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The list contains the best, new and most relevant gringo movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out realistic, serious, tense, suspenseful, stylized and talky films and TV shows about / with gringo, gun, murder, drinking alcohol, gangsters, friendship, death, gang, danger and betrayal plots mostly in Drama, Crime and Thriller genres shot in USA, Mexico, Italy and other countries.
gringo movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as gringo: Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970), Trade (2007), Jungle (2017), American Sicario (2021), Cry Macho (2021), A Bullet for the General (1967), Find a Place to Die (1968), Walkout (2006), Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), Birds of Passage (2018).

List of gringo movies

Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)
Genre: Adventure, Romance, War, Western
Country: USA, Mexico
Duration: 116 min.
Story: Hogan, on his way to do some reconnaissance for a future mission to capture a French fort, encounters Sister Sara, a nun in trouble. Before he knows it, Hogan is accompanying Sister Sara in the dangerous frontier while she seeks to achieve a hidden ...
Style: light, entertaining, stylized, exciting, humorous ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: nun, gunfight, french, cowboy, cowboys and outlaws, rescue, heroes, partners, gunslinger, rivalry, rebelliousness, violence ...
Time: 19th century, 1860s
Place: mexico, latin america, france
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Trade (2007)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Germany, USA, Mexico
Duration: 120 min.
Story: A Texas cop (Kevin Kline), whose own daughter might have been forced into sexual slavery, joins forces with a Mexican youth (Cesar Ramos) to find the boy's sister, who was abducted and forced into prostitution. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian woman who ...
Style: rough, suspenseful, disturbing, tense, sexy ...
Audience: teen drama
Plot: human trafficking, kidnapping, sex slavery, sexual abuse, missing child, child molestation, sex trafficking, child rape, slavery, child molester, forced prostitution, sex slave ...
Time: 21st century
Place: new jersey, mexico city, poland, texas, el paso texas ...
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Jungle (2017)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, Thriller
Country: Australia, UK
Duration: 115 min.
Story: A mysterious guide escorts an enthusiastic adventurer and his friend into the Amazon jungle, but their journey turns into a terrifying ordeal as the darkest elements of human nature and the deadliest threats of the wild force them to fight for ...
Style: serious, atmospheric, realistic, suspenseful, tense ...
Plot: survival, jungle, amazon rainforest, suspense, alone, nature, adventurer, rescue, wilderness, hallucination, river, raft ...
Time: 20th century, year 1980, year 1981
Place: south america, bolivia, andes mountains
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American Sicario (2021)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 101 min.
Story: The story of the rise and fall of the first American-born drug lord in Mexico, this tale of power, money, greed and betrayal amongst rival members of the drug cartels finds American gangster Erik Vasquez scheming to become the top dog in the Mexican ...
Style: captivating, disturbing
Plot: cartel, criminal, criminal gang, crime boss, gang leader, gangster boss, bandit, unhappy marriage, organized crime, husband wife relationship, suspense, gang ...
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Cry Macho (2021)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Mike Milo, a one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder, takes a job from an ex-boss to bring the man's young son home from Mexico.
Style: disturbing, captivating, psychological, sincere, road movie ...
Audience: teens
Plot: cowboy, bad mother, redemption, parents and children, father and son, father son relationship, travel, family relations, competition, suspense, kidnapping, husband wife relationship ...
Time: 70s, year 1978
Place: mexico, mexico city
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A Bullet for the General (1967)
Genre: Action, Western
Country: Italy
Duration: 118 min.
Story: El Chuncho's bandits rob arms from a train, intending to sell the weapons to Elias' revolutionaries. They are helped by one of the passengers, Bill Tate, and allow him to join them, unware he is an assassin working for the Mexican ...
Style: epic, serious, realistic, exciting, stylized ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: mexican revolution, civil war, cult, reform, man on a mission, exploitation, spy, cowboy, protest, revolution, graphic violence, heroes ...
Time: 1910s, 20th century
Place: mexico, latin america, usa, sonora
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Find a Place to Die (1968)
Genre: Western
Country: Italy
Duration: 89 min.
