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jewish wedding
jewish wedding movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as jewish wedding: Then She Found Me (2007), Private Benjamin (1980), Goodbye, Columbus (1969), Along Came Polly (2004), Let My People Go! (2011), The Pallbearer (1996), Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1984), Charlotte (2021), In Her Shoes (2005), Cabaret (1972).

List of jewish wedding movies

Then She Found Me (2007)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA, UK
Duration: 100 min.
Story: A New York schoolteacher hits a midlife crisis when, in quick succession, her husband leaves, her adoptive mother dies and her biological mother, an eccentric talk show host, materializes and turns her life upside down as she begins a courtship with ...
Style: romantic, touching, emotional, humorous, sentimental ...
Audience: girls' night, date night, chick flick
Plot: adoption, midlife crisis, depression, eccentricity, loneliness, love and romance, betrayal, jewish american, unfulfillment, parents and children, birth mother, love ...
Time: 2000s
Place: new york, usa, brooklyn new york city
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Private Benjamin (1980)
Genre: Comedy, War
Country: USA
Duration: 109 min.
Story: A sheltered young high society woman joins the army on a whim and finds herself in a more difficult situation than she ever expected.
Style: feel good, sentimental, funny, semi serious, light ...
Audience: girls' night, chick flick, teens, date night
Plot: wedding, basic training, boot camp, self discovery, women, paratrooper, fish out of water, transformation, soldier, female soldier, military life, military training ...
Time: 80s, 20th century, 70s
Place: belgium, paris france, usa
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Goodbye, Columbus (1969)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 102 min.
Story: A Jewish man and a jewish woman meet and while attracted to each other find that their worlds are very different. She is the archetypical Jewish-American-Princess, very emotionally involved with her parents world and the world they have created for ...
Style: sexy, witty, sexual, humorous, affectionate ...
Audience: date night, teens
Plot: hotel, wedding, satire, couples, nude, guilt, trippy, gangsters, identity, multiple storylines, marriage, chase ...
Time: 60s
Place: new york, tokyo, new jersey, usa, tahiti ...
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Along Came Polly (2004)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 90 min.
Story: Reuben Feffer is a guy who's spent his entire life playing it safe. Polly Prince is irresistible as a free-spirit who lives for the thrill of the moment. When these two comically mismatched souls collide, Reuben's world is turned upside ...
Style: romantic, funny, humorous, feel good, not serious ...
Audience: teens, girls' night, date night, chick flick
Plot: honeymoon, infidelity, opposites attract, love and romance, wedding, divorce, marriage, relationships, life philosophy, commitment, chance, disorder ...
Time: 2000s, 21st century
Place: los angeles, new jersey, new york, long island, usa ...
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Let My People Go! (2011)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 96 min.
Story: Everyone knows that Ruben is Jewish, gay, half-French, half-Finnish, an ungrateful son and disappointing lover, a thief who can’t help himself, and possibly a murderer to boot. The only person who doesn't know who Ruben is is Ruben himself. ...
Style: realistic, humorous, semi serious, melancholic, captivating ...
Plot: gay, dysfunctional family, gays and lesbians, lgbt, family relations, society, farce, siblings relations, homecoming, family problems, religions or cults, gender ...
Time: 21st century
Place: france, finland, paris france, europe
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The Pallbearer (1996)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 98 min.
Story: Aspiring architect Tom Thompson is told by mysterious Ruth Abernathy that his best friend, "Bill," has taken his own life. Except that Tom has never met Bill and neither have his incredulous friends. So when Tom foolishly agrees to give ...
Style: melancholic, romantic, humorous, semi serious, sexy ...
Audience: date night, teens, chick flick, girls' night
Plot: mistaken identity, friendship, loneliness, youth, love triangle, adolescence vs adulthood, nothing goes right, self discovery, comedy of errors, dark humor, high school, funeral ...
Time: 90s
Place: new jersey, california, new york, usa
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Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1984)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: A put-upon Jewish deli owner in Brooklyn dreams of getting out from underneath the thumb of his domineering father and his haughty fashion-model girlfriend by buying his own restaurant in midtown Manhattan.
Style: realistic, semi serious, humorous, offbeat
Audience: date night
Plot: restaurant, jewish, food, rabbi, brooklyn bridge, friends, religions or cults, loan, couples, family relations, parents and children, family life ...
