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male rape victim
male rape victim movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as male rape victim: Romans (2017), Snowtown (2011), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), American History X (1998), The Book of Revelation (2006), Vito and the Others (1991), Like.Share.Follow. (2017), American Pets (2018), Endgame (2001), El mar (2000).

List of male rape victim movies

Romans (2017)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: UK
Duration: 91 min.
Story: An adult victim of childhood sexual abuse confronts the horrors of his past
Style: tense, unusual plot structure, suspense, suspenseful, disturbing
Plot: male rape victim, traumatized man, revenge, rape victim, sex scene, male nudity, female nudity, dark past, haunted by the past, fight, tragic past, borderline personality disorder ...
Time: 21st century
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Snowtown (2011)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Country: Australia
Duration: 119 min.
Story: Based on true events, 16 year-old Jamie falls in with his mother's new boyfriend and his crowd of self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, a relationship that leads to a spree of torture and murder.
Style: psychological, disturbing, tense, rough, realistic ...
Plot: serial killer, violence, gay rape, gang, male rape victim, torture, psychopath, suspicion, murder, manipulation, crimes, mother's boyfriend ...
Time: contemporary, 90s, 20th century, year 1999, year 1998
Place: south australia, australia, adelaide south australia
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The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 142 min.
Story: Framed in the 1940s for the double murder of his wife and her lover, upstanding banker Andy Dufresne begins a new life at the Shawshank prison, where he puts his accounting skills to work for an amoral warden. During his long stretch in prison, ...
Style: inspirational, touching, philosophical, twist ending, uplifting ...
Audience: kids
Plot: prison, prison escape, freedom, existentialism, friendship between men, life, life sentence, hopes, life philosophy, plot twist, powerful ending, human spirit ...
Time: 1940s, year 1963, year 1965, year 1966, year 1947 ...
Place: usa, maine, pacific ocean, mexico
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American History X (1998)
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 119 min.
Story: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for killing two thugs who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard's narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader ...
Style: rough, cerebral, serious, tense, disturbing ...
Audience: boys' night, teens, date night
Plot: prison, skinhead, racism, gang, racial slur, crimes, character change, juvenile delinquency, racial prejudice, neo nazi, rape, murder ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: usa, los angeles, california, venice beach california
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The Book of Revelation (2006)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Country: Australia
Duration: 118 min.
Story: An erotic mystery about power and sex, the entanglement of victim and perpetrator, and a man's struggle to regain his lost self.
Style: erotic, disturbing, surreal, psychological, serious ...
Plot: sex crime, woman rapes man, kidnapping, sexual abuse, confined, sexual humiliation, female rapist, sex slave, male rape victim, kidnapped man, captivity, uncover truth ...
Time: contemporary
Place: australia
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Vito and the Others (1991)
Genre: Drama
Country: Italy
Duration: 83 min.
Story: A despairing Rosario has just murdered his wife and daughter at the dinner table on New Year's Eve. Somehow, Vito quietly convinces his father to drop the gun, spare their lives and call the police. Placed in the custody of sexually abusive ...
Audience: teens, pre-teens
Plot: gay rape, coming of age, youth, male rape victim, child murder, little boy, anal rape, tiger, children, street life, sex scene, childhood ...
Place: naples italy, napoli italy
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Like.Share.Follow. (2017)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 97 min.
Story: Garrett is a rising YouTube star. Shell is a deeply emotional fan. When they begin a romantic relationship, he's forced to question whether opening your life to strangers online is an invitation to community and rescue... or to stalking, ...
Style: realistic, mind bending, suspenseful, psychological, suspense ...
Plot: fan, male rape victim, obsession, love story, youtube, crimes, meeting, teenage boy, stalker, stalking, internet, mental disorder ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
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American Pets (2018)
Genre: Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 86 min.
Story: A young man hatches a diabolical plan to cover-up his Grandma's death.
Style: dark
Plot: woman rapes man, accidental killing, female on male rape, sexual abuse, male rape victim, female sexual predator, female rapist, strange person, strange behavior, spoiled brat, television producer, unpunished rape ...
Place: los angeles
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Endgame (2001)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: UK
Duration: 109 min.
Story: Sex is currency. It commands power and can instill fear. Tom, a young man with a troubled past finds himself sucked into a seedy underworld by George Norris, a now super villain with a sadistic streak. A helpless pawn in one of Norris's ...
Style: disturbing, serious, tense, rough, erotic ...
Plot: gay, hustler, sexual abuse, psychopath, haunted by the past, social decay, lgbt, dishonesty, crimes, law enforcement, life is a bitch, gangsters ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: england
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El mar (2000)
Genre: Drama, War
Country: Spain
Duration: 107 min.
Story: Childhood friends reunite later in life in Spanish tuberculosis sanitorium. Pressures of death all around combine with dark secrets of their past.
Style: disturbing, erotic, psychological, serious, suspenseful ...
