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TOP 10 movies tagged as personal assistant: Love on the Sidelines (2015), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), The High Note (2020), The Assistant (2019), Christmas Incorporated (2015), Ugly Betty (2006), Breaking & Entering (2013), Santa's Squad (2020), Sisterakas (2012), You're My Boss (2015).

List of personal assistant movies

Love on the Sidelines (2015)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 86 min.
Story: A down-on-her-luck young woman who falls into a job as a personal assistant to a star quarterback sidelined with an injury. He's never had a female assistant before and she knows nothing about football.
Style: humorous, romantic, feel good, entertaining, light
Audience: teens, date night, chick flick
Plot: personal assistant, american football, boss and employee, social differences, love and romance, new job, lifestyle, workplace romance, initially antagonists, fall in love, writers, happy ending ...
Place: san francisco
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The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA, France
Duration: 109 min.
Story: The Devil Wears Prada is about a young journalist who moves to New York to work in the fashion industry. Her boss however is extremely demanding and cruel and won’t let her succeed if she doesn’t fit into the high class elegant look of their ...
Style: romantic, feel good, funny, light, realistic ...
Audience: chick flick, girls' night, teens
Plot: fashion, women, city life, workplace intrigue, fashion industry, journalism, workplace situations, career woman, strong female character, relationship vs career, obnoxious boss, ambitious woman ...
Time: year 2006, 2000s, 21st century
Place: new york, new jersey, usa, manhattan new york city, miami ...
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The High Note (2020)
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Country: UK, USA, China
Duration: 113 min.
Story: Set in the dazzling world of the LA music scene comes the story of Grace Davis, a superstar whose talent, and ego, have reached unbelievable heights. Maggie is Grace’s overworked personal assistant who’s stuck running errands, but still aspires ...
Style: light, sweet, touching, sentimental
Audience: teens, family outing
Plot: assistant, personal assistant, musician, ambition, music, relationship vs career, singer, artists and showbiz, showbiz, hopes, musician's life, performance ...
Time: future, year 1970, year 1989, 21st century
Place: usa, los angeles, atlanta georgia, dallas texas, chicago illinois ...
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The Assistant (2019)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 87 min.
Story: A searing look at a day in the life of an assistant to a powerful executive. As Jane follows her daily routine, she grows increasingly aware of the insidious abuse that threatens every aspect of her position.
Style: bleak, depressing, realistic, psychological, feminist film ...
Plot: job, routine, employer employee relationship, corporate world, abuse, obnoxious boss, office, feminist, women, workplace problem, patience, boss and employee ...
Place: greenwich village manhattan new york city, france, new york, connecticut, beverly hills ...
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Christmas Incorporated (2015)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 85 min.
Story: Sometimes, life just seems to hand you exactly what you need – particularly at Christmastime. Riley is scraping bottom when she miraculously lands a job with a wealthy New York City entrepreneur. He’s a bad-boy socialite type who is poised to ...
Style: entertaining, feel good, romantic, light, humorous
Audience: date night, girls' night
Plot: christmas, mistaken identity, personal assistant, male female relationship, relationship vs career, winter, small town life, fall in love, unlikely couple, transformation, opposites attract, coworker relationship ...
Time: 2010s
Place: new york
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Ugly Betty (2006)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
TV show
Story: Smart but wholesome Betty embraces her unique appearance and independent attitude in the cutthroat world of New York fashion. With the help of her proud yet far-from-glamorous family from Queens, Betty will continue to have big dreams and deal with ...
Style: not serious, humorous, realistic, dark drama, campy ...
Audience: girls' night, teens
Plot: workplace, fashion, power relations, lifestyle, model, couples, obnoxious boss, fish out of water, workplace romance, workplace intrigue, workplace situations, boss and employee ...
Time: 2000s, 2010s, 21st century
Place: new york, manhattan new york city, usa
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Breaking & Entering (2013)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 22 min.
TV show
Story: Breaking & Entering is an independent series about three friends seeking to enter Hollywood by breaking their backs working as assistants. B&E is based on and inspired by the lives of industry assistants who live and work in REAL HOLLYWOOD ...
