Best Movies of 1997

This page is updated regularly. Subscribe, so you don't miss new recommendations. The list of "Best Movies of 1997" contains films with the following parameters. Style: interesting, weird, intense, cult film, clever and entertaining. Plot: storytelling, dialogue, mentor, destiny, catastrophe, life philosophy, redemption, greed, death and chase. Genre: Drama, Thriller and Comedy. Country: USA, France and UK.
Best Movies of 1997
Best Movies of 1997
TOP Movies: Titanic (1997), Good Will Hunting (1997), L.A. Confidential (1997), As Good as It Gets (1997), Men in Black (1997), Boogie Nights (1997), Hercules (1997), Face/Off (1997), Contact (1997), Gattaca (1997), Jackie Brown (1997), The Fifth Element (1997), Life Is Beautiful (1997), Cube (1997), Donnie Brasco (1997), Anastasia (1997), Starship Troopers (1997), Con Air (1997), Liar Liar (1997), The Game (1997).
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Titanic (1997)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 194 min.
Story: 84 years later, a 101-year-old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater tells the story to her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert, Brock Lovett, Lewis Bodine, Bobby Buell and Anatoly Mikailavich on the Keldysh about her life set in April 10th 1912, on a ship called ...
Style: romantic, emotional, sentimental, dramatic, touching ...
Audience: chick flick, date night, girls' night, teens, teen drama
Plot: love, titanic, disaster, romance, love story, ship, forbidden love, love and romance, survival, shipwreck, tragic love, ocean ...
Time: 1910s, 20th century, edwardian era, year 1912, 50s ...
Place: atlantic ocean, new york, england
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Good Will Hunting (1997)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 126 min.
Story: Will Hunting has a genius-level IQ but chooses to work as a janitor at MIT. When he solves a difficult graduate-level math problem, his talents are discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeau, who decides to help the misguided youth reach his potential. ...
Style: psychological, emotional, philosophical, uplifting, sentimental ...
Audience: girls' night, teens, date night
Plot: mathematics, genius, prodigy, professor, life philosophy, life, philosophy, university, existentialism, human spirit, ambition, psychiatrist ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: harvard university, boston, massachusetts, usa
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L.A. Confidential (1997)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 138 min.
Story: Three detectives in the corrupt and brutal L.A. police force of the 1950s use differing methods to uncover a conspiracy behind the shotgun slayings of the patrons at an all-night diner.
Style: neo noir, tense, captivating, twists and turns, atmospheric ...
Plot: murder, police detective, crimes, organized crime, gunfight, murder mystery, dangerous attraction, police corruption, corruption, fighting the system, police brutality, police investigation ...
Time: 50s, 1930s, 20th century
Place: los angeles, usa, california, arizona
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As Good as It Gets (1997)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 139 min.
Story: New York City. Melvin Udall, a cranky, bigoted, obsessive-compulsive writer, finds his life turned upside down when neighboring gay artist Simon is hospitalized and his dog is entrusted to Melvin. In addition, Carol, the only waitress who will ...
Style: sweet, sentimental, touching, feel good, emotional ...
Audience: chick flick, family outing, teens, girls' night, date night
Plot: dog, friendship, writers, mental illness, gay, older man younger woman relationship, neighbor, unlikely friendships, age difference, waitress, romance, single parent ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: new york, usa, cuba
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Men in Black (1997)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Duration: 98 min.
Story: After a police chase with an otherworldly being, a New York City cop is recruited as an agent in a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth: the Men in Black. Agent Kay and new recruit Agent Jay find ...
Style: entertaining, humorous, exciting, not serious, funny ...
Audience: boys' night, teens, kids
Plot: alien, ufo, space and aliens, secret agents, government agency, partners, alien encounter, undercover, creature, invasion, save the world, escapades ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: new york, new jersey, usa, north america, plymouth ...
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Boogie Nights (1997)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 155 min.
Story: Set in 1977, back when sex was safe, pleasure was a business and business was booming, idealistic porn producer Jack Horner aspires to elevate his craft to an art form. Horner discovers Eddie Adams, a hot young talent working as a busboy in a ...
Style: sexual, sexy, stylized, erotic, talky ...
Audience: chick flick, teens
Plot: sex, porn industry, drugs, cocaine, drug abuse, disco, addiction, drug addiction, nudity (full frontal - brief), voyeurism, oral sex, adult filmmaking ...
