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marriage of convenience
marriage of convenience movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as marriage of convenience: Scoundrel in White (1972), Intolerable Cruelty (2003), Angelique (1964), The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964), Regina (1990), Bambina (1974), Twinkle (1992), Tristana (1970), Fingersmith (2005), Love for Rent (2015).

List of marriage of convenience movies

Scoundrel in White (1972)
Genre: Comedy
Country: France, Italy
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Jean-Paul Belmondo plays Paul, a former womanizer who marries the head of the medical department's "unattractive" daughter Christine because he thinks attractive women can't be trusted and make poor wives. A car accident leaves ...
Style: humorous, semi serious, clever, realistic, dark humor ...
Plot: marriage of convenience, opposites attract, romance, dangerous attraction, love and romance, sexual relations, looking for love, obsession, love triangle, prejudice, marriage for money, machismo ...
Time: 70s
Place: tunisia, africa
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Intolerable Cruelty (2003)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: A revenge-seeking gold digger marries a womanizing Beverly Hills lawyer with the intention of making a killing in the divorce.
Style: witty, clever, romantic, stylized, sexy ...
Audience: date night, chick flick
Plot: battle of the sexes, hotshot lawyer, lawyer, manipulations, unlikely couple, opposites attract, verbal byplay, cons and scams, love and romance, fall in love, marriage of convenience, breakup ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary, 1930s
Place: los angeles, usa, california, malibu california, las vegas
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Angelique (1964)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, History, Romance
Country: France, West Germany, Italy
Duration: 115 min.
Story: In 17th-century France, beautiful country maiden Angélique (Michèle Mercier) marries wealthy neighbor Jeoffray de Peyrac (Robert Hossein) out of convenience, but eventually, she falls in love with him. So when Jeoffray is arrested and then ...
Style: stylized, sexy, sentimental, romantic, realistic ...
Plot: love and romance, tragic love, woman in danger, escapades, romance, society, palaces castles and temples, noblewoman, conspiracy, marriage of convenience, court intrigue, forced marriage ...
Time: 17th century
Place: france, europe, paris france
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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance
Country: France, West Germany
Duration: 91 min.
Story: This simple romantic tragedy begins in 1957. Guy Foucher, a 20-year-old French auto mechanic, has fallen in love with 17-year-old Geneviève Emery, an employee in her widowed mother's chic but financially embattled umbrella shop. On the evening ...
Style: sentimental, colourful, romantic, lyrical, sweet ...
Audience: girls' night, date night
Plot: love triangle, unfulfilled love, young lovers, unfulfillment, family relations, couple relations, love and romance, love, teenage love, class differences, first love, mother daughter relationship ...
Time: 1950s, 1960s, 50s, 20th century, year 1963 ...
Place: france, normandy, europe, tokyo
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Regina (1990)
Genre: Drama
Country: Soviet Union
Duration: 108 min.
Story: The beautiful, educated and independent Regina hears from her partner Tiit that he has decided to marry a young pregnant girl. Then, she gets an inheritance - a house in a small borough. There's both a reason and an opportunity for a ...
Plot: marriage of convenience, nightmare, alcoholic, children, love, remorse, one night stand, pregnant woman, teacher, loneliness
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Bambina (1974)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Italy
Duration: 107 min.
Story: In order to convince Raimonda, a wealthy noble woman, to finance his project for a holiday resort, Saverio gets engaged to Clotilde, her mentally-disturbed and sex-obsessed adolescent daughter. He plans to have her kidnapped and raped by an ...
Plot: kidnapping, teenager, older man younger woman relationship, wheelchair, maid, marriage of convenience, mentally challenged, nymphomaniac, virginity, sex, praying, hiding under a bed ...
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Twinkle (1992)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Japan
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Shoko and Mutsuki get married to satisfy their worried parents, but she is well past the age at which a 'good' Japanese woman should marry, and he is in love with a young male college student. The film is less a realistic exploration of ...
Plot: doctor, restaurant, marriage, secret, love triangle, alcoholic, gay, double life, stranger, arranged marriage, unrequited love, marriage of convenience ...
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Tristana (1970)
Genre: Drama
Country: Spain, Italy, France
Duration: 99 min.
Story: Tristana is a young Spanish woman left to the care of Don Lope, a protective but impoverished aristocrat. Don sells his possessions to avoid manual labor and champions the causes of the dispossessed and downtrodden of society. He takes advantage of ...
Style: cynical, captivating, tense, psychological, sexual ...
Plot: orphan, crutches, tumor, wedding night, unrequited love, death of husband, maid, marriage of convenience, dishonesty, family problems, couples, fall in love ...
Time: 20s, 20th century, 1920s
Place: europe, spain
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Fingersmith (2005)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Country: UK
Duration: 181 min.
Story: The lives of two young women collide in Victorian England when a trio of 'fingersmiths' (pick-pockets) concoct an elaborate scam to defraud a young heiress of her inheritance. The story alternates between the twisting back alleyways of ...