Style: not serious, realistic, humorous, captivating
Plot: hollywood, follow your dream, desire for fame, friends, workplace, buddies, showbiz, workplace situations, celebrity, personal assistant, breaking and entering, hopes ...
Time: 21st century
Place: usa, los angeles, california
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Santa's Squad (2020)
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Country: Canada
Duration: 91 min.
Story: Allie, an out of work art teacher, has to accept a job with the Santa Squad to help wealthy widower Gordon and his two precious daughters rediscover the magic of Christmas. As Allie is lifting the holiday spirits of the family with Christmas ...
Style: melancholic, sentimental, talky, psychological, sincere ...
Plot: christmas, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, unemployed, fired from the job, art teacher, rich man, unemployment, father daughter relationship, personal assistant, breakup, christmas dinner, love affair ...
Time: 21st century
Place: canada
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Sisterakas (2012)
Genre: Comedy
Country: Philippines
Duration: 110 min.
Story: A man takes revenge on his sister by hiring her as his personal assistant.
Style: humorous, light, captivating, feel good, entertaining ...
Plot: sibling relationship, employer employee relationship, new job, brother sister relationship, personal assistant, fired from the job, boss, student, adultery, career woman, gay lead character, jealousy ...
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You're My Boss (2015)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Philippines
Duration: 116 min.
Story: A woman who is looking for acceptance, who's looking for love, who wants to be appreciated and who wants to belong find what she's looking for from her personal assistant.
Style: humorous, funny, entertaining, captivating, light ...
Plot: personal assistant, boss, company, co worker co worker relationship, employer employee relationship, workplace situations, office, male female relationship, love story, love affair, couples, relationships ...
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Green Book (2018)
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Music
Country: USA, China
Duration: 130 min.
Story: Tony Lip, a bouncer in 1962, is hired to drive pianist Don Shirley on a tour through the Deep South in the days when African Americans forced to find alternate accommodations and services due to segregation laws below the Mason-Dixon Line relied on ...
Style: road movie, feel good, uplifting, funny, captivating ...
Audience: date night
Plot: racism, travel, interracial friendship, road trip, journey, friendship, racial prejudice, friend, on the road, musician, dignity, black american ...
Time: 60s, year 1962, 2010s, 20th century
Place: bronx new york city, southern usa, america, new york, los angeles ...
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Rush (2014)
Genre: Action, Drama
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 44 min.
TV show
Story: Dr. William Rush is not your average on-call doctor. He's not attached to any hospital, he's highly discreet no matter what the ailment as long as the client can pay his cash-only premium and the doctor can party with the best of them. He ...
Style: captivating, serious, realistic, tense, entertaining
Plot: surgery, doctor, workplace, patient, doctors and patients, moral dilemma, old love, power relations, treatment, lifesaver, medical, addiction ...
Time: 21st century
Place: los angeles
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The Banker (2020)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 120 min.
Story: In the 1960s, two entrepreneurs hatch an ingenious business plan to fight for housing integration—and equal access to the American Dream.
Style: touching, motivational, inspirational, captivating, uplifting ...
Plot: money, racism, banker, investor, black american, african american, black history, racial slur, personal assistant, segregation, friendship, prejudice ...
Time: 60s, year 1939, 2020s, 50s, year 1954 ...
Place: america, los angeles, washington d.c.
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The Great Buck Howard (2008)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 90 min.
Story: When a law school dropout answers an advertisement to be a personal assistant he unknowingly signs on to work for a belligerent has-been magician struggling to resurrect his career. This leads to a journey across the country staging the comeback of ...
Style: humorous, entertaining, witty, stylized, semi serious ...
Plot: college dropout, career, character study, life philosophy, job seeking, happy ending, suspense, unlikely friendships, twists and turns, magic show, showbiz, power relations ...
Time: 2000s, 70s, 21st century
Place: usa, new york, california, boston, las vegas ...
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 113 min.