Time: 70s, 80s, 20th century, year 1982
Place: los angeles, california, usa
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Hercules (1997)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 93 min.
Story: Bestowed with superhuman strength, a young mortal named Hercules sets out to prove himself a hero in the eyes of his father, the great god Zeus. Along with his friends Pegasus, a flying horse, and Phil, a personal trainer, Hercules is tricked by the ...
Style: feel good, fairy tale, touching, humorous, exciting ...
Audience: kids, family outing, girls' night, preschoolers, pre-teens
Plot: hercules, mythology, disney, good versus evil, legends and myths, heroic mission, adventure, transformation, cyclops, friendship, monster, superhuman powers ...
Place: ancient greece, greece, europe
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Face/Off (1997)
Genre: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 138 min.
Story: An antiterrorism agent goes under the knife to acquire the likeness of a terrorist and gather details about a bombing plot. When the terrorist escapes custody, he undergoes surgery to look like the agent so he can get close to the agent's ...
Style: exciting, suspense, suspenseful, rough, ridiculous ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: gunfight, fbi, master criminal, revenge, hidden identity, prison, special agents, arch villain, transformation, murder, violence, switching bodies ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: los angeles, california, hong kong, usa
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Contact (1997)
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 150 min.
Story: Contact is a science fiction film about an encounter with alien intelligence. Based on the novel by Carl Sagan the film starred Jodie Foster as the one chosen scientist who must make some difficult decisions between her beliefs, the truth, and ...
Style: cerebral, inspirational, philosophical, emotional, captivating ...
Plot: alien encounter, alien contact, science, outer space, space travel, space and aliens, first contact, scientist, nasa, benign alien, astronomer, religion ...
Time: future, 90s, 20th century
Place: new mexico, puerto rico, florida, hokkaido, washington d.c. ...
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Gattaca (1997)
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 106 min.
Story: Science fiction drama about a future society in the era of indefinite eugenics where humans are set on a life course depending on their DNA. The young Vincent Freeman is born with a condition that would prevent him from space travel, yet he is ...
Style: thought provoking, futuristic, intellectual, twists and turns, neo noir ...
Plot: distopia, fighting the system, genetics, future dystopia, utopia, discrimination, paraplegic, philosophy, eugenics, society, outer space, space travel ...
Time: future, near future
Place: riviera, detroit, french riviera
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Jackie Brown (1997)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 154 min.
Story: Jackie Brown is a flight attendant who gets caught in the middle of smuggling cash into the country for her gunrunner boss. When the cops try to use Jackie to get to her boss, she hatches a plan—with help from a bail bondsman—to keep the money ...
Style: suspense, tense, talky, twists and turns, stylized ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: heist, greed, stewardess, gangsters, crimes, airport, smuggling, bail bondsman, corruption, racial slur, hitman, multiple storylines ...
Time: 70s, 90s, 20th century
Place: los angeles, usa
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The Fifth Element (1997)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Country: France, UK
Duration: 126 min.
Story: In 2257, a taxi driver is unintentionally given the task of saving a young girl who is part of the key that will ensure the survival of humanity.
Style: futuristic, breathtaking, exciting, cerebral, stylized ...
Audience: boys' night, teens
Plot: alien, good versus evil, space and aliens, space travel, cyberpunk, love, end of the world, save the world, heroic mission, adventure, future dystopia, dystopic future ...
Time: future, 1910s, 23rd century, 90s
Place: egypt, usa, brooklyn new york city, new york
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Life Is Beautiful (1997)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, War
Country: Italy
Duration: 116 min.
Story: A touching story of an Italian book seller of Jewish ancestry who lives in his own little fairy tale. His creative and happy life would come to an abrupt halt when his entire family is deported to a concentration camp during World War II. While ...
Style: inspirational, touching, sentimental, tragicomedy, emotional ...
Audience: teens
Plot: holocaust, world war two, concentration camp, nazi, jewish, human spirit, life philosophy, self sacrifice, survival, nazism, life & death, fascism ...
Time: 1940s, 1930s, 20th century, year 1939
Place: europe, italy, poland, tuscany
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Cube (1997)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country: Canada
Duration: 90 min.
Story: Seven strangers are taken out of their daily lives and placed mysteriously in a deadly cube where they all agree they must find their way out.
Style: psychological, surreal, suspenseful, mind bending, twist ending ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: survival, isolation, trapped, trap, maze, escape, mathematics, survival horror, death, claustrophobia, captivity, group of strangers ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
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Donnie Brasco (1997)
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Duration: 127 min.