Time: 80s
Place: new york, usa, manhattan new york city, brooklyn new york city
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Charlotte (2021)
Genre: Animation, Biography, Drama, History, War
Country: Canada, France, Belgium
Duration: 92 min.
Story: The true story of Charlotte Salomon, a young German-Jewish painter who comes of age in Berlin on the eve of the Second World War. Fiercely imaginative and deeply gifted, she dreams of becoming an artist. Her first love applauds her talent, which ...
Style: disturbing, psychological, captivating, adult animation, 2d animation
Plot: world war two, female artist, artist, painter, female protagonist, historical figure, painting, artists' life, social problems, life is a bitch, life, art ...
Time: 1930s, 1940s
Place: south of france, berlin germany, cote d'azur
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In Her Shoes (2005)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA, Germany, UK
Duration: 130 min.
Story: Irresponsible party girl Maggie (Cameron Diaz) is kicked out of her father's (Ken Howard) and stepmother's (Candice Azzara) home, where she lives for free, and is taken in by her hard-working sister, Philadelphia lawyer Rose (Toni ...
Style: light, sentimental, romantic, touching, emotional ...
Audience: chick flick, girls' night, teens
Plot: dysfunctional family, couple relations, wedding, family values, love, women, self discovery, dyslexia, family relations, job seeking, law firm, parents and children ...
Time: 2000s, 21st century
Place: philadelphia, florida, usa, chicago illinois
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Cabaret (1972)
Genre: Drama, Music, Musical, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 124 min.
Story: Inside the Kit Kat Club of 1931 Berlin, starry-eyed singer Sally Bowles and an impish emcee sound the clarion call to decadent fun, while outside a certain political party grows into a brutal force.
Style: satirical, stylized, atmospheric, sentimental, serious ...
Audience: chick flick
Plot: nazi, gay, world war two, cabaret, fascism, gay interest, decadence, dancing, jewish, bisexual man, closeted homosexual, visceral ...
Time: 1930s, year 1931, 20th century
Place: berlin germany, new york, europe, germany
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Highway to Havasu (2017)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 108 min.
Story: During spring break, two buddies kidnap their broken-hearted friend and embark on a road trip to Lake Havasu.
Plot: spring break, girl, motor home, caught masturbating, jewish wedding, sexual fantasy, strip club, room service, frog, woman in a bikini, coming of age, high school ...
Place: arizona
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Demon (2015)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Country: Poland, Israel
Duration: 94 min.
Story: A bridegroom is possessed by an unquiet spirit in the midst of his own wedding celebration, in this clever take on the Jewish legend of the dybbuk.
Style: enigmatic, suspenseful, bleak, cynical, slasher ...
Plot: demon, wedding, possession, ghost, wedding party, demonic possession, bride and groom, missing person, father son relationship, jewish, wedding day, search party ...
Place: poland, europe
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The Comedian (2016)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 120 min.
Story: A look at the life of an aging insult comic.
Style: captivating, light, melancholic, entertaining, experimental ...
Plot: aging, comedian, insult, comeback, jewish, comedy club, brother brother relationship, jail, judaism, lesbian daughter, casanova, swamp ...
Time: year 1985
Place: long island, florida, new york, alabama, somalia ...
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A Fortunate Man (2018)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Denmark
Duration: 162 min.
Story: On his quest for happiness, Per decides to leave Jutland and an upbringing in a strict religious home. He runs from his family and his patriarch father, and sets sail towards Copenhagen to become an engineer. Parallel to his studies, he works on a ...
Style: touching, romantic, sweet, disturbing, uplifting ...
Audience: chick flick
Plot: religion, engineer, jewish family, ambition, love interest, pride, poverty, adaptation, love affair, hopes, rivalry, love ...
Time: 19th century, victorian era
Place: austria, copenhagen
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Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
Genre: Drama, Family, Musical, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 181 min.
Story: This lavishly produced and critically acclaimed screen adaptation of the international stage sensation tells the life-affirming story of Tevye (Topol), a poor milkman whose love, pride and faith help him face the oppression of turn-of-the-century ...
Style: humorous, feel good, touching, sentimental, emotional ...