Story: Everybody knows that your life is a story. But what if a story was your life? Harold Crick is your average IRS agent: monotonous, boring, and repetitive. But one day this all changes when Harold begins to hear an author inside his head narrating his ...
Style: surreal, philosophical, witty, humorous, talky ...
Audience: chick flick, date night
Plot: literature, love, paranoia, novelist, publisher, writer's life, existentialism, human nature, love story, philosophy, professor, hearing voices ...
Time: 21st century
Place: usa, chicago illinois
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America's Sweethearts (2001)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 102 min.
Story: In the midst of a nasty public breakup of married movie stars, a studio publicist scrambles to put a cap on the escalating situation as the couple's latest film has found it's only print kidnapped by the director.
Style: funny, feel good, humorous, romantic, light ...
Audience: chick flick, teens, girls' night, date night
Plot: hollywood, love triangle, couples, hotel, infidelity, divorce, showbiz, paparazzi, desire for fame, dishonesty, marriage crisis, husband wife relationship ...
Time: 21st century
Place: california, los angeles, usa
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Power Monkeys (2016)
Genre: Comedy
Country: UK
Duration: 35 min.
TV show
Story: Following the success of their 2015 election comedy Ballot Monkeys, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (Ballot Monkeys, Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey) return to Channel 4 with a six-part satire lampooning the fictional communications and social media ...
Plot: spin doctor, kremlin, politics, prime minister, personal assistant, donald trump, european union, presidential election, political campaign, political satire, family problems, social media ...
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Cake (2014)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 102 min.
Story: After having visions of a member of her support group who killed herself, a woman who also suffers with chronic pain seeks out the widower of the suicide.
Style: depressing, psychological, touching, compassionate, bleak ...
Audience: chick flick, girls' night
Plot: loneliness, depression, drug addiction, obsession, suicide, friendship, suicide attempt, support group, drugs, mental illness, tragedy, character study ...
Time: 21st century
Place: usa, los angeles, california, tijuana mexico, mexico
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Secret Things (2002)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 115 min.
Story: Two young women find themselves struggling to survive in Paris, street-wise Nathalie, a stripper, and naïve Sandrine, a barmaid. Together, they discover that sex can be used to their advantage, and pleasure.
Style: erotic, sexy, sexual, harsh, stylized ...
Plot: sex, stripper, lesbian, erotica, perversion, voyeurism, orgy, oral sex, group sex, threesome, sex orgy, friendship ...
Place: france, paris france, tokyo, europe
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Angel (2007)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: France, Belgium, UK
Duration: 134 min.
Story: Edwardian England. A precocious girl from a poor background with aspirations to being a novelist finds herself swept to fame and fortune when her tasteless romances hit the best seller lists. Her life changes in unexpected ways when she encounters ...
Style: serious, realistic, talky, clever, witty ...
Plot: adultery, love, writers, infidelity, estate, world war one, writer's life, family relations, ambition, rise to the top, social differences, couple relations ...
Time: victorian era, 20th century, edwardian era, year 1914
Place: england, europe, london
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Iron Man (2008)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 126 min.
Story: After being held captive in an Afghan cave, billionaire engineer Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil.
Style: exciting, witty, entertaining, intense, clever ...
Audience: teens, girls' night, chick flick, kids, boys' night
Plot: superhero, heroes, technology, prodigy, weapon system, self sacrifice, intelligence, billionaire, robot, good versus evil, iron man character, tony stark character ...
Time: future, 2000s, 21st century
Place: usa, malibu california, california, los angeles, middle east ...
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Living with the Enemy (2005)
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Canada
Duration: 89 min.
Story: Smart, sexy Allison can't help but fall in love with Philip, a dashing software billionaire, and they quickly marry. But soon this new bride begins to think her hubby was involved in the mysterious death of his first wife. This suspicious ...
Style: tense, suspenseful, serious, realistic
Plot: woman in danger, uncover truth, dangerous attraction, investigation, couple relations, intrigue, couples, dishonesty, love, control, suspicious wife, horse ranch ...
Time: 21st century
Place: usa
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Dead Still (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Country: Ireland, Canada, Germany
Duration: 45 min.
