event, betrayal, execution, rabbi ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: holy land, middle east, jerusalem
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The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (1991)
Genre: Comedy
Country: UK, France
Duration: 89 min.
Story: A farce, Hoskins plays a photographer who specializes in religious pictures who searches for a model for Jesus. He does a favor for a friend and finds himself doing a voice track for a porno movie with Natasha Richardson. Hoskins finds his model for ...
Style: offbeat, witty, realistic, semi serious, humorous
Plot: farce, pornography, fight, apostle, love and romance, romance, love affair, cons and scams, down on your luck, delusion, prison, filmmaking ...
Time: 90s
Place: paris france, france, europe
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A.D. (1985)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: Italy, France, USA
Duration: 600 min.
Story: Set just after the death of Jesus Christ, this mini-series chronicles the life & adventures of Jesus's disciples, and events in Rome during the reigns of the Emperors Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero.
Style: epic
Plot: bible, roman empire, apostle, jesus christ, martyr, corporal punishment, gladiator, ancient rome, martyrdom, christianity, adoption, pursuit ...
Time: 1st century
Place: rome italy
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The Visual Bible - Acts (1994)
Genre: History
Country: USA
Duration: 193 min.
Story: The Visual Bible: Acts is a 1994 Christian film that depicts the events of the Acts of the Apostles from the Bible's New Testament. All of the dialogue is word-for-word scripture, taken directly from the New International Version of the Bible.
Style: based on the bible, biblical, christian film
Plot: apostle, christianity, christian, religion
Time: 1st century
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Paul: The Emissary (1997)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 51 min.
Story: Robert Marcarelli - In this impressive drama, starring Gary Cooper, we follow Saul the angry zealot to Paul the servant of Christ, who will pay any price to bring his message to the world. - Garry Cooper, Leon Lissek, Kermit Christman
Style: christian film, biblical, based on the bible
Plot: bible, jail cell, martyr, healing, judaism, religious conversion, sermon, jewish, apostle, christianity, christian, earthquake ...
Time: 1st century
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Ursula (1978)
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Country: East Germany, Switzerland
Duration: 110 min.
Story: Switzerland 1523. The mercenary Jackie Geer returns with his soldiers from Iatly to his home in the Oberland. They have fought for the Pope and now find a religious upheaval i Switzerland.
Plot: reformation, protestant, baptism, apostle, christianity, religion, bare breasts, female nudity, male nudity, nudity (full frontal - brief)
Place: germany, zurich switzerland, switzerland, gdr, german democratic republic
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St. John in Exile (1986)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 92 min.
Story: Dean Jones is Saint John in this intimate, inspiring one-man presentation of John in exile on Patmos. Full of humor, strong in spirit, and resolutely committed to Christ, John shares his account of the events that changed the course of human ...
Style: one man show
Plot: filmed play, old man, exile, live audience, apostle, evangelist, christian, christianity
Time: 1st century
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Patmos (1985)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: UK
Duration: 72 min.
Story: As an older man, the Apostle John was sentenced to forced labor on the Island of Patmos. God honored John with His visions, faithfully transcribed to become the Book of Revelation.
Style: christian film
Plot: martyr, exile, roman, revelation, slave labor, prisoner, island, christian, roman empire, religious persecution, martyrdom, apocalypse ...
Time: 1st century
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Within the Way Without (2004)
Genre: Drama
Country: UK
Duration: 148 min.
Story: At the dawn of the new millenium, a Dutch social worker, a famous Japanese poet and a Brazilian girl has made the road to Santiago and back to their countries, they recall the experience. The trip is also a journey into themselves, sharing physical ...
Plot: pilgrim, apostle, church, travel, existentialism, culture clash, tourist, trip, pilgrimage, saint, legend
Place: holland, spain, japan, brazil
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Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus (1973)
Genre: Drama, Music
Country: USA
Duration: 93 min.
Story: Johnny Cash appears in and narrates this version of the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.
Style: captivating, realistic, serious, atmospheric, biblical
Plot: country, religions or cults, righting the wronged, ambition, society, music, hopes, heroes, unfulfillment, crucifix, resurrection, virgin mary ...
Time: ancient history
Place: middle east, holy land, israel
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Color of the Cross (2006)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: A retelling of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, based on the idea that he was a black man whose death was a racially motivated hate crime.
Plot: betrayal, jewish, prophet, crucifix, revisionist history, last supper, apostle, jesus christ, faith, prayer, washing feet, rabbi ...
Time: 1st century
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Story of Judas (2015)
Genre: Drama
Country: France
Duration: 99 min.
Story: A man ascends a barren summit. It is Judas, come to collect Jesus and carry him down the mountain on his back, joking and panting as he does so. After bathing in the river and taking part in a henna ceremony, Jesus leaves for Jerusalem. Judas is ...
