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The list contains the best, new and most relevant year 1992 movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out serious, realistic, suspense, suspenseful, captivating and humorous films and TV shows about / with blood, murder, chase, death, violence, police, photograph, betrayal, deception and beach plots mostly in Drama, Crime and Thriller genres shot in USA, UK, France and other countries.
year 1992
year 1992 movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as year 1992: We Are Young. We Are Strong. (2014), The Girls (2020), The Laser Man (2005), Deep Cover (1992), The Amy Fisher Story (1993), Miracle (2017), 120 Beats Per Minute (2017), Summer of '92 (2015), 2 Jacks (2012), Just Go with It (2011).

List of year 1992 movies

We Are Young. We Are Strong. (2014)
Genre: Crime, Drama, History
Country: Germany
Duration: 123 min.
Story: On 24th August 1992 in the eastern German city of Rostock a rampaging mob, to the applause and cheering of more than 3,000 bystanders, besieged and set fire to a residential building containing, among others, more than 120 Vietnamese men, women and ...
Style: captivating, psychological, tense, suspense
Plot: xenophobia, riot, racism, angry mob, group of friends, politician, arson, fear, crimes, society, couples, hate crime ...
Time: year 1992
Place: germany
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The Girls (2020)
Genre: Drama
Country: Spain
Duration: 97 min.
Story: Prodded by the rebellious Brisa, puberty is awakening in twelve-year-old Celia. Quickly, the two become allies against the rigid rules of authority in the Catholic girls’ school. However, questions about the right bra, cool bands and sexy clothing ...
Plot: homework, game, cigarette, disco, catholic school, sex talk, city, child, house, nun, childhood, car ...
Time: 90s, year 1992, 1990s
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The Laser Man (2005)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller
Country: Sweden
Duration: 270 min.
TV show
Story: Follows the Swedish serial killer and bank robber John Ausonius, nicknamed "Lasermannen", because he used a red laser aiming for his rifle.
Plot: shooting, multiple time frames, racism, bank robbery, police procedural, archive footage, murder
Time: 1990s, 80s, 90s, 70s, year 1992
Place: eastern europe, stockholm sweden
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Small Country: An African Childhood (2020)
Genre: Drama
Country: France, Belgium
Duration: 111 min.
Story: Gabriel, aged 10, lives in a comfortable ex-pat neighborhood in Burundi, his ‘small country’. Gabriel is a normal kid, happy, carefree and having adventures with his friends and little sister. Then in 1993, tensions in neighboring Rwanda spill ...
Plot: family relations, child smoking cigarette, child smoking, swinger, exhumation, car on fire, billiards, swing, presidential election, blowing out candles on a birthday cake, jumping into water, blind man ...
Time: 90s, year 1992, year 1993, year 1994, 1990s
Place: africa
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How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 102 min.
Story: A couple of British 1970s teenaged boys, Enn and Vic, go to a party to meet girls, only to find that the girls are very different from the boys' expectations.
Style: psychedelic, surreal, humorous, semi serious
Plot: alien, surrealism, punk, galaxy, punk rock, cult leader, forbidden love, cult, teenage boy, party, vomiting, singing ...
Time: 70s, year 1977, year 1992
Place: london
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Deep Cover (1992)
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: The black policeman Russell Stevens applies for a special anti-drug squad which targets the highest boss of cocaine delivery to LA: the Colombian foreign minister's nephew. Russell works his way up from the bottom undercover, until he reaches ...
Style: suspenseful, tense, enigmatic, suspense, realistic ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: neo noir, murder, undercover, police investigation, gangsters, brutality, deadly, betrayal, organized crime, drug traffic, drug trafficking, racial slur ...
Time: 90s, 1990s, year 1972, 70s, year 1992
Place: ohio, cleveland ohio, los angeles, california
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The Amy Fisher Story (1993)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 96 min.
Story: The true story of the Long Island teen who shoots and wounds the wife of a man she called her lover.
Style: realistic, serious, psychotronic
Plot: lolita, femme fatale, betrayal, obsession, power relations, crimes, dishonesty, deadly, love and romance, couples, love affair, infidelity ...
