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crusader movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as crusader: Ironclad (2011), Kingdom of Heaven (2005), Knightfall (2017), Arn: The Knight Templar (2007), Outcast (2014), The Tragedy of Man (2011), The Order (2001), Varvara 3D (2012), Crusade in Jeans (2006), Marco Polo (2014).

List of crusader movies

Ironclad (2011)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Romance, War
Country: UK, Switzerland, USA, Germany
Duration: 121 min.
Story: In the year 1215, the rebel barons of England have forced their despised King John to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, a seminal document that upheld the rights of free men. Yet within months of pledging himself to the great charter, the King ...
Style: realistic, captivating, exciting, serious, stylized ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: knight, adventure, crusader, warrior, battles, siege, castle, evil king, king, rebellion, danger, rebel ...
Time: middle ages, 13th century
Place: england, europe
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Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War
Country: UK, Germany, Spain, Morocco, USA, Italy, France
Duration: 144 min.
Story: After his wife dies, a blacksmith named Balian is thrust into royalty, political intrigue and bloody holy wars during the Crusades.
Style: epic, serious, exciting, rough, realistic ...
Audience: boys' night, date night
Plot: knight, battles, warrior, siege, war, christianity, king, crusade, adventure, crusader, military, sword fight ...
Time: 12th century, middle ages
Place: jerusalem, holy land, middle east, england, israel ...
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Knightfall (2017)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
TV show
Story: Go deep into the clandestine world of the legendary brotherhood of warrior monks known as The Knights Templar.
Style: christian film, captivating, stylized, exciting, atmospheric ...
Plot: crusader, crusade, chivalry, medieval, relic, religious faith, falling, human spirit, battle, battles, tradition, selflessness ...
Time: 14th century, 13th century, middle ages
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Arn: The Knight Templar (2007)
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, War
Country: Sweden, UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Morocco
Duration: 139 min.
Story: Arn, the son of a high-ranking Swedish nobleman is educated in a monastery and sent to the Holy Land as a knight templar to do penance for a forbidden love.
Style: stylized, exciting, captivating, epic, scenic ...
Audience: teens
Plot: adventure, monastery, knight, heroes, danger, war, forbidden love, crusader, battles, nun, adaptation, cavalry ...
Time: middle ages, 12th century
Place: europe, sweden, holy land, middle east, eastern europe ...
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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Country: USA
Duration: 114 min.
Story: The town sheriff and a madame team up to stop a television evangelist from shutting down the local whorehouse, the famed "Chicken Ranch."
Style: humorous, sexy, satirical, entertaining, light ...
Audience: girls' night, teens
Plot: brothel, prostitute, governor, workplace, society, romance, prostitution, country, love affair, americana, fighting the system, odd couple ...
Time: 80s, 20th century
Place: texas, usa
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Outcast (2014)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Country: Canada, China, USA, France
Duration: 99 min.
Story: A mysterious warrior teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel Uncle, who seeks their deaths.
Style: exciting, suspense, captivating, tense, serious ...
Audience: teens, boys' night
Plot: knight, master warrior, warrior, battles, adventure, uninhibited rivalry, betrayal, rivalry, danger, state affairs, escapades, one man army ...
Time: middle ages, 12th century
Place: asia, china
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The Tragedy of Man (2011)
Genre: Animation, Drama, History, Sci-Fi
Country: Hungary
Duration: 160 min.
Story: Jankovic’s adaptation of the eponymous play, is divided into multiple parts and depicts the creation and fall of Man throughout history.
Style: futuristic, epic, experimental
Plot: adam and eve, society, christianity, existentialism, spacecraft, devil, philosophy, scientist, religion, ancient rome, utopia, french revolution ...
Place: ancient greece
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The Order (2001)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Country: Aruba, USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: When Rudy, an artifacts smuggler, goes to Jerusalem to rescue his kidnapped archeologist father, he faces deportation by a scheming police chief. Now, to find his dad and recover a sacred scroll, he'll have to outwit officials and a ruthless ...
Style: suspenseful, rough, serious, feel good
Audience: teens, boys' night
Plot: treasure hunt, artifact, kidnapping, martial arts, terrorism, adventurer, missing person, parents and children, religions or cults, obsessive quest, father son relationship, hostage ...
Time: contemporary, middle ages, 2000s, 11th century
Place: middle east, israel, ukraine, jerusalem, tel aviv israel
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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Genre: Action, Adventure
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 127 min.
Story: When Dr. Henry Jones Sr. suddenly goes missing while pursuing the Holy Grail, eminent archaeologist Indiana must team up with Marcus Brody, Sallah and Elsa Schneider to follow in his father's footsteps and stop the Nazis from recovering the ...
Style: exciting, entertaining, captivating, tense, humorous ...
