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The list contains the best, new and most relevant child sacrifice movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out suspenseful, cult film, serious, scary, suspense and psychotronic films and TV shows about / with child sacrifice, danger, murder, blood, supernatural, human sacrifice, violence, death, child murder and sacrifice plots mostly in Horror, Thriller and Fantasy genres shot in USA, UK, Spain and other countries.
child sacrifice
child sacrifice movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as child sacrifice: Sinister Circle (2016), The Laughing Dead (1989), The Conjuring (2013), The Mephisto Waltz (1971), Spell (2020), Darkness (2002), Hellbound (1994), The Beastmaster (1982), The Believers (1987), Children of the Corn (1984).

List of child sacrifice movies

Sinister Circle (2016)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Country: Peru
Duration: 87 min.
Story: After the death of a group of teenagers using the Ouija, the psychologist Fernanda and her son return to Peru, but they will find themselves surrounded by an evil entity as big as its wicked sect.
Style: psychotronic, suspense, suspenseful, bleak, scary
Plot: child sacrifice, ghost child, ghost, mother daughter relationship, boy, self sacrifice, little boy, death, mother, sacrifice, evil, child in peril ...
Time: 21st century
Place: peru
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The Laughing Dead (1989)
Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 92 min.
Story: Zombies, demons, and a mad doctor await a bus-load of folks looking for a tour of Aztec ruins. Father O'Sullivan is a Catholic priest who has lost his faith in God and who cannot forget the nun with whom he once had an affair (and a son). ...
Plot: zombie, priest in love, monster, creature feature, child sacrifice, new age, possessed human, possession, dead child, temple, female nudity, disembowelment ...
Place: mexico
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The Conjuring (2013)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 112 min.
Story: Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their lives.
Style: scary, dark, suspenseful, atmospheric, frightening ...
Audience: teens
Plot: haunted house, ghost, supernatural, witch, paranormal investigation, exorcism, paranormal, investigation, fear, supernatural horror, supernatural power, psychic ...
Time: 70s, 20th century, 60s, year 1968, year 1971 ...
Place: rhode island, new england, connecticut, usa
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The Mephisto Waltz (1971)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 115 min.
Story: A frustrated pianist himself, music journalist Myles Clarkson is thrilled to interview virtuoso Duncan Ely. Duncan, however, is terminally ill and not much interested in Myles until noticing that Myles' hands are ideally suited for piano. ...
Style: suspense, macabre, satanic, slasher, scary ...
Plot: witchcraft, satanist, occult, incestuous sex, devil, deal with the devil, black magic, musician, woman in danger, switching bodies, sex crime, ritual ...
Time: 70s
Place: los angeles, mexico
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Spell (2020)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA, South Africa
Duration: 91 min.
Story: A father survives a plane crash in rural Appalachia, but becomes suspicious of the elderly couple who take him in to nurse him back to health with the ancient remedies.
Style: suspense, atmospheric, psychological, intense, tense ...
Audience: teens
Plot: voodoo doll, escape, satanism, evil force, witchcraft, supernatural, cult, backwoods, prisoner, cruelty, fear, child in peril ...
Time: contemporary
Place: appalachia, west virginia
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Darkness (2002)
Genre: Horror
Country: USA, Spain
Duration: 88 min.
Story: A teenage girl moves into a remote countryside house with her family, only to discover that their gloomy new home has a horrifying past that threatens to destroy the family.
Style: scary, psychological, gothic, suspense, suspenseful ...
Plot: ghost, supernatural, haunted house, afterlife, family, vengeance, mystery, psychopath, supernatural ability, cult, solar eclipse, haunted by the past ...
Place: spain, europe
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Hellbound (1994)
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Two Chicago police officers are sent to investigate the brutal murder of a rabbi. As the investigation begins, Shatter and Jackson are summoned to Israel for questioning. Upon arrival they realize that they are, in fact, pursuing a supernatural ...
Style: suspense, serious, rough, suspenseful, tense ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: murder, investigation, police detective, rabbi, police investigation, fighting crime, tough heroes, working undercover, police corruption, buddies, law enforcement, partners against crime ...
Time: 90s, 50s, middle ages, year 1951
Place: israel, chicago illinois, usa, jerusalem
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The Beastmaster (1982)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA, West Germany
Duration: 118 min.
Story: Dar, is the son of a king, who is hunted by a priest after his birth and grows up in another family. When he becomes a grown man his new father is murdered by savages and he discovers that he has the ability to communicate with the animals, which ...
Style: exciting, entertaining, stylized, suspenseful, sexy ...
Audience: teens
Plot: sword and sorcery, murder, sword fight, beast, good versus evil, adventure, vengeance, animal human communication, sword, barbarian, battles, village ...