Story: An outcast Confederate soldier protects a woman from bandits trying to steal her gold mine.
Style: realistic, serious, exciting, rough
Audience: boys' night
Plot: cowboy, mine, gang, old west, tough heroes, righting the wronged, soldier, vengeance, rivalry, rescue, heroes, escapades ...
Time: 19th century
Place: latin america, california, mexico
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Walkout (2006)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 110 min.
Story: Walkout is the true story of a young Mexican American high school teacher, Sal Castro. He mentors a group of students in East Los Angeles, when the students decide to stage a peaceful walkout to protest the injustices of the public school system. ...
Style: serious, realistic, captivating, sincere, political ...
Plot: politics, discrimination, rebellion, society, lifestyle, teachers and students, righting the wronged, fighting the system, rebelliousness, dedicated educator, injustice, high school ...
Time: 60s, year 1968, year 1969
Place: los angeles, california, usa, malibu california
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Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 137 min.
Story: The Bride unwaveringly continues on her roaring rampage of revenge against the band of assassins who had tried to kill her and her unborn child. She visits each of her former associates one-by-one, checking off the victims on her Death List Five ...
Style: brutal, non-linear, atmospheric, bloody, stylized ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: revenge, strong female lead, vengeance, sword fight, dark humor, martial arts, tough girl, vigilante, female assassin, fight, one woman army, mentor ...
Time: 2000s, 21st century
Place: austin texas, japan, tokyo, el paso texas, mexico
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Birds of Passage (2018)
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, France
Duration: 125 min.
Story: During the marijuana bonanza, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia, Rapayet and his indigenous Wayuu family get involved in a booming business of selling marijuana to American youth in the 1970s. When greed, passion ...
Style: political, psychological, thought provoking, factual, captivating ...
Plot: revenge, marijuana, death, murder, corruption, wealth, marriage, humiliation, baby, money, drug trade, rivalry ...
Time: 60s, 70s, 80s, year 1979, year 1968 ...
Place: south america, colombia
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Night of the Serpent (1969)
Genre: Western
Country: Italy
Duration: 108 min.
Story: Hernandez, the sheriff of a small Mexican village, joins a group of townsmen with the intention of killing young orphan Manuel and robbing him of his inheritance. Killer Luke, now an alcoholic for having murdered his own son by mistake, who is ...
Plot: mexican bandit, priest, hanging, corpse, gunfight, boy, prostitute, flashback, mexican, horse riding, police, drunkenness ...
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A Star and Two Coffees (2006)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Argentina
Duration: 85 min.
Story: In a small town in Argentina, where he arrives Carlos (Gaston Pauls), a young architect, to design a complex of cottages. The architect, partner in crisis, strikes up a casual relationship with Estela (Marina Vilte), a 13-year instead, without ...
Plot: stargazing, lovesick, infatuation, coffee, husband wife estrangement, unspoken love, gringo, star, star gazing
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The Way (2010)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: A young Latino boy grows up in a poor barrios of Los Angeles. "Ramon Sanchez" lives with his single mother, a sister, a grandfather and his mother's abusive and violent boyfriend. When Ramon sees that his mother can't pay the ...
Plot: ex convict, marathon, parole, past, social worker, doom, drug dealing, job, time, earth, gang, jail ...
Time: future
Place: california
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Train for Durango (1968)
Genre: Western, Comedy
Country: Italy, Spain
Duration: 92 min.
Story: 2 buddy adventurers witness a train-robbery and are then hunting the robbed gold and they also robbed Helen.
Style: surprise ending
Plot: mexican revolution, gold, train robbery, false identity, love, soldier, horse riding, safe, buddy, bandit, car, frenchwoman ...
Time: year 1900
Place: mexico
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La Cucaracha (1998)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: A desperate writer fights for survival when the Mexican mob involves him in murder.
Style: neo noir, serious, realistic, tense, suspenseful
Plot: gangsters, vengeance, desert, hospital, hitman, writer's life, redemption, betrayal, rivalry, haunted by the past, dark humor, drifter ...
