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The list contains the best, new and most relevant money movies ordered by relevance. The recommendation service has sorted out realistic, clever, suspense, talky, serious and stylized films and TV shows about / with money, dialogue, mentor, brutality, greed, storytelling, corruption, violence, betrayal and twists & turns plots mostly in Drama, Thriller and Crime genres shot in USA, France, UK and other countries.
money movies
TOP 10 movies tagged as money: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Hidden Truths (2015), No Country for Old Men (2007), Payback (1999), SuperFly (2018), The Box (2009), The Brass Teapot (2012), Friends with Money (2006), You Were Never Really Here (2017), Run Lola Run (1998).

List of money movies

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 180 min.
Story: A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography.
Style: clever, captivating, realistic, biting, cynical ...
Plot: rise and fall, success, ambition, wall street, cons and scams, millionaire, hotshot hero, blind ambition, money, greed, yuppie, drugs/alcohol ...
Time: 90s, 20th century, 1990s, year 1983, year 1987
Place: usa, new york, mediterranean sea, las vegas, geneva switzerland ...
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Hidden Truths (2015)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Brazil
Story: Intending to aid her family, a beautiful young girl accepts the job in a prominent model casting agency, only to discover their girls are also hired for something else.
Style: sexy, captivating, exciting, thought provoking, suspenseful
Plot: sexual attraction, lust, fashion, virginity, female nudity, money, older man young girl relationship, drug addiction, sex, addiction, model, rape ...
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No Country for Old Men (2007)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 122 min.
Story: Llewelyn Moss stumbles upon dead bodies, $2 million and a hoard of heroin in a Texas desert, but methodical killer Anton Chigurh comes looking for it, with local sheriff Ed Tom Bell hot on his trail. The roles of prey and predator blur as the ...
Style: tense, rough, bleak, serious, captivating ...
Plot: track down, hitman, crimes, human nature, psychopath, peril, shooting, neo noir, escape, money, death, stolen money ...
Time: 20th century, 80s, year 1980
Place: texas, usa, mexico, latin america
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Payback (1999)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 100 min.
Story: With friends like these, who needs enemies? That's the question bad guy Porter is left asking after his wife and partner steal his heist money and leave him for dead -- or so they think. Five months and an endless reservoir of bitterness later, ...
Style: exciting, twists and turns, suspenseful, rough, suspense ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: vengeance, betrayal, money, mafia, robbery, criminal's revenge, organized crime, crimes, criminal heroes, gangsters, dishonesty, neo noir ...
Time: 70s, 20th century
Place: usa, new york, chicago illinois
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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Country: USA
Duration: 154 min.
Story: A group of strangers come across a man dying after a car crash who proceeds to tell them about the $350,000 he buried in California. What follows is the madcap adventures of those strangers as each attempts to claim the prize for himself.
Style: humorous, captivating, feel good, road movie, epic ...
Audience: family outing
Plot: treasure hunt, treasure, chase, race, on the road, car chase, money, desert, adventure, group of strangers, disorder, competition ...
Time: 1960s, 60s, 20th century
Place: california, usa
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SuperFly (2018)
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 116 min.
Story: Career criminal Youngblood Priest wants out of the Atlanta drug scene, but as he ramps up sales, one little slip up threatens to bring the whole operation down before he can make his exit.
Style: suspense, captivating, exciting, tense, disturbing ...
Plot: money, arrest, nightclub, gambling, sex, corruption, police car, driving, police, drugs, cocaine, drinking ...
Time: 2010s
Place: mexico, atlanta georgia, texas, hong kong, montenegro
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The Box (2009)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 115 min.
Story: Norma and Arthur Lewis, a suburban couple with a young child, receive a simple wooden box as a gift, which bears fatal and irrevocable consequences. A mysterious stranger delivers the message that the box promises to bestow upon its owner $1 million ...
Style: psychological, mind bending, suspenseful, scary, suspense ...
Plot: conspiracy, moral dilemma, human nature, murder, money, gift, experiment, violence, mystery, decision, sacrifice, couple relations ...
Time: 20th century, 70s
Place: virginia, usa, langley virginia
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The Brass Teapot (2012)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 101 min.
Story: When a couple discovers that a brass teapot makes them money whenever they hurt themselves, they must come to terms with how far they are willing to go.
Style: dark humor, entertaining, funny, absurd, offbeat ...
Plot: money, couple relations, greed, supernatural, american dream, money falling through the air, temptation, magical object, theft, poverty, obsession, magic ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: usa
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Friends with Money (2006)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 88 min.
Story: After she quits her lucrative job, Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends.
Style: witty, sentimental, humorous, semi serious, melancholic ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: friendship, midlife crisis, money, marriage, maid, crumbling marriage, love and romance, looking for love, power relations, unfulfillment, master and servant, designer ...
Time: contemporary, 2000s
Place: los angeles, california, usa, santa monica california, new jersey
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You Were Never Really Here (2017)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: UK, France, USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: A traumatised veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.