Audience: family outing, teens, date night
Plot: jewish, judaism, wedding, dancing, tradition versus modernity, tradition, village, jewish culture, anti semitism, music, immigration, revolution ...
Time: 19th century, 20th century, 90s, 1930s
Place: ukraine, russia, poland, israel, europe
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Walking with the Enemy (2013)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Romance, War
Country: Romania, Hungary, Canada, USA
Duration: 124 min.
Story: Regent Horthy is the leader of Hungary and a German ally, but his favorable standing with Hitler changes as the war comes to an end. Forced to cede Hungary’s power or else witness the execution of his son, Regent Horthy gives up control of his ...
Style: realistic, bleak, emotional, serious
Plot: holocaust, world war two, concentration camp, defiant, family relations, war, life is a bitch, confined, spy, nazi, betrayal, diplomacy ...
Time: 1940s, 20th century, year 1975, year 1980, year 1957 ...
Place: europe, hungary, budapest, new york, switzerland ...
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Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer (2016)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: Israel, USA
Duration: 118 min.
Story: A financial schemer finds himself in the middle of an international scandal after he becomes a political adviser to the new prime minister of Israel.
Style: psychological, tense, disturbing, suspenseful, political ...
Audience: chick flick, boys' night
Plot: politics, politician, businessman, society, prankster, job, ordinary people, office worker, office, friendship, suspense, business ...
Place: new york, israel, manhattan new york city, grand central station manhattan new york city
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Sunshine (1999)
Genre: Drama, History, Romance, War
Country: Germany, Austria, Canada, Hungary, France, UK, USA
Duration: 181 min.
Story: The film follows a Jewish family living in Hungary through three generations, rising from humble beginnings to positions of wealth and power in the crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire. The patriarch becomes a prominent judge but is torn when his ...
Style: erotic, sexy, political, enigmatic, talky ...
Plot: holocaust, jewish, anti semitism, world war two, nazi, sex scene, society, political unrest, family life, siblings relations, politics, wartime ...
Time: 19th century, 1940s, 20th century, 90s, 50s ...
Place: hungary, eastern europe, israel, serbia, sarajevo ...
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Suzie Gold (2004)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: UK
Duration: 94 min.
Story: Suzie Gold is a twentysomething torn between the nice Jewish boy her family is keen on and the non-Jewish boy she loves.
Style: not serious, realistic, feel good, humorous, touching
Audience: girls' night, date night
Plot: love and romance, couples, society, family relations, love triangle, parents and children, fall in love, family gatherings, interracial relations, unrequited love, judaism, jewish ...
Time: 21st century
Place: england, europe, london
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New York, I Love You (2008)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA, Bahrain
Duration: 103 min.
Story: New York, I Love You delves into the intimate lives of New Yorkers as they grapple with, delight in and search for love. Journey from the Diamond District in the heart of Manhattan, through Chinatown and the Upper East Side, towards the Village, ...
Style: melancholic, sexy, sweet, talky, feel good ...
Audience: date night, chick flick
Plot: love story, interracial relations, multiple storylines, fall in love, looking for love, city life, young lovers, couple relations, lifestyle, couples, friendship, first love ...
Time: 21st century
Place: new york, paris france, new jersey, usa, coney island brooklyn new york city ...
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Mobsters (1991)
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: The story of a group of friends in turn of the century New York, from their early days as street hoods to their rise in the world of organized crime...
Style: intense, talky, suspenseful, realistic, rough ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: gangsters, organized crime, mafia, friendship, betrayal, vengeance, gang, greed, suspense, murder, criminal heroes, tough heroes ...
Time: 1920s, 1910s, 1930s, year 1917
Place: new york, las vegas, usa, coney island brooklyn new york city, manhattan new york city ...
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The Revolt of Job (1983)
Genre: Drama
Country: Hungary
Duration: 105 min.
Story: "The Revolt of Job" tells the story of a childless Jewish couple in WWII-era Hungary who adopt a Hungarian boy. They raise him with their values and traditions. Unfortunately, the Nazis eventually come and round up all Jewish families in ...
Style: thought provoking, emotional, touching, bleak, gloomy ...
Plot: world war two, holocaust, jewish, judaism, coming of age, boy, orphan, family relations, adoption, deportation, swamp, war ...
Time: 1940s
Place: eastern europe, europe, hungary
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Heights (2005)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 93 min.