Story: An FBI undercover agent infilitrates the mob and finds himself identifying more with the mafia life at the expense of his regular one.
Style: neo noir, realistic, tense, serious, suspenseful ...
Audience: boys' night
Plot: mafia, gangsters, fbi, mentor, organized crime, crimes, undercover agent, working undercover, undercover, friends, investigation, law enforcement ...
Time: 70s, 20th century, year 1978
Place: new york, new jersey, florida, usa, miami ...
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Anastasia (1997)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Mystery, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 94 min.
Story: This animated adventure retells the story of the lost daughter of Russia's last czar. The evil Rasputin places a curse on the Romanov family, and Anastasia and her grandmother, Empress Maria, get separated. After growing up in an orphanage, ...
Style: touching, exciting, captivating, factual, sweet ...
Audience: family outing, kids, preschoolers, girls' night, pre-teens
Plot: princess, childhood, royal family, adventure, happy ending, family, good versus evil, cinderella story, disney, destiny, memory loss, russian ...
Time: 20th century
Place: paris france, russia, france, europe
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Starship Troopers (1997)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 129 min.
Story: Set in the future, the story follows a young soldier named Johnny Rico and his exploits in the Mobile Infantry. Rico's military career progresses from recruit to non-commissioned officer and finally to officer against the backdrop of an ...
Style: futuristic, stylized, bloody, entertaining, exciting ...
Audience: boys' night, teens
Plot: military, monster, space and aliens, space wars, creature, evil alien, alien invasion, alien, soldier, distopia, space travel, space battle ...
Time: future, 23rd century, 22nd century
Place: buenos aires argentina, argentina
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Con Air (1997)
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 115 min.
Story: When the government puts all its rotten criminal eggs in one airborne basket, it's asking for trouble. Before you can say, "Pass the barf bag," the crooks control the plane, led by creepy Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom. Watching ...
Style: suspense, exciting, serious, intense, realistic ...
Audience: boys' night, teens, girls' night
Plot: airplane, hijacking, master criminal, prison, convict, air disaster, machismo, law enforcement, helicopter, prison escape, one man army, aviation ...
Time: 90s, 20th century, 80s
Place: las vegas, usa, nevada, north america, san francisco ...
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Liar Liar (1997)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Country: USA
Duration: 86 min.
Story: Fletcher Reede is a fast-talking attorney and habitual liar. When his son Max blows out the candles on his fifth birthday he has just one wish - that his dad will stop lying for 24 hours. When Max's wish comes true, Fletcher discovers that his ...
Style: funny, light, humorous, sentimental, entertaining ...
Audience: kids, girls' night, teens, date night
Plot: lawyer, father son relationship, liar, lie, redemption, dishonesty, change of heart, ex husband ex wife relationship, farce, truth, courtroom, birthday ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: boston, california, usa, los angeles
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The Game (1997)
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 129 min.
Story: In honor of his birthday, San Francisco banker Nicholas Van Orton, a financial genius and a coldhearted loner, receives an unusual present from his younger brother, Conrad -- a gift certificate to play a unique kind of game. In nearly a nanosecond, ...
Style: psychological, twists and turns, surprise ending, twist ending, suspenseful ...
Plot: mystery, manipulation, mind game, game, uncover truth, life turned upside down, psychology, scheme, disorder, life philosophy, existentialism, surveillance ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: san francisco, usa, california, mexico, seattle
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 89 min.
Story: As a swingin' fashion photographer by day and a groovy British superagent by night, Austin Powers is the '60s' most shagadelic spy, baby! But can he stop megalomaniac Dr. Evil after the bald villain freezes himself and unthaws in the ...
Style: parody, humorous, funny, absurd, entertaining ...
Audience: teens, date night
Plot: spy, time travel, dumb, farce, secret agents, spy spoof, espionage, james bond spoof, culture clash, secret service, sarcasm, adventure ...
Time: 60s, 90s, 20th century, year 1967, year 1997
Place: las vegas, london, usa
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The Devil's Advocate (1997)
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Germany, USA
Duration: 144 min.
Story: A hotshot lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he learns his new boss is Lucifer himself.
Style: psychological, twist ending, suspenseful, atmospheric, surprise ending ...
Plot: devil, lawyer, supernatural, deal with the devil, law firm, ambition, satan, hotshot lawyer, temptation, ethics, god or devil, sin ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: new york, manhattan new york city, florida, southern usa, usa ...