Time: 90s, 1990s, year 1991, year 1992, year 1990
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Miracle (2017)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, UK, France
Duration: 91 min.
Story: Close to bankruptcy, Irena, the owner of a struggling pig farm in a tiny post-Communist town, finds a surprising benefactor in a handsome American man who appears to be the answer to all her prayers.
Style: ironic, tragicomedy, captivating, light, tense ...
Plot: capitalism, communism, small town, farm, dream, transformation, poverty, financial crisis, secret, money, church, betrayal ...
Time: year 1992
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120 Beats Per Minute (2017)
Genre: Drama
Country: France
Duration: 143 min.
Story: Paris, in the early 1990s: a group of young activists is desperately tied to finding the cure against an unknown lethal disease. They target the pharmaceutical labs that are retaining potential cures, and multiply direct actions, with the hope of ...
Style: thought provoking, disturbing, psychological, sentimental, captivating ...
Plot: gay love, gay, aids, laboratory, cure, lgbt, demonstration, medicine, activist, epidemic, love, hospital ...
Time: 1990s, 90s, year 1992
Place: europe, paris france, france
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The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 91 min.
Story: 1993: after being caught having sex with the prom queen, a girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy center.
Style: thought provoking, psychological, disturbing, touching
Plot: lgbt, lesbian, lgbt teen, emotional abuse, teenage sexuality, religion, female sexuality, sex scene, parent child relationship, self acceptance, teenager, gay slur ...
Time: 1990s, 90s, year 1992, year 1993
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Summer of '92 (2015)
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Sport
Country: Denmark, UK, Sweden
Duration: 93 min.
Story: The 1992 Danish football team competes for the European Championship.
Plot: jumping into water, pushed into a swimming pool, football, swimming pool, cigarette smoking, football player, male objectification, tournament, piano playing, beer drinking, stadium, party ...
Time: year 1992, 1990s, 90s, year 1990
Place: denmark, sweden
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2 Jacks (2012)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 90 min.
Story: Jack Hussar is a legendary Hollywood director, whose persona commands respect and adoration from his fans. Can his son, Jack Jr. maintain his legacy?
Style: humorous, light, feel good, captivating, non-linear ...
Plot: artists and showbiz, follow your dream, ambition, nightlife, family relations, parents and children, hollywood, filmmaking, hopes, gambling, love and romance, fall in love ...
Time: 90s, 21st century, 2010s, 20th century, year 2012 ...
Place: usa, california, los angeles
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Just Go with It (2011)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 117 min.
Story: A plastic surgeon, romancing a much younger schoolteacher, enlists his loyal assistant to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife, in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, the assistant's kids become involved, and everyone ...
Style: feel good, humorous, not serious, ridiculous, funny ...
Audience: chick flick, date night, family outing, girls' night, teens ...
Plot: love and romance, romance, couple relations, pretense, single mother, fall in love, plastic surgery, deception, marriage, blackmail, plan gone awry, office romance ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, 80s, 90s, 2010s ...
Place: hawaii, usa, los angeles
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Evilenko (2004)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: Italy
Duration: 111 min.
Story: In 1984, in Kiev, the communist teacher Andrej Romanovic Evilenko is dismissed from his position after a pedophilic act against a student. On 15 May 1984, the pedophile Evilenko begins to rape children, and then slashing the victims in pieces and ...
Style: disturbing, suspenseful, bleak, psychological, scary ...
Plot: pedophile, serial killer, sexual abuse, murder, psychopath, slasher, woman in danger, child murder, child murder investigation, pedophilia, investigation, danger ...
Time: contemporary, year 1984, year 1992, 1990s, 80s ...
Place: kiev ukraine, russia, ukraine, crimea, soviet union
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Dark Blue (2002)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA, UK, Germany
Duration: 118 min.
Story: Set during the Rodney King riots, a robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics.
Style: tense, disturbing, suspenseful, serious, captivating ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: police brutality, police corruption, rookie, police investigation, crimes, fighting the system, partners, law enforcement, dishonesty, testimony, crime and punishment, corruption ...
Time: 20th century, 90s, year 1992, 1990s
Place: los angeles, usa, california, southern california, new jersey
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The Traitor (2019)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Country: Italy, France, Germany, Brazil
Duration: 153 min.