Plot: tuberculosis, gay, childhood friend, friendship, gay erotica, society, life is a bitch, haunted by the past, political unrest, terminal illness, gay rape, lgbt ...
Time: 1930s, 1940s
Place: spain, europe, mallorca
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The Captives (2001)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 71 min.
Story: Sandy has stumbled onto a lair of torture and humiliation. She was abducted and brought to this pit of pain as the next intended victim. But Sandy overthrows her captor and kills him. Does she release the other prisoners? Does she call the police? ...
Style: sadistic, rough, macabre, slasher, bloody ...
Plot: rape and revenge, rape, pervert, torture, masturbation, perversion, sadism, sadistic woman, violence, revenge, female on male rape, brutality ...
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Mystic River (2003)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA, Australia
Duration: 138 min.
Story: A story about friendship and loyalty, guilt and vengeance, and the fateful affect the past has on the present.
Style: psychological, twist ending, suspense, emotional, tense ...
Plot: mystery, vengeance, loss of child, sexual abuse, murder, police investigation, childhood, child abuse, investigation, death in the family, tragic event, vigilantism ...
Time: 70s, 20th century, 21st century, contemporary, 60s
Place: boston, massachusetts, usa
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Jonny's Sweet Revenge (2015)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Country: USA
Duration: 105 min.
Story: Rick and Reni came to California in search of a new lease on life. Unfortunately, all they found was each other... In a last ditch effort to save their struggling relationship, the duo twist their couples' counseling therapy into a plot that ...
Style: tense, suspenseful, disturbing, humorous, captivating ...
Plot: criminal, bully, heist, relationships, bullying, accidental killing, co worker co worker relationship, gay slur, hostage, corpse, gay, dark humor ...
Place: california, los angeles, usa
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Luna (2017)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 93 min.
Story: A film in which the director captures the beautiful and accurate qualities of reality when building the energetic portrait of a 16-year-old girl immersed in the macho culture of urban suburban south-west France, just a stone’s throw away from the ...
Style: psychological, captivating
Plot: group of friends, violence, workplace, moral dilemma, relationship problems, new job, workplace situations, coworker, girl, guilt, male rape victim, female nudity ...
Time: 2010s
Place: south of france
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Acolytes (2008)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Australia
Duration: 91 min.
Story: Three teens blackmail a serial killer into helping them get rid of a violent bully.
Style: psychological, serious, suspenseful, scary, tense ...
Plot: serial killer, forest, murder, psychopath, friendship, vengeance, crimes, teenage life, mystery, youth, suburbs, rivalry ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: australia
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Accidental Incest (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 102 min.
Story: Directed by Richard Griffin.
Style: satirical, entertaining, humorous, feel good, captivating ...
Plot: absurdism, ecstasy the drug, brother sister relationship, incest, step siblings, stepbrother stepsister relationship, male female relationship, half sister, half brother, couples, relationships, forbidden love ...
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Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Country: UK
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Don Wallace arrives at Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school in the English countryside where the children of the wealthiest are groomed to dominate society. But the monolithic rules of the British upper class change when greed and recklessness ...
Style: slasher, suspenseful, captivating, tense, humorous ...
Audience: teens
Plot: monster, party, boarding school, teenager, teenage boy, friendship, survival, teacher, death, school, english countryside, secret ...
Time: 21st century
Place: england
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The Bunker (2015)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: Germany
Duration: 85 min.
Story: A student moves in with a family that lives in an underground house in the middle of the forest, far from civilization. His hopes of peace and quiet are soon shattered, when it becomes apparent that both the parents and their son have a screw loose.
Style: surreal, semi serious, atmospheric, funny, realistic ...
Plot: isolation, father son relationship, teacher student relationship, bunker, dark humor, eccentric family, dysfunctional family, family problems, prodigy, parents and children, mental disorder, family relations ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: germany, central europe
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The Deserter (1970)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: Italy, Greece
Duration: 91 min.
Story: A soldier runs away from the horrors of war, finds love with a virgin farm girl and a mistreated housewife, and will find that it is difficult to survive the battles of sex and love.
Plot: animal sex, zoophilia, waking up, female rivalry, neglected wife, male nudity, dog, male star appears nude, rivalry, secret, skinny dipping, seductive woman ...
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Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1970)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Country: UK
Duration: 94 min.
Story: Sloane, a handsome, sexy and completely amoral young man, joins Kath's household as a lodger and proceeds to manipulate her and her brother, Ed. He is recognized by Kemp (Dadda) as the murderer of Kemp's former employer, whereupon Sloane ...
Style: sexy, realistic, semi serious, humorous, sexual ...
Plot: gay, lgbt, dark humor, murder, abuse of power, male objectification, woman rapes man, mystery, family relations, womanizer, dishonesty, gender ...
Time: 20th century, 60s
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Myra Breckinridge (1970)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 94 min.
Story: Myron Breckinridge flies to Europe to get a sex-change operation and is transformed into the beautiful Myra. She travels to Hollywood, meets up with her rich Uncle Buck and, claiming to be Myron's widow, demands money. Instead, Buck gives Myra ...