Style: serious, realistic
Plot: lesbian, betrayal, thief, marriage of convenience, lgbt, abuse, deception, psychiatric ward, class distinction, fall in love, social differences, cons and scams ...
Time: 19th century, victorian, victorian england, victorian era
Place: london, europe, england
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Love for Rent (2015)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Turkey
Story: A waitress named Defne Topal (Elçin Sangu) finds herself in a love game when she needs money to pay off her brother's debt. Defne looks after her grandmother, her young sister and her older brother, because her mother and father left her and ...
Style: romantic, entertaining, sentimental, sweet, funny ...
Audience: chick flick, girls' night
Plot: love, forced marriage, save the day, traditional versus modern, love interest, love affair, marriage of convenience, comeback, workplace, multiple storylines, wooing, crumbling relationship ...
Time: contemporary
Place: turkey
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Lady Macbeth (2016)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: UK
Duration: 89 min.
Story: The passionate affair of a young woman trapped in a marriage of convenience unleashes a maelstrom of murder and mayhem on a country estate.
Style: bleak, rough, psychological, cynical, depressing
Plot: loveless marriage, forced marriage, older man younger woman relationship, father in law daughter in law relationship, adultery, extramarital affair, forbidden love, infidelity, husband wife relationship, wife murders husband, child murder, groom ...
Time: 19th century, victorian england
Place: england
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Ned and Stacey (1995)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 30 min.
Story: A self-centered ad exec and a liberal journalist enter into a marriage of convenience. He's trying to boost his business image; she likes his apartment.
Style: witty, not serious, clever, humorous, biting ...
Audience: date night
Plot: sitcom, marriage of convenience, siblings relations, up and down relationship, initially antagonists, writer's life, promotion, arranged marriage, advertising, workplace, love and romance, couple relations ...
Time: 20th century, 90s, 1990s
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Jodha Akbar (2013)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Romance
Country: India
Duration: 21 min.
Story: Jodha Akbar is an epic drama about a sixteenth century story of the political marriage of convenience between a Mughal emperor Abu'l-Fath Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar and a Rajput princess Jodha Bai. The show focuses on how their political ...
Plot: marriage of convenience, emperor, ruler, muslim, marriage, battle, war
Time: 16th century
Place: india
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Queen Margot (1994)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History, Romance
Country: France, Italy, Germany
Duration: 159 min.
Story: The night of August 24, 1572, is known as the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. In France a religious war is raging. In order to impose peace a forced wedding is arranged between Margot de Valois, sister of the immature Catholic King Charles IX, and the ...
Style: epic, bleak, atmospheric, gloomy, captivating ...
Plot: politics, royal family, forbidden love, political intrigue, intrigue, romance, incest, murder, political unrest, couples, dishonesty, throne ...
Time: 16th century, middle ages, renaissance
Place: france, europe, paris france, spain, england ...
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Six Flying Dragons (2015)
Genre: Drama, History
Country: South Korea
Story: “Six Flying Dragons” is a Period drama depicts the ambitions and success stories of 6 people around Prince Lee Bang Won. This drama also depicts the ideological and political conflict between Prince Lee Bang Won and Jung Do Jeon who is the man ...
Style: political drama
Plot: palace intrigue, peasant, manipulation, master servant relationship, rape victim, mind game, death of hero, informant, dark hero, traitor, tragic hero, swordsman ...
Time: 14th century
Place: korea
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Hatred (2016)
Genre: Drama, History, War
Country: Poland
Duration: 150 min.
Story: Summer of 1939. Zosia is a young Polish girl who is deeply in love with Ukrainian Petro. Their great love will be put to the test when her father decides to marry her to a wealthy widower Skiba. Right after wedding she is left alone because her ...
Plot: nationalism, genocide, nazi occupation, unhappy marriage, war, evil, cornfield, children, child murder, older man younger woman relationship, bridge, village ...
Time: year 1943, 1940s, year 1939
Place: poland
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And God Created Woman (1988)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: In this variation on director Vadim's own, more acclaimed Et Dieu Créa La Femme (1956, the same title in French), the vamp Robin Shea marries charming carpenter Billy Moran, only to get out of prison, but soon decides to seduce James Tiernan, ...
Style: semi serious, realistic, humorous, sexy, melancholic ...
Plot: prison, romance, femme fatale, womanizer, infidelity, love and romance, sexual relations, couple relations, rise to the top, dangerous attraction, unlikely couple, love triangle ...
Time: 80s
Place: new jersey
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Beloved Sisters (2014)
Genre: Drama, History, Romance
Country: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Duration: 138 min.
Story: A love triangle forms between post-Enlightenment writer Friedrich Schiller and two sisters -- one who became his wife, and the other, his biographer.
Style: realistic, emotional, serious, touching, gloomy
Plot: love triangle, aristocrat, fall in love, love affair, family life, romance, love and romance, family relations, sister sister relationship, husband wife relationship, secret, wedding ...
