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jealous girlfriend
jealous girlfriend movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as jealous girlfriend: Happiest Season (2020), Under the Riccione Sun (2020), Love at Second Sight (2019), Wounds (2019), In Family I Trust (2019), Empowered (2018), Hotel Fear (1978), Pretty Persuasion (2005), Marry Me, Dude (2017), Love (2015).

List of jealous girlfriend movies

Happiest Season (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 102 min.
Story: A young woman's plans to propose to her girlfriend while at her family's annual holiday party are upended when she discovers her partner hasn't yet come out to her conservative parents.
Style: light, feel good, humorous, romantic
Plot: lesbian couple, lesbian relationship, lgbt, coming out, holiday, christmas, sister sister relationship, family holiday, christmas party, sister sister conflict, party, jealous girlfriend ...
Place: pittsburgh
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Under the Riccione Sun (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Italy
Duration: 101 min.
Story: While vacationing on the crowded beaches of Riccione, a group of teenagers becomes fast friends as they grapple with relationship issues and romance.
Style: humorous, light, feel good, entertaining, buddy comedy
Audience: teen comedy
Plot: blind character, lifeguard, virgin, blindness, summer vacation, best friend, mentor, teenager, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, summer, tourist, aspiring singer ...
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Love at Second Sight (2019)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Country: France, Belgium, South Korea
Duration: 117 min.
Story: Overnight, Raphael finds himself immersed in a world where he has never met Olivia, the woman of his life. How is he going to reconquer his wife, who has become a complete stranger?
Style: psychological, touching, surprise ending, humorous
Plot: publisher, husband wife relationship, love, alternate reality, alternate world, novelist, pretending to be gay, teacher, kiss, skateboarding, piano teacher, reading a book ...
Time: year 2009, 2000s
Place: paris france
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Wounds (2019)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Disturbing and mysterious things begin to happen to a bartender in New Orleans after he picks up a phone left behind at his bar.
Style: suspense, surreal, exciting, captivating, bleak ...
Plot: mind game, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, lovecraftian, cult, love interest, supernatural horror, bar, ruse, tunnel, hallucination, bartender, cockroach ...
Place: new orleans
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In Family I Trust (2019)
Genre: Comedy
Country: Spain
Duration: 97 min.
Story: Bea is a successful architect who lives in Barcelona (Catalonia, northeast to Spain) with her boyfriend and boss, Víctor, a CEO of an important company. During a night celebration of an important contract signed to make a skyscraper designed by ...
Style: sincere, light, humorous, captivating, neurotic
Plot: secret, father daughter relationship, little girl, posing for a photograph, baby, marriage proposal, painting, mother daughter relationship, husband wife relationship, portrait painting, rivalry, girl ...
Time: contemporary
Place: barcelona, barcelona spain
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Empowered (2018)
Genre: Comedy
Country: Spain
Duration: 87 min.
Story: Paz seems to have the perfect life. She has a job, a partnerand friends but something ́s missing. In reality, there arethings she is unhappy about. She feels anxious andburdened but can ́t bring herself to express these feelings.Until one day she ...
Style: talky, humorous, captivating, feel good, funny ...
Plot: employer employee relationship, midlife crisis, female protagonist, workplace intrigue, gossip and rumors, coworker, office romance, office, employee employee relationship, advertising agency, love story, interlinked stories ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: spain
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Don't Blame Karma on What Happens to You for Being an Asshole (2016)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Spain
Duration: 98 min.
Story: The lives of a Madrid-based feather-fashion designer and her whole family's completely tumbles after the appearance of a musician long-lost high school crush who is involved with her model sister.
Style: romantic, humorous, captivating, semi serious, sex comedy
Plot: love triangle, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, friend, extramarital affair, fashion designer, model, adultery, musician, reunion, sexual humor, on off relationship, sister sister relationship ...
Place: china, london, madrid
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Hotel Fear (1978)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Country: Italy, Spain
Duration: 92 min.
Story: A young girl and her mother run a hotel during the war. When the mother dies, the girl finds herself at the mercy of her sex-crazed guests. Soon enough, a cloaked figure starts killing off everyone that tries to harm her.
Style: gothic
Plot: switchblade, hotel, whodunit, con men, excavation, dance scene, teenage murderer, delusional disorder, rape and revenge, delusional woman, egocentric man, peeping tom ...
Time: 1940s, year 1945
Place: italy
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Pretty Persuasion (2005)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 110 min.
Story: A 15-year-old girl incites chaos among her friends and a media frenzy when she accuses her drama teacher of sexual harassment.
Style: dark humor, realistic, biting, cynical, stylized ...
Audience: teens, girls' night
Plot: false accusation, manipulation, high school, adolescence, sexual harassment, teachers and students, lifestyle, dishonesty, rejection, high school life, teenager, strong sexual content ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: los angeles, usa, beverly hills
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Marry Me, Dude (2017)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 92 min.
Story: Yassine asks his best friend Fred to marry him in order to avoid deportation...