Story: 'Heights' follows five characters over 24 hours on a fall day in New York City. Isabel, a photographer, is having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage to Jonathan, a lawyer. On the same day, Isabel's mother Diana learns that ...
Style: realistic, stylized, serious, talky, witty ...
Audience: girls' night, date night
Plot: gay, infidelity, adultery, existentialism, secrets, character study, city life, lifestyle, introspection, love and romance, artists and showbiz, actor's life ...
Time: 21st century
Place: new york, new jersey, usa, london, czech republic ...
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Dummy (2002)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 91 min.
Story: An ex-office worker becomes a ventriloquist, leading to a date with his unemployment counselor; but his quirky family and a gauche female friend may thwart his new career and love life.
Style: humorous, touching, sentimental, witty, poignant ...
Audience: date night
Plot: fall in love, dark humor, ventriloquist, eccentricity, unemployment, lifestyle, parents and children, siblings relations, looking for love, suburbs, friendship, boyfriend girlfriend relationship ...
Place: new jersey
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Defiance (2008)
Genre: Action, Drama, History, Thriller, War
Country: USA
Duration: 137 min.
Story: Based on a true story, during World War II, four Jewish brothers escape their Nazi-occupied homeland of West Belarus in Poland and join the Soviet partisans to combat the Nazis. The brothers begin the rescue of roughly 1,200 Jews still trapped in ...
Style: emotional, sincere, epic, dramatic, realistic ...
Plot: holocaust, world war two, jewish, war, survival, nazi, judaism, partisan, genocide, rebellion, military, prejudice ...
Time: post world war two, 20th century, 1940s, year 1942, year 1941
Place: poland, germany, israel, russia, europe
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Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: An ophthalmologist's mistress threatens to reveal their affair to his wife, while a married documentary filmmaker is infatuated by another woman.
Style: thought provoking, talky, humorous, witty, meditative ...
Plot: adultery, murder, infidelity, mistress, existentialism, justice, guilt, blackmail, satire, moral dilemma, human nature, couple relations ...
Time: 80s, 20th century
Place: new york, canada, usa
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The Harmonists (1997)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Country: Germany, Austria
Duration: 126 min.
Story: Comedian Harmonists tells the story of a famous, German male sextet, five vocals and piano, the "Comedian Harmonists", from the day they meet first in 1927 to the day in 1934, when they become banned by the upcoming Nazis, because three of ...
Style: touching, sentimental, feel good, affectionate, visually appealing ...
Plot: world war two, musician, politics, nazi, jewish, music, anti semitism, bittersweet, holocaust, radio, friendship, singer ...
Time: 1930s, 1920s, 20th century
Place: berlin germany, germany, europe, budapest, bulgaria ...
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All Over the Guy (2001)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 95 min.
Story: A contemporary romantic comedy exploring the unlikely pairing of two 20-somethings thrown together by their respective best friends in hopes of igniting their own romance.
Style: feel good, sentimental, romantic, clever, humorous ...
Audience: girls' night, chick flick, date night, teens
Plot: gay, love, friends, lgbt, gay interest, alcohol abuse, lgbtq, opposites attract, sex, odd couple, looking for love, lifestyle ...
Place: los angeles, usa, california, new jersey
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Holy Rollers (2010)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: Inspired by actual events in the late nineties when Hasidic Jews were recruited as mules to smuggle ecstasy from Europe into the United States.
Style: serious, realistic, suspenseful, factual, disturbing ...
Plot: rabbi, drug dealing, lifestyle, orthodox jew, religions or cults, society, unlikely criminals, partners, jewish, drug traffic, brother sister relationship, brother brother relationship ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: usa, new york, brooklyn new york city, manhattan new york city, amsterdam
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Eichmann (2007)
Genre: Biography, Drama, History, War
Country: Hungary, UK
Duration: 96 min.
Story: Based upon the final confession of Adolf Eichmann, made before his execution in Israel, of his role in Hitler's plan for the final solution.
Style: serious, sincere, disturbing, emotional, realistic ...
Plot: holocaust, nazi, anti semitism, life is a bitch, genocide, prison, courtroom, society, confined, uncover truth, investigation, courtroom drama ...
Time: 20th century, 1940s, 50s, 60s, post world war two ...
Place: europe, middle east, israel, budapest
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