Time: 90s
Place: new jersey, mexico, usa, latin america
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Blackthorn (2011)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Western
Country: Spain, France, Bolivia, UK
Duration: 102 min.
Story: In Bolivia, Butch Cassidy (now calling himself James Blackthorne) pines for one last sight of home, an adventure that aligns him with a young robber and makes the duo a target for gangs and lawmen alike.
Style: exciting, realistic, captivating, serious, suspenseful ...
Plot: friendship, native, on the run, manhunt, one last chance, heist, partners, criminal heroes, gunfight, friendship between men, civil war, nature ...
Time: 20th century, 1920s
Place: bolivia, latin america, south america
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Pixote (1980)
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: Brazil
Duration: 128 min.
Story: Pixote, a 10-year-old runaway boy, is arrested on the streets of Sao Paulo during a police round-up homeless people. Pixote endures torture, degradation and corruption at a local youth detention center where two of the runaways are murdered by ...
Style: disturbing, depressing, rough, bleak, realistic ...
Audience: kids
Plot: prostitution, sex with a minor, street kid, boy, coming of age, children, child rape, jail, loneliness, tragedy, friendship, crime gone awry ...
Time: 20th century, 80s
Place: brazil, rio de janeiro, africa, sao paulo brazil, latin america
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The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: Netherlands, France, Spain, Australia
Duration: 115 min.
Story: A man is forced to confront a dangerous female jaguar and his own past through the sacrificial killing of the beast he has grown to love.
Style: serious, captivating, touching, exciting
Plot: jungle, courage, recluse, survival, hunter, wilderness, killing an animal, amazon tribe, tribe, cowardice, mistress, canoe ...
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Four Days in September (1997)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Thriller
Country: Brazil, USA
Duration: 110 min.
Story: Fernando, a journalist, and his friend C├ęsar join terrorist group MR8 in order to fight Brazilian dictatorial regime during the late sixties. Cesare, however, is wounded and captured during a bank hold up. Fernando then decides to kidnap the ...
Style: realistic, political, talky, suspenseful, sexy ...
Plot: terrorist, politics, kidnapping, freedom, revolution, brutality, betrayal, male nudity, idealism, life philosophy, runaway, suspense ...
Time: 70s, 60s, 20th century, year 1967, year 1968 ...
Place: brazil, rio de janeiro, california, berlin germany, lisbon portugal ...
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Men with Guns (1997)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: USA, Mexico
Duration: 127 min.
Story: Dr. Fuentes is a medical professor approaching his retirement and journeys to find old students, with sometimes disturbing results.
Style: serious, realistic, tense, thought provoking, clever ...
Plot: sex crime, soldier, politics, hopes, jungle, jaguar, rain forest, partisan, native, tourist, power relations, golden years ...
Time: 90s
Place: central america
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Bad Night (1986)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 78 min.
Story: Mala Noche is the film debut from director Gus van Sant. The film portrays the unanswered love of an American man toward a young Mexican man.
Style: sexual, indie film, sexy, realistic, serious ...
Audience: chick flick
Plot: gay, lgbt, gay interest, lgbtq, gay sex, gays and lesbians, opposites attract, sexual relations, hustler, gangsters, ghetto, alienation ...
Time: 80s
Place: portland oregon, oregon
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The Line (2009)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Mexico, USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: The story centers around veteran assassin Mark Shields as he tracks down, Pelon, the elusive head of the Salazar Crime Cartel. Through twists of fate, Shields ends up with a local woman, Olivia who is also fighting her own demons for the sake of her ...
Style: serious, suspenseful, realistic, exciting, rough ...
Plot: gangsters, drug dealing, track down, drug abuse, hitman, criminal heroes, mentally unstable, law enforcement, master criminal, killer, spy, gay ...
Time: 21st century
Place: mexico, tijuana mexico, latin america
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The Harvest (1993)
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Country: USA, Mexico
Duration: 97 min.
Story: A screenwriter is sent to Mexico to develop a story that can be used to wrap up a movie presently in production. Given a very short time allotment, the writer immerses himself in the seamier side of a Mexican beach resort, but soon finds himself ...