Style: humorous, funny, feel good, cynical, homoerotic
Audience: teen comedy, date night, boys' night
Plot: friendship between men, friendship, pretending to be gay, gay, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, gay stereotype, employer employee relationship, investigation, ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship, illegal immigrant, buried truth, gay couple ...
Time: contemporary
Place: france, paris france
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Love (2015)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: France, Belgium
Duration: 135 min.
Story: Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra. Unaware of the seismic effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.
Style: sexy, erotic, sexual, stylized, romantic ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: sexuality, explicit sex, sex, swinger couple, erotica, threesome, sex scene, female full frontal nudity, erection, breasts, love triangle, ejaculation ...
Time: 2010s
Place: paris france, france, europe, tokyo, russia
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The Gay Deceivers (1969)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 97 min.
Story: Danny and Elliot avoid military service by pretending to be gay, but they have to act the part when the recruiting officer doesn't buy it.
Style: cult film, lgbt cinema, gay cinema, homoerotic
Plot: homoeroticism, clothed male naked male, friendship, wrapped in a towel, male male hug, boat, punched in the face, nipples visible through clothing, hoax, sexual identity, homophobe, psychological manipulation ...
Time: 1960s, 60s
Place: los angeles, miami, san francisco
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Life After Beth (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: Zach is devastated by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Beth. When she mysteriously returns, he gets a second chance at love. Soon his whole world turns upside down...
Style: semi serious, dark humor, humorous, not serious, atmospheric ...
Audience: teens
Plot: zombie, supernatural romance, danger, life turned upside down, disorder, youth, deadly, couple relations, drugs/alcohol, supernatural, young lovers, hopes ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: usa, california, new jersey
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Gypsy (2017)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 51 min.
TV show
Story: The journey of Jean Holloway – a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients' lives.
Style: sexy, psychological, captivating, suspense, psychological thriller ...
Audience: date night
Plot: lesbian, lesbian romance, bisexual, lesbian love, psychology, bisexual woman, lgbt, double life, lesbianism, lesbian lover, obsession, psychiatrist ...
Place: manhattan new york city, greenwich village manhattan new york city, grand central station manhattan new york city, connecticut, new york
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Zombeavers (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 77 min.
Story: College friends find their weekend of sex and debauchery ruined when deadly zombie beavers swarm their riverside cabin.
Style: absurd, humorous, not serious, bloody, scary ...
Audience: teens
Plot: zombie, mutant, beaver, gory, deadly creature, danger, river, lake or river, blood, death, monster, parody ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, 80s
Place: usa
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The Hidden Face (2011)
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Colombia, Spain
Duration: 97 min.
Story: A Spanish orchestra conductor deals with the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend.
Style: suspenseful, psychological, suspense, twist ending, enigmatic ...
Plot: missing person, disappearance, missing woman, infidelity, couples, jealousy, social isolation, bunker, captive, secret room, locked in a room, strong sexual content ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: colombia, spain, south america
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Summer Lovers (1982)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Michael Pappas and his girlfriend, Cathy, are enjoying the white sand beaches of a Greek island as well as the freewheeling nature of the locals. When Michael meets Lina, who is in Greece from Paris doing archaeological work, he is enamored with the ...
Style: sexual, sexy, erotic, semi serious, realistic ...
Audience: date night, teens
Plot: love triangle, nudity (full frontal - brief), island, infidelity, vacation, greek island, romance, fall in love, sexual relations, couple relations, love affair, dishonesty ...
Time: 80s
Place: greece, europe
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Blade: The Series (2006)
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
TV show
Story: The brutal hunt for the pure bloods continues as the ultimate vampire hunter, Blade, battles to defeat the House of Chthon, an ancient evil sect of vampires that is growing stronger everyday. Led by the vampire overlord Marcus, their objective is to ...
Style: serious, suspenseful, stylized, exciting, scary ...
Audience: teens
Plot: tough guy, vampire hunter, vampire, superhero, supernatural, immortality, heroes, good versus evil, supernatural ability, chase, vengeance, uninhibited rivalry ...
Time: 70s, 2000s
Place: detroit
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Angel Eyes (1993)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 84 min.
Story: Angel is a disturbed teen who becomes obsessed with her nice stepfather Steven. After her mother dies under unusual circumstances, Angel is sent to an institution. Years later, she is let out and tracks down her dear step-dad who now lives with his ...
Plot: female psychopath, handcuffs, drug dealer, erotica, erotic thriller, male nudity, female masturbation, murder, voyeurism, female nudity, flashback, jealous girlfriend ...
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7 seX 7 (2011)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Croatia
Duration: 87 min.
Story: Seven erotic stories: a guy wants to fix the antenna on the roof of the building in order to watch "Emmanuelle" on TV, but his girlfriend wants to do it there...A photographer is so charmed by his model that he sleeps with her...A gay ...
Style: anthology, sex comedy
Plot: lesbian relationship, lesbian, infidelity, sex scene, misunderstanding, photographer, sex, bondage, gigolo, lesbian kiss, lesbian couple, dialogue driven ...
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Vampires in Havana (1985)
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Horror, Romance
Country: Cuba, Spain, West Germany
Duration: 69 min.