Time: 80s, future
Place: new jersey
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The Believers (1987)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA, UK, Canada
Duration: 114 min.
Story: Mourning the accidental death of his wife and having just moved to New York with his young son, laconic police psychologist Cal Jamison (Martin Sheen) is reluctantly drawn into a series of grisly, ritualistic murders involving the immolation of two ...
Style: scary, psychological, tense, suspenseful, atmospheric ...
Plot: ritual, supernatural, cult, voodoo, child in peril, murder, investigation, brutality, violent, torture, ritual murder, religion ...
Time: 80s
Place: new york, usa, brooklyn new york city, minneapolis minnesota
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Children of the Corn (1984)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 92 min.
Story: A boy preacher named Isaac goes to a town in Nebraska called Gatlin and gets all the children to murder every adult in town.
Style: scary, slasher, suspense, atmospheric, suspenseful ...
Audience: kids, teens
Plot: cult, killer child, children, small town, supernatural, religion, murder, isolation, good versus evil, brutality, cornfield, violence ...
Time: 80s
Place: nebraska, usa, iowa
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Ghoulies (1985)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 81 min.
Story: A young man and his girlfriend move into the man's old mansion home, where he becomes possessed by a need to control ancient demons.
Style: scary, humorous, light, semi serious, suspenseful ...
Audience: teens
Plot: demon, monster, supernatural, witch, zombie, creature, justice, adaptation, battles, ghost, curses spells and rituals, chaos ...
Time: 80s
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Magico: The Messenger of the Gods (1990)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Country: Mexico
Duration: 79 min.
Story: The forces of evil threaten Monterrey but are opposed by a flying superhero named Mágico.
Plot: superhero, beauty pageant, fairy, kidnapping, hospital, doctor, drunkenness, singer, child sacrifice, musical performance
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Violent New Breed (1997)
Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Duration: 114 min.
Story: A detective investigating a rash of mysterious drug-related deaths finds a society of Satanists bent on bringing about the End Times.
Style: splatter
Plot: murder, child murder, pregnancy, suicide attempt, church, mutilation, violence, tentacle, demon, child sacrifice, gore, bathtub ...
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Demon Witch Child (1975)
Genre: Horror
Country: Spain
Duration: 90 min.
Story: An old witch seeks vengence through the daughter of the politician who had her thrown in jail. Soon the little girl's head is spinning around, and an old priest is called in to perform an exorcism.
Style: scary, suspenseful, bleak, suspense, slasher ...
Plot: possession, witch, witchcraft, exorcism, demon, priest, revenge, child in peril, supernatural power, politician, transformation, satanic cult ...
Time: 70s
Place: spain, europe
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The Boy from Hell (2004)
Genre: Horror
Country: Japan
Duration: 50 min.
Story: A mysterious old woman appears before Setsu, who has recently lost her only child in a tragic accident. She says she can bring Setsu's son, Daio back to life. After agreeing to this sinister proposal, Daio returns to his mother, but to ...
Style: suspense
Plot: body horror, zombie, doctor, cannibal, curse, child sacrifice, car accident, dead children, hospital, grave, back from the dead, child murderess ...
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Drive Angry (2011)
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Milton is a hardened felon who has broken out of Hell, intent on finding the vicious cult who brutally murdered his daughter and kidnapped her baby. He joins forces with Piper, a sexy, tough-as-nails waitress with a 69 Charger, who's also ...
Style: stylized, absurd, road movie, exciting, serious ...
Audience: boys' night, girls' night, teens
Plot: kidnapping, nudity (full frontal - brief), supernatural, vengeance, car chase, violent, race against time, revenge, satanic cult, car, gunfight, cult ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary, 80s
Place: oklahoma, colorado, louisiana, new orleans, usa
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The Shades (2021)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: Bolivia, USA
Duration: 81 min.
Story: Two U.S. ecologists travel to a remote town in South America to investigate what appears to be unnatural decay of the environment. They soon discover the cause is a horrific curse that's been haunting the lands for centuries.
Style: gothic horror, suspense, bleak, suspenseful, scary ...
Plot: supernatural power, poltergeist, paranormal investigator, revenge, haunted house, ghost, exorcism, demonic possession, disappearance, demon, afterlife, witchcraft ...
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The Seventh Curse (1986)
Genre: Action, Horror
Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 83 min.
Story: A young heroic cop in the jungle of Thailand attempts to rescue a beautiful girl from being sacrificed to the "Worm Tribe" she belongs to. As a result, the cop is damned with seven "Blood Curses" which burst through his leg ...
Style: bloody, suspenseful, atmospheric, stylized, serious ...
Plot: jungle, witchcraft, zombie, monster, kung fu, curse, martial arts, body horror, skeleton, tribe, adventurer, monk ...
Place: thailand, china
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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: UK
Duration: 96 min.