Style: neo noir, realistic, serious, tense, mind bending ...
Plot: beach, murder, screenwriter, vengeance, writer's life, serial killer, black market, suspense, twists and turns, spider, urban legend, rivalry ...
Time: 90s
Place: mexico, latin america
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Carla's Song (1996)
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Country: UK, Spain, Germany
Duration: 127 min.
Story: A Glasgow man (Robert Carlyle) visits war-torn Nicaragua with a refugee (Oyanka Cabezas) tormented by her memories.
Style: thought provoking, tense, realistic, serious, rough ...
Plot: politics, bus driver, bus, revolution, refugee, bus trip, civil war, passenger, political unrest, social differences, love affair, opposites attract ...
Time: 80s, 90s
Place: glasgow scotland, scotland, europe, nicaragua
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Born in East L.A. (1987)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA, Mexico
Duration: 85 min.
Story: Rudy, an American of Hispanic descent, whose south-of-the-border looks show him no mercy during an immigration raid in a migrant worker factory. As his luck goes, he is caught with neither money nor his ID and is deported to Mexico - without ...
Style: humorous, feel good, parody, funny, entertaining ...
Plot: culture clash, immigrants, deportation, mistaken identity, adaptation, farce, twists and turns, fish out of water, disorder, false accusation, comedy of errors, interracial relations ...
Time: 80s
Place: mexico, los angeles, latin america, california, tijuana mexico
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Babel (2006)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA, Mexico, France
Duration: 143 min.
Story: Tragedy strikes a married couple on vacation in the Moroccan desert, touching off an interlocking story involving four different families.
Style: emotional, thought provoking, atmospheric, bleak, sincere ...
Audience: adult
Plot: multiple storylines, desert, mexican border, deaf girl, redemption, society, parenthood, guilt, depression, tragic event, suicide, death ...
Time: 21st century
Place: japan, morocco, africa, tokyo, mexico ...
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Assassination Tango (2002)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA, Argentina
Duration: 114 min.
Story: John J. is a seasoned hit man sent on a job to Argentina. When the General he's sent to kill delays his return to the country, John passes the time with Manuela, a beautiful dancer who becomes his teacher and guide into Argentina's sensual ...
Style: intense, tense, serious, suspenseful, stylized ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: hitman, assassination, tango, dancing, love and romance, conspiracy, couples, intrigue, rivalry, dishonesty, couple relations, politics ...
Time: 21st century
Place: argentina, buenos aires argentina, new york, usa, latin america ...
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Three Amigos (1986)
Genre: Comedy, Western
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing.
Style: parody, funny, humorous, feel good, light ...
Audience: family outing, kids, teens
Plot: farce, actor, justice, stupidity, gang, rescue, satire, fish out of water, friendship, disorder, dishonesty, buddies ...
Time: 1910s, 80s, 20th century, year 1916
Place: mexico, latin america
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Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus (2013)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Chile
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Jamie is a boorish, insensitive American twentysomething traveling in Chile, who somehow manages to create chaos at every turn. He and his friends are planning on taking a road trip north to experience a legendary shamanistic hallucinogen called the ...
Style: psychedelic, atmospheric, road movie, disturbing, psychological ...
Plot: self discovery, on the road, drugs, friendship, character study, suspense, multiple storylines, life philosophy, police investigation, brutality, unlikely friendships, disorder ...
Time: year 2012, 21st century
Place: chile, latin america, pacific ocean
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Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Western
Country: USA, Mexico
Duration: 122 min.
Story: An aging Pat Garrett is hired as a lawman on behalf of a group of wealthy New Mexico cattle barons--his sole purpose being to bring down his old friend Billy the Kid.
Style: bleak, realistic, reflective, enigmatic, cynical ...
Audience: boys' night, kids
Plot: gunfight, manhunt, great dialogue, destiny, female nudity, violence, death, brutality, murder, bounty hunter, unlikely friendships, runaway ...
Time: 70s, 19th century, 1880s
Place: california, usa, new mexico, mexico
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