TV show
Story: Memorial photographer Brock Blennerhasset makes a living out of photographing the dead in Victorian Ireland. When a series of murders threatens to sully Blennerhasset's reputation, a tenacious detective drags him into an investigation of ...
Style: psychological, suspenseful, captivating, serious, tense ...
Plot: serial killer, murder mystery, murder investigation, police inspector, personal assistant, love interest, investigation, murder, secret, photographer, unsolved crime, uncover truth ...
Time: 19th century, future, 1880s, victorian era
Place: ireland
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Greenberg (2010)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: A New Yorker moves to Los Angeles in order to figure out his life while he housesits for his brother, and he soon sparks with his brother's assistant.
Style: psychological, semi serious, sincere, talky, realistic ...
Plot: friendship, depression, personal assistant, starting over, twists and turns, self fulfillment, fall in love, misfit, mental illness, mentally unstable, buddies, love and romance ...
Time: 21st century
Place: los angeles, california, new york, new jersey, usa ...
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Once in a Lifetime (2000)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Country: Sweden, Denmark
Duration: 108 min.
Story: Mona Bergström is a sweet eurovision-obsessed woman in her 30's. She is married to a lazy husband and have 4 children, all named after her favorite Swedish eurovision popstars. Her brother is a crossdressing guy selftitled "Candy ...
Style: feel good, semi serious, humorous, sentimental, captivating ...
Plot: singer, rising to stardom, desire for fame, ambition, moral dilemma, lifestyle, sibling relationship, aspiring singer, contests and competitions, obsession, showbiz, artists and showbiz ...
Time: 90s
Place: europe, sweden, eastern europe
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Good Mourning (2022)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 93 min.
Story: Movie star London Clash gets his world turned upside down when he must choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing starring role in a major motion picture.
Style: humorous, entertaining, funny, feel good, captivating ...
Plot: celebrity, fame, breakup, price of fame, love, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, partners, couples, couple relations, love affair, breaking and entering, car accident ...
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Tár (2022)
Genre: Drama, Music
Country: USA
Duration: 158 min.
Story: Renowned musician Lydia Tár is days away from recording the symphony that will elevate her career. However, Lydia's elaborate facade begins to unravel, revealing dirty secrets and the corrosive nature of power.
Style: art house, dark drama
Plot: lgbt, orchestra, lesbian, classical music, women, pianist, musician, composer, piano, train conductor, infidelity, isolation ...
Time: 2020s, 21st century
Place: berlin germany, the philippines, manhattan new york city, new york, germany ...
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Death on the Nile (2022)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 127 min.
Story: Almost everyone on the S.S.Karnak, cruising the Nile, has a reason to want heiress Linnet Ridgeway dead. Her jewels are coveted by elderly Mrs. van Schuyler, her maid is upset because Linnet won't give her a promised dowry, writer Salome ...
Style: captivating, non-linear, artsy, surprise ending, entertaining ...
Plot: murder mystery, whodunit, murder, murder investigation, investigation, ship, boat, chase, investigator, honeymoon, passenger, secret ...
Time: 1930s, pre world war two, year 1937, year 1914, 1910s
Place: egypt, london, belgium
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A Royal Runaway Romance (2022)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 84 min.
Story: Princess Amelia of Bundbury travels across America to explore a budding romance with an artist, only to fall in love with her bodyguard, Grady.
Plot: royalty, romantic reunion, anniversary party, horse ranch, cross country trip, pickpocket, family reunited, fictitious kingdom, caught stealing, protective mother, declaration of love, birthday ...
Place: europe, chicago illinois, nebraska, los angeles
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Gypsy (2017)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 51 min.
TV show
Story: The journey of Jean Holloway – a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients' lives.
Style: sexy, psychological, erotic, captivating, sensual ...
Audience: date night
Plot: lesbian, lgbt, double life, lesbian love, psychology, female protagonist, jealousy, unrequited love, dark past, lesbianism, alter ego, lesbian couple ...
Place: new york, manhattan new york city, greenwich village manhattan new york city, connecticut, grand central station manhattan new york city ...
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