Audience: family outing, boys' night, teens, kids
Plot: archaeologist, treasure hunt, adventurer, holy grail, archaeology, artifact, map, escape, courage, father son relationship, ancient, underwater ...
Time: 1930s, 20th century, 1910s, 30s, year 1912 ...
Place: germany, venice, israel, jordan, alps ...
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Varvara 3D (2012)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, History
Country: Russia
Duration: 120 min.
Story: Russia, XII century. Crusaders destroy a village and kill Varvara's sister and mother. Her father returns home and trains Varvara to revenge and defend their land.
Plot: crusader, female warrior, knight, warrior, medieval
Time: middle ages
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Crusade in Jeans (2006)
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, War
Country: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany
Duration: 125 min.
Story: Dolf a 15 year old boy is sent back in time by a timemachine. Accidentally he is sent back to the Middle Ages. He is rescued by children who are part of a childrens' crusade, on their way to rescue Jeruzalem. During the trip Dolf finds out the ...
Style: exciting, epic, suspenseful, stylized, serious
Audience: family outing
Plot: time travel, adventure, heroic mission, young heroes, heroes, escapades, rivalry, youth, danger, race against time, rescue, imaginary ...
Time: middle ages, 13th century, 21st century, 2000s
Place: holy land, middle east, jerusalem
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Marco Polo (2014)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
TV show
Story: An epic adventure that follows the early years of the famous explorer as he travels the exotic Silk Road to the great Kublai Khan’s court. But Marco soon finds that navigating the Khan’s world of greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry will ...
Style: captivating, exciting, epic, atmospheric, serious ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: culture clash, intrigue, forbidden love, adventure hero, rivalry, danger, escapades, strong violent content, adventure, martial arts, royal family, battles ...
Time: middle ages, 13th century
Place: asia, mongolia, china, beijing china, venice
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KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!! (2016)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Duration: 24 min.
TV show
Story: After a traffic accident, Kazuma Sato’s disappointingly brief life was supposed to be over, but he wakes up to see a beautiful girl before him. She claims to be a goddess, Aqua, and asks if he would like to go to another world and bring only ...
Style: entertaining, humorous, light, absurd, ecchi
Plot: goddess, parallel world, adventure, deity, harem, magic, parody, heroes, alternate reality, alternate world, battles, battle ...
Place: japan
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Hellbound (1994)
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Two Chicago police officers are sent to investigate the brutal murder of a rabbi. As the investigation begins, Shatter and Jackson are summoned to Israel for questioning. Upon arrival they realize that they are, in fact, pursuing a supernatural ...
Style: rough, serious, suspenseful, tense, suspense ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: murder, investigation, police detective, good versus evil, danger, rabbi, fighting crime, police investigation, deadly, buddies, supernatural ability, partners against crime ...
Time: 90s, 1990s, middle ages, 1950s, year 1951 ...
Place: israel, chicago illinois, usa, jerusalem
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The High Crusade (1994)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Country: Germany
Duration: 100 min.
Story: Medieval crusaders from the 13th century are captured by aliens. However, this can not stop them to conquer the Holy Land.
Style: semi serious, offbeat, humorous, psychotronic
Plot: evil alien, spacecraft, space travel, alien, space and aliens, knight, escapades, good versus evil, imaginary, danger, space wars, time travel ...
Time: middle ages, 14th century
Place: holy land, jerusalem
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A Thousand Skies (1985)
Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, Romance
Country: Australia
Duration: 100 min.
TV show
Story: Charles Kingsford Smith, an adventurer, a crusader, a fighter, a lover. Against impossible odds, he went out to explore the sky, and soared higher than most.
Plot: wrestler, flying, exploration, television, airplane, explorer, aviation, aviator, sky, tv, crusader
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Hot Nights of the Decameron (1972)
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Duration: 90 min.
Story: Italian nunsploitation movie from 1972
Style: sex comedy, decamerotic
Plot: middle aged, nun, female nudity, sex, chastity belt, crusader, monk, castration
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Little Crusader (2017)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy
Duration: 87 min.
Story: Knight Borek is searching for his missing son. Enthralled by the stories of children's crusades, little Jan has run away from home. Borek's crusade is a journey into his own subconscious, where he is forced to confront his greatest fear.
Style: road movie
Plot: quest, horse, father son relationship, missing son, missing child, horse riding, knight, crusader
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The Crown of Fire (1990)
Genre: Adventure, History, War
Country: Romania
Duration: 94 min.
Story: In medieval Wallachia a young prince battles his twin brother for their father's throne and for their ancestors' crown of fire.
Plot: advisor, twin, crown, armor, murder, throne, death, horse, queen, beach, king, joust ...
Place: romania
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Lionheart (1987)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: Hungary, USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A young knight sets out to join King Richards crusaders. Along the way, he encounters The Black Prince who captures children and sells them as slaves to the Muslims. It is Robert Narra's sworn duty to protect the children and lead them to ...
