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The list contains the best, new and most relevant movies set in baltics ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out realistic, serious, bleak, gloomy, political and pre war films and TV shows about / with death, family relations, winter, brother brother relationship, cigarette smoking, war, dream, prisoner, train and world war two plots mostly in Drama, History and War genres shot in Finland, Estonia, Germany and other countries.
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TOP 5 movies tagged as baltics: In the Crosswind (2014), The Winter War (1989), Plainlands (1988), Coup de grâce (1976), The Awakening (1989).

List of movies set in baltics

In the Crosswind (2014)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: Estonia
Duration: 90 min.
Story: June 14, 1941, 3 a.m. Over 40000 people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are deported by Soviets to Siberia. Among them is a philosophy student Erna, a happily married mother of a little girl. Separated from her husband Erna and her daughter are ...
Style: realistic, serious, atmospheric, bleak, emotional ...
Plot: deportation, world war two, wartime life, stalinism, gulag, ethnic cleansing, getting home, life is a bitch, survival, family in danger, separation from family, family relations ...
Time: 1940s, year 1941, 20th century, 50s
Place: siberia, baltics, europe, russia, estonia ...
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The Winter War (1989)
Genre: Drama, History, War
Country: Finland
Duration: 199 min.
Story: Russia attacked Finland in late November 1939. This film tells the story of a Finnish platoon of reservists from the municipality of Kauhava in the province of Pohjanmaa/Ostrobothnia who leave their homes and go to war. The film focuses on the ...
Style: realistic, epic, tense, bleak, gloomy ...
Plot: war, world war two, winter, military, invasion, cold weather, tank, politics, resistance, russo finnish war, violence, fight ...
Time: 1940s, 1930s, year 1939, 20th century
Place: finland, russia, baltics, europe, ussr ...
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Plainlands (1988)
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Country: Finland
Duration: 128 min.
Story: Based on a novel of the same name by the Finnish author, Antti Tuuri, this delicious late-80's comedy builds its dark humour on the stereotypical mentality of the northern part of Finland. While perhaps not as entertaining to a person ...
Style: cult film
Plot: female nudity, drunk, finnish, drunken man, interrogation, police interrogation, rainstorm, male nudity, police officer, reckless driving, wrestling, dream ...
Time: 80s
Place: baltics, finland
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As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me (2001)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, War
Country: Germany
Duration: 158 min.
Story: The German soldier Clemens Forel - determined to be reunited with his beloved family - makes a dramatic escape through bitter cold winters, desolate landscapes, and life threatening ventures from a Siberian labor camp after World War II. 8000 miles ...
Style: serious, realistic, tense, suspenseful, sincere ...
Plot: world war two, survival, human spirit, gulag, pow, confined, getting home, captivity, wehrmacht, jail, fugitives, hopes ...
Time: 1940s, 50s, year 1937, year 1947, year 1949 ...
Place: ussr, germany, siberia, baltics, tehran iran ...
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Coup de grâce (1976)
Genre: Drama, War
Country: France, West Germany
Duration: 97 min.
Story: A countess loves her brother's Prussian-officer friend in the 1919 Baltic area.
Style: stylized, serious, realistic, bleak, sad ...
Plot: love triangle, revolution, betrayal, soldier, evacuation, tragic love, tragic hero, world war one, wartime life, political unrest, destructive relationship, couple relations ...
Time: 1920s, 1910s, post world war one
Place: latvia, europe, france, berlin germany, germany ...
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The Awakening (1989)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: Soviet Union
Duration: 109 min.
Story: A first film made of the 1949 March deportation of Estonian people to Siberia by Soviet Secret Police NKVD. During couple of days and nights nearly 21 thousand people, mostly women and children, were under top secret taken from their homes to ...
Style: allegory
Plot: deportation, occupation, stalinism
Time: 1940s
Place: siberia, baltics
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