Style: rough, exciting, tense, suspense, psychological
Plot: childhood trauma, teenage girl, violence, u.s. senator, money, murder, hotel, alarm, loner, pedophilia, rescue mission, child prostitution ...
Place: new york
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Run Lola Run (1998)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Germany
Duration: 81 min.
Story: Lola receives a phone call from her boyfriend Manni. He lost 100,000 DM in a subway train that belongs to a very bad guy. She has 20 minutes to raise this amount and meet Manni. Otherwise, he will rob a store to get the money. Three different ...
Style: exciting, mind bending, suspenseful, surreal, clever ...
Plot: destiny, running, race against time, self sacrifice, heroine, money, choice, desperation, couple relations, hopes, couples, time ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: germany, europe, berlin germany
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The Last Seduction (1994)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 110 min.
Story: Looking to escape her unhappy marriage, villainous femme fatale Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) convinces her husband, Clay (Bill Pullman), to sell cocaine, then steals the profits and runs out on him. She stops in a small town en route to ...
Style: sexy, erotic, sexual, tense, suspenseful ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: femme fatale, betrayal, couples, neo noir, crime, small town, dishonesty, cons and scams, crimes, money, power relations, dangerous attraction ...
Time: 90s
Place: new york, usa, iraq, dallas texas, chicago illinois ...
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Fierce People (2005)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Country: Canada, USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: A massage therapist looking to overcome her addictions and reconnect with her son, whose father is an anthropologist in South America studying the Yanomani people, moves in with a wealthy ex-client.
Style: serious, sentimental, realistic, disturbing, suspenseful ...
Plot: addiction, money, coming of age, single mother, billionaire, parents and children, social differences, family relations, teenage life, life is a bitch, summer, teenage boy ...
Place: usa, new york, new jersey
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Billions (2016)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 60 min.
Story: A complex drama about power politics in the world of New York high finance. Shrewd, savvy U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and the brilliant, ambitious hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod are on an explosive collision course, with each using ...
Style: captivating, thought provoking, suspense, twists and turns, entertaining
Audience: boys' night, chick flick
Plot: rivalry, money, dialogue, stock exchange, husband wife relationship, friendship, district attorney, wealth, businessman, lifestyle, family relations, investor ...
Time: contemporary
Place: usa
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2 Guns (2013)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 109 min.
Story: A DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence officer who have been tasked with investigating one another find they have been set up by the mob -- the very organization the two men believe they have been stealing money from.
Style: exciting, humorous, buddy comedy, entertaining, funny ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: undercover, organized crime, corruption, undercover agent, heist, betrayal, cia, investigation, bank robbery, money, working undercover, hidden identity ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century, 2010s
Place: usa, mexico, california
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Cliffhanger (1993)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Country: USA, Italy, France
Duration: 113 min.
Story: A year after losing his friend in a tragic 4,000-foot fall, former ranger Gabe Walker and his partner, Hal, are called to return to the same peak to rescue a group of stranded climbers, only to learn the climbers are actually thieving hijackers who ...
Style: serious, exciting, suspenseful, rough, realistic ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: heist, mountain climbing, rescue, forces of nature, climbing, money, rocky mountains, save the day, one man army, escapades, disorder, danger ...
Time: 20th century, 90s, 1990s, 80s
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The Big Short (2015)
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, History
Country: USA
Duration: 130 min.
Story: The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown.
Style: tense, intellectual, suspense, realistic, interesting ...
Plot: loan, finance, money, corruption, economic crisis, bank, wall street, risk, morality, economics, analysis, expose ...
Time: 2000s, year 2008, year 2007
Place: las vegas, manhattan new york city, california
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Lay the Favorite (2012)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA, UK, France
Duration: 94 min.
Story: A former stripper's talent with numbers lands her a job with a professional gambler who runs a sports book in Las Vegas.
Style: realistic, semi serious, humorous, sexy, sincere
Plot: gambling, betting, money, unlikely partners, bookies, prodigy, dishonesty, partners, working the system, career change, cons and scams, romance ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: las vegas, new york, usa, nevada
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There Will Be Blood (2007)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 158 min.
Story: Ruthless silver miner, turned oil prospector, Daniel Plainview moves to oil-rich California. Using his adopted son to project a trustworthy, family-man image, Plainview cons local landowners into selling him their valuable properties for a pittance. ...
Style: serious, atmospheric, realistic, disturbing, tense ...
Plot: greed, character study, rise to the top, ambition, villain, oil, rivalry, money, obsession, small town, evil, arson ...
Time: 1900s, 20th century, 1910s, 20s, turn of the century ...
Place: california, mine, usa, los angeles, pacific ocean
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The Portrait of a Lady (1996)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: UK, USA
Duration: 144 min.
Story: Ms. Isabel Archer isn't afraid to challenge societal norms. Impressed by her free spirit, her kindhearted cousin writes her into his fatally ill father's will. Suddenly rich and independent, Isabelle ventures into the world, along the way ...