Story: Palermo, Sicily, 1980. Mafia member Tommaso Buscetta decides to move to Brazil with his family fleeing the constant war between the different clans of the criminal organization. But when, after living several misfortunes, he is forced to return to ...
Style: realistic, captivating, suspense, intense, factual
Plot: cosa nostra, mafia, informant, assassination attempt, assassination, judge, trial, murder, death threat, italian history, organized crime, friends ...
Time: 80s, 20th century, 90s, 1990s, 2000s ...
Place: sicily, italy, rome italy, europe, miami ...
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Rumpole of the Bailey (1978)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Country: See more
Duration: 60 min.
TV show
Story: Rumpole of the Bailey is a British television series created and written by the British writer and barrister John Mortimer. It stars Leo McKern as Horace Rumpole, an aging London barrister who defends any and all clients, and has been spun off into ...
Style: witty, clever, realistic, serious
Plot: jury, courtroom, drowning, legal, dentist, workplace situations, uncover truth, couple relations, courtroom drama, power relations, legal action, legal investigation ...
Time: 70s, 80s, 90s, 20th century, 60s ...
Place: london, england, europe
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X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Country: USA, Canada
Duration: 113 min.
Story: Gathered together by Professor Charles Xavier to protect a world that fears and hates them, the X-Men had fought many battles, been on adventures that spanned galaxies, grappled enemies of limitless might, but none of this could prepare them for the ...
Style: exciting, surprise ending, comic, suspense, entertaining ...
Plot: telekinesis, mutant, superhero, supernatural ability, supernatural power, superhero team, teleportation, heroic mission, adventure, good versus evil, super villain, moral dilemma ...
Time: 90s, 1990s, year 1992, year 1975, 70s
Place: new york, paris france
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The Late Shift (1996)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: David Letterman vies with Jay Leno and his manager to succeed Johnny Carson, retiring from "The Tonight Show."
Style: semi serious, humorous, talky, realistic, clever ...
Plot: rivalry, showbiz, tv show, ambition, artists and showbiz, media, contests and competitions, late night, media satire, television show, talk show host, comedian ...
Time: 20th century, 90s, year 1991, 1990s, year 1992
Place: usa, new york
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The Hurricane Heist (2018)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 103 min.
Story: Thieves attempt a massive heist against the U.S. Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches one of its Mint facilities.
Style: disaster movie, suspense, disturbing, exciting, suspenseful ...
Plot: hurricane, heist, weather, money, betrayal, conspiracy, hostage, brother brother relationship, weatherman, special agents, hostages, tsunami ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, year 2015, 90s, year 1992 ...
Place: usa, alabama
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Princess Cyd (2017)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 96 min.
Story: High school athlete Cyd Loughlin lives alone with her depressive father in South Carolina, perpetually longing to get away from it all. When her aunt, famous novelist Miranda Ruth, agrees to host her for a few weeks during the summer, Cyd jumps at ...
Style: sincere, captivating, disturbing, touching
Plot: lgbt, lesbian, novelist, coming of age, sexual identity, summer vacation, lesbian sex, lesbian couple, roommate, female protagonist, friendship, party ...
Time: 1990s, 20th century, 1850s, 19th century, 1960s ...
Place: chicago illinois, south carolina, illinois
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Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: Japan
Duration: 103 min.
Story: Time travelers from the 23rd century return to 1992 to warn Japan that Godzilla will cause a catastrophic nuclear incident in the 21st century and suggest a way to rid the world of him forever. They intend to go back to 1944, to Ragos Island, where ...
Style: serious, futuristic, suspenseful, psychotronic
Audience: boys' night, teens
Plot: godzilla, world war two, island, dinosaur, time travel, ufo, androids, catastrophe, disorder, deadly, danger, imaginary ...
Time: future, 20th century, 23rd century, 1990s, 90s ...
Place: japan, asia, east asia
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I, Tonya (2017)
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Sport
Country: UK, USA, Qatar
Duration: 119 min.
Story: Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U. S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the sport is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.
Style: humorous, suspense, rough, ironic, absurd ...