Story: Scientists Werner Amadeus, son of Count Dracula, develops an anti-sun formula for vampires. He moves to Cuba with his nephew Joseph Emanuel. Joseph grows up drinking the formula and forgets his origin, becoming Pepe, a trumpet player mixed up with ...
Style: stylized, humorous, semi serious, avant garde, cult film ...
Plot: vampire, battles, intrigue, gangsters, heroes, danger, streetcar, sun, interracial sex, jazz club, political satire, bra removing ...
Time: 1930s
Place: cuba, europe, chicago illinois, latin america, usa ...
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Singapore Sling (1999)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 97 min.
Story: Extreme passion turns deadly in the high stakes game between two men who love and need the same woman.Former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed sizzles as Lisa Blair.When she discovers that her lover's beautiful fiancee Michelle has escaped house ...
Style: erotic, serious, realistic, sexy, suspenseful ...
Plot: obsession, uninhibited rivalry, love triangle, sexual relations, deadly, romance, love and romance, rivalry, dishonesty, couples, fake marriage, forced marriage ...
Time: 90s
Place: dallas texas, los angeles, singapore, texas
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Bedways (2010)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Germany
Duration: 76 min.
Story: A huge, run-down apartment in Berlin Mitte. Two women and a man, rehearsals for a movie about love and sex, that will never be shot. Acting and reality mingle into a dangerous melange. Berlin is the shelter, love is impossible, flesh is the law.
Style: touching, experimental, sentimental, melancholic, captivating ...
Plot: eroticism, sexual desire, adult filmmaking, coitus, movie business, lust, artist, voyeur, sex scene, falling in love, film within a film, filmmaking ...
Place: germany, berlin germany
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Devoured (2012)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: An Intense, troubling film boasting a spectacular lead performance from Marta Milans. Greg Olliver's psychological thriller records with cold, clinical precision a young woman's gradual descent into madness.
Style: psychological, suspenseful, disturbing, twists and turns, tense ...
Plot: immigrants, ghost, supernatural, woman in danger, workplace, restaurant, hallucination, murder, death, violence, uncover truth, danger ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: usa, new york
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Virgin Territory (2007)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, History, Romance
Country: Italy, UK, France, Luxembourg
Duration: 97 min.
Story: The film is set in Tuscany during the Black Death. As in the Decameron, ten young Florentines take refuge from the plague. But instead of telling stories, they have lusty adventures, bawdy exchanges, romance and swordplay. There are randy nuns, ...
Style: semi serious, humorous, sexy, realistic, sex comedy
Audience: date night
Plot: fall in love, lifestyle, womanizer, contests and competitions, love and romance, society, couples, wooing, romance, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, youth, dishonesty ...
Time: 17th century, 14th century
Place: florence, europe, italy, florence italy, tuscany
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Shadowboxer (2005)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 93 min.
Story: Mikey and Rose are professional assassins. They are also lovers, and once upon a time Rose also knew Mikey's father. During an elaborate hit job for a malicious gangster, Rose fails to kill the main target, the gangster's pregnant ...
Style: suspenseful, rough, serious, realistic, bleak ...
Plot: terminal illness, hitman, pregnancy, parents and children, crimes, crime, life is a bitch, family relations, haunted by the past, introspection, dishonesty, deadly ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: philadelphia
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The Treasure of San Gennaro (1966)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Country: Italy, France, West Germany
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A pair of Americans want to perform the greatest robbery: the treasure of San Genaro, in Napoli.
Plot: religious procession, saint, man wrapped in a towel, man wearing towel, jealous girlfriend, church, jail, gang, funeral, airport, wedding party, robbery ...
Place: italy, napoli italy
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Love at Large (1990)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 97 min.
Story: Vampish miss Dolan hires hardboiled P.I. Harry Dobbs to tail her shady boyfriend. Harry realizes that the man leads a double life but then his client disappears. Harry teams up with his own tail, P.I. Stella Wynkowski, to clear things up.
Style: humorous, witty, semi serious, realistic, twists and turns
Plot: private detective, mistaken identity, nightclub, crimes, femme fatale, mystery, murder, couple relations, fall in love, infidelity, manipulation, amateur detective ...
Time: 80s
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The Killer Inside Me (2010)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: UK, Sweden, Canada, USA
Duration: 109 min.
Story: Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford is a pillar of the community in his small west Texas town, patient and apparently thoughtful. Some people think he is a little slow and maybe boring, but that is the worst they say about him. But then nobody knows about what ...
Style: disturbing, rough, psychological, bleak, tense ...
Plot: killer, sadism, murder, small town, neo noir, psychopath, deputy, sheriff, crimes, danger, investigation, deadly ...
Time: 50s, 1950s, 20th century
Place: texas, usa
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Chicago Boricua (2004)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: A group of young Puerto Ricans in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood grapple with issues of identity: A beauty queen may need to mask her ethnicity; a college student falls for a bad boy; a real estate agent resists exploiting his roots.
Style: touching, sincere, realistic, serious, contemplative
Plot: family relations, ambition, fall in love, social differences, moral dilemma, unlikely couple, society, couples, boss and employee, workplace, love and romance, city life ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: chicago illinois, usa
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