Style: captivating, serious, exciting, disturbing
Audience: family outing, boys' night
Plot: violence, sword fight, adventure, daring rescue, folk hero, rescue, heroic mission, state affairs, partners, obsessive quest, battles, medieval ...
Time: middle ages, 12th century
Place: france, paris france, europe, holy land
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Three Suns (2004)
Genre: Drama
Country: Sweden
Duration: 102 min.
Story: The plague hits medieval Sweden.
Style: realistic, serious, exciting, captivating
Plot: plague, escapades, obsessive quest, danger, on the road, medieval, strong female presence, adventure, woman in danger, church, opium, crusader ...
Time: middle ages, 14th century
Place: sweden, europe
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The Black Adder (1982)
Genre: Comedy
Country: UK, Australia
Duration: 195 min.
TV show
Story: Blackadder is the name that encompassed four series of a BBC 1 period British sitcom, along with several one-off instalments. All television episodes starred Rowan Atkinson as anti-hero Edmund Blackadder and Tony Robinson as Blackadder's ...
Style: not serious, witty, humorous, sitcom, dark humor ...
Plot: satire, king, queen, prince, witch, state affairs, parents and children, heir heiress, inheritance, politics, royal family, british history ...
Time: middle ages, 15th century, 1400s
Place: england, europe, scotland, britain
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Ivanhoe (1997)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 270 min.
TV show
Story: This grand six-part adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's rousing adventure of the Middle Ages tells the epic tale of the idealistic young knight Ivanhoe (Steven Waddington) and his battle against the evil Templar Bois-Guilbert (Ciarán Hinds. ...
Style: stylized, epic, realistic, serious, captivating ...
Audience: boys' night, family outing
Plot: knight, legends and myths, throne, royal family, heroic mission, corrupted ruler, dishonesty, folk hero, state affairs, daring rescue, save the day, vigilantism ...
Time: 12th century, middle ages
Place: england, europe
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Ivanhoe (1982)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 142 min.
Story: This is a remake of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe, a worthy and noble knight, the champion of justice returns to England after the holy wars. He find England under the reign of Prince John and his henchmen and finds himself being involved in ...
Style: tense, exciting, suspenseful, stylized, atmospheric ...
Audience: family outing
Plot: knight, heroes, rescue, good versus evil, heroic mission, adventure, escapades, danger, rivalry, romance, jousting, corrupted ruler ...
Time: middle ages, 12th century
Place: england, europe
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I Witness (2003)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA, Germany
Duration: 95 min.
Story: After 27 bodies are discovered in a collapsed tunnel in Tijuana, a man tries to unravel the mystery before becoming the next victim.
Style: suspenseful, rough, realistic, serious, bleak
Audience: boys' night
Plot: kidnapping, missing person, police corruption, murder, deadly, crimes, partners against crime, confined, investigation, uncover truth, life is a bitch, danger ...
Time: contemporary
Place: mexico, latin america, tijuana mexico, somalia
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Crusaders (2001)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: Italy, Germany
Duration: 194 min.
Story: Towards the end of the eleventh century, Pope Urban II announces a crusade against the Saracens, who have occupied the holy city of Jerusalem. Three young friends Richard, Peter and Andrew set off to join the crusading army.
Style: realistic, serious, captivating, epic
Plot: crusade, pope, adventure, friendship, battles, war, heroic mission, leadership, military, rivalry, state affairs, politics ...
Time: middle ages, 11th century
Place: israel, europe, holy land
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Being Human (1994)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: UK, Japan
Duration: 122 min.
Story: One man must learn the meaning of courage across four lifetimes centuries apart.
Style: sentimental, serious, non-linear, intense, emotional ...
Plot: social differences, society, reincarnation, innocence lost, chase, roman empire, struggle, success, medieval, life philosophy, life & death, multiple storylines ...
Time: 17th century, middle ages, prehistory, renaissance, 1600s ...
Place: italy, europe, rome italy, new york, africa
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Season of the Witch (2011)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: A 14th century Crusader returns with his comrade to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. The Church commands the two knights to transport a witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence.
Style: gothic, stylized, suspense, dark, exciting ...
Audience: teens
Plot: knight, dark fantasy, gothic horror, legends and myths, supernatural, witch, good versus evil, monk, witchcraft, inquisition, curse, curses spells and rituals ...
Time: middle ages, 14th century
Place: europe
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The Mummy (2017)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
Country: USA, China, Japan
Duration: 111 min.
Story: Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human ...
Style: psychotronic, scary, suspense, exciting, intense ...
Audience: teens
Plot: mummy, pharaoh, tomb, supernatural, immortal, archaeology, ancient egypt, monster, archeological dig, egyptian mythology, treasure hunt, one man army ...
Time: 2010s, 1930s
Place: egypt, middle east, big ben london, london, iraq
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