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The Sweet Hereafter (1997)
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
Duration: 112 min.
Story: A small mountain community in Canada is devastated when a school bus accident leaves more than a dozen of its children dead. A big-city lawyer arrives to help the survivors' and victims' families prepare a class-action suit, but his ...
Style: heartbreaking, depressing, erotic, non-linear, bleak ...
Audience: girls' night
Plot: incest, lawyer, snow, small town, family problems, small town life, sexual abuse, betrayal, redemption, breast feeding, lawsuit, tragedy ...
Time: 90s
Place: canada, british columbia
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The Full Monty (1997)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: UK, Italy, USA
Duration: 91 min.
Story: Sheffield, England. Gaz, a jobless steelworker in need of quick cash persuades his mates to bare it all in a one-night-only strip show.
Style: feel good, funny, humorous, realistic, touching ...
Audience: chick flick
Plot: stripper, working class, male stripper, unemployment, gay, friendship, lgbtq, striptease, loser, british, happy ending, desperation ...
Time: 80s, 20th century
Place: northern england, england, london, united kingdom, yorkshire
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Scream 2 (1997)
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Country: USA
Duration: 120 min.
Story: Two years after the terrifying events that occurred in Woodsboro, Sidney is now attending Windsor College in Cincinnati, and Gale Weathers' best selling book on Sidney's life has now been made into a major motion picture. When two college ...
Style: slasher, scary, suspense, sexy, suspenseful ...
Audience: teens, girls' night, date night
Plot: serial killer, college, serial murder, whodunit, strong female lead, masked killer, teenager, murder, villain, mystery killer, haunted by the past, sorority ...
Time: 90s, 20th century, 80s
Place: usa, ohio
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Alien Resurrection (1997)
Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Duration: 109 min.
Story: Two hundred years after Lt. Ripley died, a group of scientists clone her, hoping to breed the ultimate weapon. But the new Ripley is full of surprises … as are the new aliens. Ripley must team with a band of smugglers to keep the creatures from ...
Style: scary, suspenseful, suspense, bleak, slasher ...
Plot: alien, outer space, space travel, monster, space and aliens, evil alien, cloning, strong female lead, robot, strong female character, survival, apocalypse ...
Time: future, 24th century
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Selena (1997)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Country: USA
Duration: 127 min.
Story: In this biographical drama, Selena Quintanilla is born into a musical Mexican-American family in Texas. Her father, Abraham, realizes that his young daughter is talented and begins performing with her at small venues. She finds success and falls for ...
Style: touching, factual, sincere, emotional, sad ...
Audience: girls' night, kids, teens
Plot: tragedy, music, singer, dancing, women, musician, childhood, rising to stardom, rock and roll, human spirit, musician's life, racial segregation ...
Time: 80s, 90s, 20th century, 60s
Place: texas, mexico, california, usa, los angeles
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Chasing Amy (1997)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 113 min.
Story: Holden and Banky are comic book artists. Everything is going good for them until they meet Alyssa, also a comic book artist. Holden falls for her, but his hopes are crushed when he finds out she's a lesbian.
Style: funny, twists and turns, talky, touching, sexy ...
Audience: chick flick, date night
Plot: lesbian, bisexuality, gay, jealousy, sexuality, lgbt, friendship, philosophy, romance, happy ending, sex, opposites attract ...
Time: 90s, 20th century
Place: new jersey, usa
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Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 107 min.
Story: Martin Blank is a hitman for hire. When he starts to develop a conscience, he botches a couple of routine jobs. On the advice of his secretary and his psychiatrist, he decides to attend his ten-year high school reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
Style: humorous, funny, light, entertaining, semi serious ...
Audience: teens
Plot: hitman, gunfight, suburbs, dark humor, crimes, therapy, secretary, psychiatrist, small town, radio dj, love and romance, high school reunion ...
Time: 80s, 90s, 20th century
Place: michigan, detroit, usa
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Lost Highway (1997)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Country: France, USA
Duration: 134 min.
Story: A tormented jazz musician finds himself lost in an enigmatic story involving murder, surveillance, gangsters, doppelgangers, and an impossible transformation inside a prison cell.
Style: surreal, mind bending, neo noir, atmospheric, confusing ...
Plot: insanity, surrealism, mystery, murder, hallucination, doppelganger, time loop, prison, transformation, sexuality, graphic violence, obsession ...
Time: 20th century, 90s
Place: los angeles, plymouth
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