Plot: figure skating, abusive mother, emotional abuse, mother daughter relationship, fondling, ice rink, rivalry, skating, female protagonist, female athlete, competition, domestic violence ...
Time: 1990s, 90s, 80s, 20th century, 2000s ...
Place: detroit, portland oregon, oregon, minneapolis minnesota
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Tangerines (2013)
Genre: Drama, War
Country: Estonia, Georgia
Duration: 87 min.
Story: War in Abkhazia 1990. An Estonian man Ivo has stayed behind to harvest his crops of tangerines. In a bloody conflict at his door, a wounded man is left behind, and Ivo is forced to take him in.
Style: thought provoking, tense, touching, bleak, serious ...
Plot: anti war, wartime life, war, village, bullet wound, gun, life is a bitch, human nature, rivalry, mistrust, isolation, confined ...
Time: 90s, 1990s, 20th century, year 1992
Place: georgia (former ussr), europe, estonia, georgia, asia ...
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Parasite (1982)
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Duration: 85 min.
Story: Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government agent named Merchant.
Style: suspenseful, scary, serious, rough, futuristic ...
Audience: boys' night, teens
Plot: future dystopia, mad scientist, survival, deadly creature, experiment gone awry, bio weapon, save the world, danger, plague, gang, desert, parasite ...
Time: future, year 1992, near future, 1990s, 90s ...
Place: los angeles, california
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Night Watch (2004)
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Country: Russia
Duration: 114 min.
Story: Among normal humans live the "Others" possessing various supernatural powers. They are divided up into the forces of light and the forces of the dark, who signed a truce several centuries ago to end a devastating battle. Ever since, the ...
Style: suspenseful, atmospheric, twists and turns, exciting, surprise ending ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: good versus evil, witch, vampire, supernatural, demons, supernatural power, curses spells and rituals, russian, death, chosen one, destiny, struggle ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, 2000s, year 1992, 1990s ...
Place: russia, europe, eastern europe, moscow russia
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Very Good Girls (2013)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 91 min.
Story: Two New York City girls make a pact to lose their virginity during their first summer out of high school. When they both fall for the same street artist, the friends find their connection tested for the first time.
Style: realistic, semi serious, humorous, touching, captivating ...
Audience: teens, girls' night
Plot: first sex, love triangle, wooing, friendship, loss of virginity, youth, teenage love, teenage life, love and romance, coming of age, fall in love, female friendship ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, year 1992
Place: new york, usa, coney island brooklyn new york city, new york state
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Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 88 min.
Story: When Police Chief Jesse Stone's relationship with his ex-wife worsens, he fears he will relapse into alcoholism. To get his mind off his problems, Jesse begins working on the unsolved murder of a bank teller shot during a robbery. Meanwhile, ...
Style: serious, rough, suspenseful, tense, realistic
Plot: murder, uncover truth, police investigation, crimes, investigation, crime, deadly, life is a bitch, law enforcement, heist, coma, cold case ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, 1990s, 90s, year 1992 ...
Place: new england, usa, massachusetts
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Into the Wild (2007)
Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 148 min.
Story: The true story of top student and athlete, Christopher McCandless, who after graduating from Emory University in 1992, abandoned his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness.
Style: road movie, melancholic, philosophical, inspirational, motivational ...
Plot: self discovery, survival, journey, wilderness, freedom, life philosophy, on the road, isolation, adventure, solitude, lifestyle change, introspection ...
Time: 90s, 20th century, year 1990, year 1992, year 1991 ...
Place: alaska, usa, washington state, south dakota, los angeles ...
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Colombiana (2011)
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Country: France, Mexico, USA, UK
Duration: 108 min.
Story: Zoe Saldana plays a young woman who, after witnessing her parents’ murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. She works for her uncle as a hitman by day, but her personal time is spent engaging in vigilante murders that she ...
Style: exciting, stylized, suspenseful, serious, intense ...
Audience: boys' night, teens, girls' night
Plot: female assassin, vigilante, female killer, vengeance, tough girl, vigilantism, crimes, latinos, danger, hitman, rivalry, sniper ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary, 90s, 1990s, year 1992
Place: colombia, usa, south america, latin america, chicago illinois ...
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