Style: erotic, surreal, sexy, semi serious, realistic ...
Plot: transsexual, gender, gender bending, sex, bdsm, lust, exploitation, fetish, lgbtq, eroticism, hollywood, filmmaking ...
Time: 60s
Place: usa, europe, california
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My Blind Date with Life (2017)
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Country: Germany
Duration: 111 min.
Story: An ambitious young man struggles to achieve his dream of becoming an employee in a Munich luxury hotel despite being strongly visually impaired.
Style: compassionate, tragicomedy, captivating, uplifting, sentimental ...
Plot: blindness, blind character, paramedic, disability, ambition, friendship, coworker relationship, hidden truth, deception, trust, ambitious man, employer employee relationship ...
Place: munich germany, central europe
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The Judge and the Assassin (1976)
Genre: Crime, Drama, History
Country: France
Duration: 128 min.
Story: France, 1893. Joseph Bouvier attempts to shoot his love who refused to marry him and to commit suicide. Upon release from the filthy asylum where he was placed, with bullets still remaining in his head, he wanders the country roads and rapes and ...
Style: psychological, suspenseful, serious, realistic, tense ...
Plot: serial killer, psychopath, courtroom drama, war veteran, serial child killer, confession of crime, mental institution, murder confession, crimes, anti semitism, lawyer, time travel ...
Time: 19th century, 1890s
Place: france, europe, paris france
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The Baby (1973)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 84 min.
Story: A social worker who recently lost her husband investigates the strange Wadsworth family. The Wadsworths might not seem too unusual to hear about them at first - consisting of the mother, two grown daughters and the diaper-clad, bottle-sucking baby. ...
Style: mind bending, slasher, surprise ending, sexy, realistic ...
Plot: brother sister sex, social worker, psychopath, birthday party, dysfunctional family, mental retardation, abusive mother, female psychopath, age difference, exploitation, supernatural, mental disorder ...
Time: 70s
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I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen (1970)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: Czechoslovakia
Duration: 95 min.
Story: This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the ability to have children. A summit meeting is held at the United Nations, with the proposed solution of building a time machine. The ...
Style: parody, psychotronic, cult film
Plot: time travel, post apocalypse, distopia, surrealism, love story, time machine, woman rapes man, time paradox, infertility, parrot, theater, maid ...
Time: year 1999, 90s, future, 1910s
Place: central europe, prague
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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: UK, Canada
Duration: 90 min.
Story: In New York in 1995 Dr. Richard Jacks is a creator of perfumes. Thus he spends his days inventing new colorful and well smelling potions and certainly caring for his girlfriend Sarah Carver. But when he discovers that his greatgrandfather, called ...
Style: humorous, light, sexy, semi serious, unusual plot structure ...
Audience: teens, girls' night
Plot: gender bending, experiment gone awry, hidden identity, switching roles, transformation, male to female cross dressing, femme fatale, supernatural ability, disorder, fish out of water, manipulative behavior, female on male rape ...
Time: 90s
Place: new york
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Moon 44 (1990)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: West Germany
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Year 2038: The mineral resources of the earth are drained, in space there are fights for the last deposits on other planets and satellites. This is the situation when one of the bigger mining corporations has lost all but one mineral moons and many ...
Style: serious, suspenseful, futuristic, exciting, captivating ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: moon, save the world, robot, corruption, undercover agent, escapades, rescue, androids and robots, heroic mission, space battle, survival, race against time ...
Time: future, 2030s
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The Vampire Wedding (1993)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Country: Czech Republic
Duration: 94 min.
Story: Young English gentleman falls in love with beautiful Czech vampire.
Style: dark, parody, macabre, psychotronic, horror spoof ...
Plot: vampire, woman rapes man, vampire hunter, inner voice, male rape victim, work abroad, male bondage, travel, female rapist, crucifix, church, captive ...
Time: 18th century
Place: prague, central europe
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Goodbye Gemini (1970)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Country: UK
Duration: 89 min.
Story: Unnaturally close, jet-setting twins become enmeshed in the Swinging London scene, where their relationship is strained after they befriend a predatory hustler and his girlfriend.
Style: slasher, lgbt cinema, psychotronic, british horror, gay cinema
Plot: twins, gay, lgbt, female psychopath, blackmail, exploitation, hustler, psycho, fraternal twins, immature, loss of sister, male prostitute ...
Place: london
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Should a Schoolgirl Tell? (1969)
Genre: Comedy
Country: West Germany, Italy
Duration: 67 min.
Story: Schoolgirl Josefine learns from an early age to use sex to gain advantages. The school's gym teacher is arrested and accused of indecent behavior but the court dismisses the case when Josefine uses her female charm on the jurors.
Style: sex comedy, sexy
Plot: forced sex, erotic dream, rape, lgbt, affair, promiscuous woman, stepbrother stepsister relationship, teenage girl, female nudity, peeping, extramarital affair, seductive girl ...
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