Style: psychological, atmospheric, serious, intellectual, talky ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: friendship, money, couple relations, romance, manipulation, fall in love, infidelity, male female relationship, impossible love, unhappy marriage, art, girl ...
Time: 19th century, victorian, victorian era, 1870s, 18th century
Place: europe, england, florence italy, italy, rome italy ...
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Party Monster (2003)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA, Netherlands
Duration: 98 min.
Story: The New York club scene of the 80s and 90s was a world like no other. Into this candy-colored, mirror ball playground stepped Michael Alig, a wannabe from nowhere special. Under the watchful eye of veteran club kid James St. James, Alig quickly rose ...
Style: serious, realistic, stylized, disturbing, surreal ...
Audience: kids
Plot: friends, addiction, drug abuse, police, party, money, drug dealing, social misfits, male friendship, murder, unlikely criminals, investigation ...
Time: 90s, 80s, 1990s
Place: new york, indiana, usa, manhattan new york city, grand central station manhattan new york city ...
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Get Shorty (1995)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 105 min.
Story: Chili Palmer is a Miami mobster who gets sent by his boss, the psychopathic "Bones" Barboni, to collect a bad debt from Harry Zimm, a Hollywood producer who specializes in cheesy horror films. When Chili meets Harry's leading lady, ...
Style: humorous, semi serious, intense, witty, entertaining ...
Plot: mafia, debt, producer, drug lord, hollywood, money, gambling, crime, cons and scams, gangsters, violence, murder ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: miami, los angeles, usa, florida, california ...
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Cassandra's Dream (2007)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA, UK, France
Duration: 108 min.
Story: The tale of two brothers with serious financial woes. When a third party proposes they turn to crime, things go bad and the two become enemies.
Style: tense, realistic, twists and turns, serious, suspenseful ...
Plot: murder, investigation, debt, money, crime, moral dilemma, siblings relations, gambling, boat, loan, actress, blackmail ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: london, england, brighton
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Mad Money (2008)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 104 min.
Story: Three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed.
Style: feel good, humorous, semi serious, entertaining, funny ...
Audience: chick flick
Plot: cons and scams, heist, workplace, bank robbery, unlikely criminals, dishonesty, society, crime, criminal heroes, money, crimes, deception ...
Time: contemporary, 21st century
Place: usa, kansas, san francisco
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Young & Beautiful (2013)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: France
Duration: 95 min.
Story: Isabelle, a 17-year-old student, loses her virginity during a quick holiday romance. When she returns home, she begins a secret life as a prostitute for a year.
Style: sexual, erotic, psychological, serious, atmospheric ...
Audience: teens
Plot: prostitute, strong sexual content, lust, teenage girl, female nudity, sexual exploration, older man younger woman relationship, sexual relations, teenage life, first sex, teenage prostitution, sex scene ...
Time: 21st century, contemporary
Place: france, paris france, cote d'azur, tokyo, california
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Going in Style (2017)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Country: USA
Duration: 96 min.
Story: Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.
Style: humorous, light, feel good, touching, entertaining ...
Plot: bank robbery, retirement, old man, elderly, retired, friendship between men, money, plan, alibi, friendship, masked robber, robbery ...
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Gold (2016)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 120 min.
Story: Kenny Wells, a modern-day prospector, hustler, and dreamer, is desperate for a lucky break. Left with few options, Wells teams up with an equally luckless geologist to execute a grandiose, last-ditch effort: to find gold deep in the uncharted jungle ...
Style: tense, philosophical, suspense, intellectual, suspenseful ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: gold, greed, jungle, ugly american, mining, money, business, cheating, justice, life philosophy, treasure hunt, rags to riches ...
Time: 1990s
Place: indonesia
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Policeman from Rublevka (2016)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family
Country: Russia
Story: The television tragicomic story about a young guy named Grisha Izmailov, who became a policeman and was called to protect peace and order in the most elite area of ​​the city of Moscow and the Russian Federation. The guy has to investigate the ...
Style: feel good, humorous, exciting, funny, captivating
Audience: boys' night
Plot: escapades, friendship, police investigation, practical joke, law enforcement, corrupt police, money, party, prostitute, pistol, sex, police
Time: contemporary
Place: russia
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Greedy (1994)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 113 min.
Story: Meet the McTeagues. They've come to stake a claim in their wealthy uncle's will… only he's not dead yet!
Style: witty, humorous, semi serious, clever, realistic ...
Plot: bowling, greed, inheritance, vandalism, family relations, eccentric family, disorder, parents and children, cons and scams, money, grandfather, wealth ...
Time: 90s
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The Commuter (2018)
Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller
Country: France, USA
Duration: 105 min.
Story: A businessman, on his daily commute home, gets unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy that threatens not only his life but the lives of those around him.
Style: surprise ending, tense, exciting, suspense, rough
Plot: train, conspiracy, money, fired from the job, train wreck, deception, deal, destruction, fight, telephone call, fbi, cell phone ...
Time: 2010s
Place: grand central station manhattan new york city
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