Time: 18th century, 1780s, 1790s
Place: germany, switzerland, swiss alps
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The Pallisers (1974)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: UK
Duration: 50 min.
Story: This sprawling BBC saga follows an aristocratic family through three generations of power, wealth, intrigue, and scandal in Victorian England. Based on Anthony Trollope’s “political” novels .
Plot: greed, class differences, government, marriage of convenience, cousin cousin relationship, scandal, politics, parliament, aristocrat, prime minister, duke, duchess ...
Time: 19th century, victorian era
Place: england
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Mahaan (1983)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Thriller
Country: India
Story: Amitabh Bachchan in a triple role as father with twin sons. The standard plot of families separated then united many years later with a string of coincidences. Throw in a diamond necklace and Amjad Khan playing the bad guy, some musical numbers, ...
Plot: telephone call, wedding, crying, chase, car chase, airplane, queen, presumed dead, stage play, painting, guilt, father son relationship ...
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Bobby (2006)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 117 min.
Story: In 1968 the lives of a retired doorman, hotel manager, lounge singer, busboy, beautician and others intersect in the wake of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
Style: realistic, captivating, intense, light, melancholic ...
Plot: politics, hotel, senator, corruption, racial slur, reporter, state affairs, dishonesty, power relations, assassination, anti war, marriage ...
Time: 1960s, 20th century, 60s, year 1968
Place: los angeles, california, usa, vietnam, texas
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In Secret (2013)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Serbia, Hungary, USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: In 1860s Paris, a young woman, Therese, is trapped in a loveless marriage to the sickly Camille by her domineering aunt, Madame Raquin. She spends her days behind the counter of a small shop and her evenings watching Madame play dominos with an ...
Style: captivating, gloomy, serious, atmospheric
Plot: forbidden love, infidelity, murder, love affair, couples, daydreamer, dishonesty, crimes of passion, tragic love, ghost, love and romance, couple relations ...
Time: 19th century
Place: europe, france
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Loving Couples (1964)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Sweden
Duration: 118 min.
Story: Three expectant mothers think back over their sex lives.
Plot: great dane, train station, thief, memory, military officer, mirror, gay, brother sister relationship, screaming, crying baby, car, older man younger woman relationship ...
Time: 1910s, year 1915
Place: sweden, stockholm sweden
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I Want to Go on Living (1995)
Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 100 min.
Story: A woman stops waiting for her med student boyfriend and marries a rich man so she can pay her grandmother's medical bills.
Plot: cigarette, grandmother, doctor, wheelchair, marriage, wedding, doctor patient relationship, cigarette smoking, jealousy, self sacrifice, businesswoman, marriage of convenience ...
Place: hong kong
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Rock Hudson (1990)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: Biography of actor Rock Hudson focuses on his struggle with his homosexuality. Based on the book by his ex-wife, Phyllis Gates, and on the court records from the civil suit brought by his former lover, Marc Christian.
Plot: aids, celebrity, homosexuality, in the closet, gay, gay lead character, homosexual, hugging, illness, marriage of convenience, closeted homosexual, actor
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Jenny (1970)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 86 min.
Story: An unwed mother-to-be marries a total stranger avoiding the draft. She now has a father for her child and he doesn't have to go to the Army. But this marriage-of-convenience leads to a romance between the two.
Plot: unwed pregnancy, vietnam war, childbirth, breast feeding, falling in love, pregnant wife, surrealism, filmmaker, maternity ward, marriage, woman in labor, marriage of convenience ...
Time: 1960s
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A Paper Wedding (1990)
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
Duration: 95 min.
Story: A woman agrees to a marriage of convenience with a refugee.
Plot: visa, refugee, apartment, poet, moustache, green card, wedding dress, middle age romance, arranged marriage, marriage of convenience, arrest, interracial romance ...
Place: canada, montreal quebec canada
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The Joys of Jezebel (1970)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 75 min.
Story: Satan lets Jezebel return to earth to deliver the soul of a blonde virgin named Rachel by taking over her body. However, Jezebel gets more than she bargained for.
Plot: orgy, blasphemy, satan, old testament, coitus, bare breasts, female removes her clothes, fondling, hell, group sex, lucifer, bible ...
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Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years (1977)
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 155 min.
Story: The story of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during their 12-year stay at the White House.
Plot: usa president, wheelchair, world war two, mother daughter relationship, marriage, friendship, social issues, remorse, mother in law daughter in law relationship, flashback, father daughter relationship, u.s. president ...
Time: 1890s, 1940s, 1900s
Place: california, washington d.c., usa, pearl harbor
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A Different Story (1978)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: A gay man and a lesbian enter into a marriage of convenience in order to prevent his deportation, and then gradually fall in love with one another.
Plot: lesbian, gay, gay parent, lgbt, crying woman, cat, crying baby, pregnancy, crib, airplane, baby, rage ...
Place: california
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