Style: atmospheric, serious, realistic, captivating
Plot: religions or cults, friends, dishonesty, betrayal, society, intrigue, clergy, friendship, rivalry, desert, mountain, bible ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: holy land
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Peter and Paul (1981)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 198 min.
Story: Peter and Paul assume leadership of the Church as they struggle against violent opposition to the teachings of Christ and their own personal conflicts.
Style: serious, atmospheric, realistic, epic, contemplative ...
Plot: against the odds, society, leadership, dishonesty, anti hero, clergy, ambition, anti heroes, obsessive quest, hopes, life is a bitch, heroes ...
Time: ancient history, 1st century
Place: middle east, holy land, rome italy, israel
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Luther (2003)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Country: Germany, USA
Duration: 123 min.
Story: During the early 16th Century idealistic German monk Martin Luther, disgusted by the materialism in the church, begins the dialogue that will lead to the Protestant Reformation.
Style: biblical, uplifting, intellectual, touching, sincere ...
Plot: rebellion, politics, catholicism, clergy, sin, hypocrisy, human spirit, idealism, against the odds, rebelliousness, fighting the system, social decay ...
Time: 16th century, renaissance, 1500s, 1930s
Place: rome italy, germany, europe, england, egypt
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The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 164 min.
Story: Jesus, a humble Judean carpenter beginning to see that he is the son of God, is drawn into revolutionary action against the Roman occupiers by Judas -- despite his protestations that love, not violence, is the path to salvation. The burden of being ...
Style: thought provoking, psychological, serious, atmospheric, sincere ...
Plot: temptation, christianity, betrayal, sin, redemption, jesus christ, desert, clergy, tragic hero, hopes, prophecy, miraculous event ...
Time: ancient history, 30s, 1st century, 1930s
Place: holy land, middle east, jerusalem, israel
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Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History, War
Country: UK, Italy
Duration: 121 min.
Story: This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the pope, including his friendship with St. Clare.
Style: touching, realistic, serious, emotional, uplifting ...
Plot: clergy, saint, leper, family relations, materialism, bishop, society, introspection, human nature, hopes, human spirit, folk hero ...
Time: middle ages, 13th century, quarry
Place: italy, europe, rome italy, jerusalem
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Dogma (1999)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 130 min.
Story: The latest battle in the eternal war between Good and Evil has come to New Jersey in the late, late 20th Century. Angels, demons, apostles and prophets (of a sort) walk among the cynics and innocents of America and duke it out for the fate of ...
Style: witty, humorous, exciting, satirical, clever ...
Plot: angel, satire, god, chosen one, save the world, heaven and hell, god or devil, religions or cults, religion, good versus evil, obsessive quest, redemption ...
Time: 20th century, 90s, ancient history, 1990s
Place: usa, new jersey, wisconsin, illinois
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A Dirty Shame (2004)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: Sylvia Stickles runs a convenience store with her husband and mother-in-law. One day, Sylvia is hit on the head and transforms from an uptight prude to a sex-crazed lunatic. As she goes on a rampage through town, Sylvia attracts the attention of Ray ...
Style: humorous, sexy, absurd, erotic, light ...
Audience: teens
Plot: sexual fantasy, sex addict, nymphomaniac, addiction, golden years, eccentric family, perversion, parents and children, gays and lesbians, society, lifestyle, sex ...
Time: contemporary
Place: baltimore, usa, maryland, california, tokyo
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Andrei Rublev (1966)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Country: Soviet Union
Duration: 165 min.
Story: An expansive Russian drama, this film focuses on the life of revered religious icon painter Andrei Rublev. Drifting from place to place in a tumultuous era, the peace-seeking monk eventually gains a reputation for his art. But after Rublev witnesses ...
Style: atmospheric, gloomy, epic, stylized, realistic ...
Plot: monk, christianity, artist, human spirit, social misfits, hopes, horse, prince, painting, greek, invasion, monastery ...
Time: 15th century, middle ages, 1400s
Place: russia, moscow russia
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The Apostle (1997)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 134 min.
Story: After his happy life spins out of control, a preacher from Texas changes his name, goes to Louisiana and starts preaching on the radio.
Style: talky, realistic, contemplative, serious, touching ...
Plot: coma, redemption, preacher, small town, forgiveness, minister, jealousy, country, christianity, radio, hopes, religions or cults ...
Time: 1930s, 30s, 20th century
Place: texas, louisiana, usa, california
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Mandy (2018)
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: UK, Belgium, USA
Duration: 121 min.
Story: Pacific Northwest. 1983 AD. Outsiders Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand, Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey ...
Style: bleak, suspenseful, captivating, thought provoking, demonic ...
Plot: cult leader, lumberjack, chainsaw, cabin in the woods, mysticism, revenge, biker gang, husband wife relationship, violence, religious cult, kidnapping, surrealism ...
Time: 80s, year 1983, quarry
Place: united states, california, usa
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