Story: Hammer Film’s follow-up to the successful One Million Years B.C. is set in an ancient past when humans and dinosaurs co-exist. Athletic cavewomen and hairy men wander around, grunting, sweating and occasionally sacrificing evil blonde babes to ...
Style: semi serious, suspenseful, exciting, tense, psychotronic ...
Plot: cave woman, survival, tsunami, prehistoric man, adventure, female nudity, chaos, heroes, rivalry, love affair, dinosaur, caveman ...
Time: prehistoric times, prehistory, stone age
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Slaughter of the Innocents (1993)
Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: A seasoned FBI Agent's child-genius son assists him on catching a child-killer, a schizophrenic mohab nut who believes he's been chosen by god to be a new Noah.
Style: realistic, serious, disturbing, rough, suspenseful ...
Plot: serial killer, murder, child in peril, fbi, crimes, investigation, law enforcement, parents and children, psychopath, hotshot hero, who done it, child murder investigation ...
Time: 90s
Place: usa, utah
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The Rapture (1991)
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: A lonely telephone operator leading an empty, amoral life finds God — only to have her faith continually tested in ways beyond what she could have imagined.
Style: disturbing, surreal, thought provoking, psychological, stylized ...
Plot: end of the world, religion, mother daughter relationship, religious conversion, murder, faith, christian, religion and supernatural, religions or cults, family relations, family problems, distopia ...
Time: 90s
Place: los angeles
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Minotaur (2006)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: UK, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Italy
Duration: 93 min.
Story: Long ago in the Iron Age a shadow loomed over a lonely village. For generations the village youths are stolen from their families and delivered as sacrifice to a mythical beast - the Minotaur, that dwells beneath a great palace. Theo, haunted by the ...
Style: suspense, serious, tense, disturbing, suspenseful ...
Plot: minotaur, monster, legends and myths, adventurer, good versus evil, adventure, imaginary kingdom, curses spells and rituals, supernatural ability, survival, mythology, human sacrifice ...
Time: ancient times
Place: ancient greece
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Medea (1969)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: Italy, France, West Germany
Duration: 118 min.
Story: Based on the plot of Euripides' Medea. Medea centers on the barbarian protagonist as she finds her position in the Greek world threatened, and the revenge she takes against her husband Jason who has betrayed her for another woman.
Style: epic, fairy tale, talky, serious, cult film
Plot: greek mythology, antiquity, mythology, ancient history, vengeance, female nudity, filicide, girl, ancient world, exploitation, ancient, murder ...
Place: ancient greece, greece
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Beware: Children at Play (1989)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 94 min.
Story: Parents are in a panic as their children mysteriously disappear. Little do they know that the only thing worse than their children disappearing would be them coming back. After the youngsters of Tromaville fall under the ruthless control of a cult ...
Style: slasher, epic, psychological, serious, scary ...
Plot: youth, evil child, violent, virus, murder, human sacrifice, dead boy, child murderess, blond boy, killer child, crimes, escapades ...
Time: 80s
Place: new jersey
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The Witch (2015)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA, Canada, UK
Duration: 92 min.
Story: In 1630s New England, William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life with five children, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness, exiled from their settlement when William defies the local church. When their newborn son vanishes and ...
Style: scary, dark, disturbing, atmospheric, suspenseful ...
Plot: witch, supernatural, witchcraft, religion, paranoia, black magic, family bonds, curses spells and rituals, wilderness, isolation, insanity, forest ...
Time: 17th century
Place: new england, new hampshire, usa
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Black God, White Devil (1964)
Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Western
Country: Brazil
Duration: 120 min.
Story: Set in the drought-plagued Brazilian badlands of the 1940s, Black God, White Devil explores the climate of superstition, physical and spiritual terrorism, and fear that gripped the country. The central characters, Manuel and Rosa, are on the run, ...
Style: political, surreal, serious, realistic, suspenseful ...
Plot: religion, religious fanatic, sex crime, anarchist, protest, revolution, nihilism, religious sect, religions or cults, bishop, couples, politics ...
Time: 1940s, 20th century
Place: brazil, latin america
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The Chipmunk Adventure (1987)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Country: USA
Duration: 77 min.
Story: Alvin has entered himself and Simon and Theodore in a hot-air balloon race around the world against the Chipettes to deliver diamonds for a group of diamond smugglers. The winners will collect a prize of $100,000. Kids and adults will enjoy this ...
Style: humorous, feel good, not serious, 2d animation, cult film
Audience: kids, preschoolers, family outing
Plot: balloon, superhero, chase, chipmunk, adventure, best friends, unlikely partners, good versus evil, race against time, youth, pirate, young heroes ...
Time: 80s
Place: paris france, atlantic ocean, california, united kingdom, france ...
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